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PHOTO: Wandering Around St Petersburg, Russia at Dusk

Wandering Around St Petersburg, Russia at Dusk

Most travellers know that visiting St Petersburg, unlike most other Eastern European cities, is hardly a matter of just hopping on a plane and whipping through immigration. It takes a little bit of planning, enough that many would-be fans of the city simply give up and choose to spend their Eastern European vacation elsewhere. But for those that slog through the process of applying for a Russian visa, St Petersburg is a reward that will not soon be forgotten.

Nighttime showcases a completely different side to the Russian city. From the perpetually electric Nevsky Prospekt to the quiet canal-lined streets emanating from it, wandering around St Petersburg at dusk is an must-do for travellers looking to learn a little more about the city.

During this night photography session, I set off early hoping to catch a view of the Church on Spilled Blood along the Griboyedov Canal before the sun plunged completely into the horizon. The result was a series of photos ranging from twilight to darkness, which in summertime in St Petersburg is simply dusk.

For capturing this photo, I used the same method as in the "Church on Spilled Blood in St Petersburg, Russia at Night", combining three separate exposures to increase the dynamic range. The resulting exposure, balanced with a cooler colour temperature, gives the streets of St Petersburg an atmospheric, and slightly vintage, feel.

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