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PHOTO: The Colourful Buildings of Old Town in Riga, Latvia

The Colourful Buildings of Old Town in Riga, Latvia

While travelling from place to place, there always seems to be that one city that has the power to surprise you. On my last trip, that city was Riga, Latvia.

It's not that I thought Riga would be a bust. I knew that the city had its charms, and had devoured countless images of its Old Town to pump me up for the journey. But even after seeing dozens of pictures of its skyline, churches and squares before leaving, little did I know about how unique and colourful this Baltic city really was.

Nearly every corner of Riga unveils a surprise - a Gothic church, medieval restaurant, hip café, or dark tavern - but this one street, after stumbling upon it numerous times, always seemed to catch my eye. For me, this scene typified the uniqueness and eclecticism of Riga's Old Town all in one shot: the cobblestoned streets, elegant pastel-coloured buildings, street-side cafés, and greenery.

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