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Ashlie WentAshlie Went is a freelance content writer with a focus on luxury and adventure travel. Her lifelong curiosity for faraway places and cultures led her to spend extended periods of time in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Morocco, totalling over 30 countries. Crazy about all things travel, she also holds an MSc in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and was a speaker at the International Conference of Tourism.

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A laid-back alternative to Taiwan’s capital, the southern port city of Kaohsiung is brimming with underrated gems. Once dismissed as a dreary industrial hub, Taiwan’s third-biggest city has a booming creative scene where street art is actively encouraged. With its historic architecture and gorgeous coastal scenery, this metropolis is a feast for the eyes. Get ... Read more
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With endless UNESCO sites and rich indigenous cultures, a trip to Jeju packs a unique itinerary. Spend dreamy days exploring tropical waterfalls, massive caves, and white sand beaches. Immense volcanic activity has left a legacy of fascinating rock formations and towering mountains, now reclaimed by lush vegetation. Looking for the most magical places on South ... Read more