The Best Beaches in Singapore

Singapore is an island city-state with many kilometres of coastline. While people typically visit Singapore for its cosmopolitan downtown area, it also offers a wide selection of beaches.

With a variety of options, finding the best beaches in Singapore isn’t always obvious. Whether you want seclusion or a party atmosphere, Singapore has something for everyone.

Singapore’s beaches are divided into two main areas: the beaches of Sentosa island and the east coast beaches. Both clusters are pristine and great for swimming, lounging, and enjoying a variety of water activities, and are excellent destinations for your Singapore day-tripping plans.

Not sure where to go? Check out the following selection of the best Singapore beaches…

Top-rated Singapore beaches

Palawan Beach

Palawan Beach stands out as the most visited beach in the area. The popular spot is on the southern side of Sentosa Island, the busy tourist island located just off the coast of the city. You’ll find a wide beachfront with white sand and blue-green water.

Palawan Beach

It’s one of the most attractive beaches in Singapore and offers a variety of fun activities that are among the top attractions in Sentosa Island. Walk across the rope bridge or get a better view of the area from one of the wooden towers. You can also visit the pirate-themed water park containing a replica of a pirate ship and various treasure boxes.

  • Address: 85A Palawan Beach Walk Sentosa
  • Available facilities: Play area, restaurants, shelters, and beach bars
  • Getting there: Walk across Sentosa Boardwalk to reach the island and then travel south to the beach or hop on a bus and get off at the Palawan Beach stop.

Tanjong Beach

Tanjong is a man-made beach on the southside of Sentosa Island. It’s known as the party beach, attracting large crowds of young travellers. In fact, The Tanjong Beach Club holds beach parties every two weeks.

Sentosa TanjongBeach.JPG

While it’s crowded in the evening, Tanjong Beach remains mostly empty during the daytime. If you want some peace and quiet, you can stretch out by the beach or rent a bike and explore the trails.

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The area doesn’t have a lot of restaurants or bars. The Tanjong Beach Club is one of the only options but it has a large selection of drinks on the menu.

  • Address: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk Sentosa
  • Available facilities: Shelters, bike rentals, cabanas, bars, and a swimming pool
  • Getting there: Travel to Sentosa Island via bike, foot, or public transportation. The Sentosa Express takes you to the island while the Beach Tram takes you the rest of the way.

Siloso Beach

Also located on Sentosa Island, Siloso Beach is a busy spot and always full of tourists and locals engaging in various activities. You can swim and find a variety of water activities and beachside games including canoeing and volleyball.

Sentosa siloso beach 2.jpg

While some of the beaches in the area are secluded, Siloso Beach is surrounded by commercial developments. Shop the nearby restaurants and find someplace to eat near the beach. Siloso Beach has several picnic areas and many shops, restaurants, and bars to choose from.

  • Address: 51 Imbiah Walk Sentosa
  • Available facilities: Pavilions, shops, restaurants, and a beachfront hotel
  • Getting there: Get on the Sentosa Express line and get off at the Imbiah Station on Sentosa Island. From there, take the 410 or 410W bus to the beach.

Changi Beach

While the top Singapore beaches are found on the coasts of Sentosa Island, the mainland also has a few suitable options, including Changi Beach. It’s on the east coast of Singapore and covers over 28 hectares.

Changi beach.jpg

The beach isn’t very big with just a narrow strip of white sand. The main features include camping facilities and picnic areas. You’ll also typically find locals biking or jogging the path next to the beach. It’s a popular destination with fantastic views of the ocean at dusk and dawn.

  • Address: Nicoll Drive Singapore
  • Available facilities: Picnic areas, playgrounds, restrooms, shelters, trails, and water sports
  • Getting there: The Line 9 bus from Singapore Airport takes you directly to Changi Beach Park and takes about 50 minutes.

Punggol Beach

Punggol Beach is one of the most secluded Singapore beaches. Located in the northern part of Singapore in Punggol Point Park, the beach is easy to reach and doesn’t attract a lot of crowds. If you want to relax without being surrounded by other tourists, this is a top recommendation.

Sunset at Punggol Beach, Singapore - 20091018.jpg

When you reach the park, you’ll find various walking trails, a jetty, and several ponds. Follow the signposts to reach the secluded beach. Instead of beachside activities and bars, you’ll find peace and quiet along the small strip of white sand.

  • Address: Sentul Crescent Road Singapore
  • Available facilities: Walking trails, one restaurant, playground with toilets
  • Getting there: Take a bus to the Punggol MRT Station and walk to the Punggol Bus Interchange. Transfer to bus service 84, which takes you all the way to the beach.

Kusu Island Beach

The beach found on Kusu Island is one of the quietest, most unspoiled strips of white sand in the region. Kusu is one of the Southern Islands of Singapore near Lazarus Island and St John’s Island. It’s a short ferry ride from the city and is mostly known for its turtle sanctuary.

Aerial perspective of Kusu Island, Singapore. Shot in 2016.jpg

While visitors typically come to see the turtles, you should stay for the beach. It’s mostly untouched and partially surrounded by lush forests. Enjoy clear waters and the whitest sand.

  • Address: Kusu Island
  • Available facilities: Beach shelters, picnic areas, toilets
  • Getting there: Get on a ferry from the Marina South Pier. The ferry stops at St Johns Island before stopping at Kusu Island. The beach is on the northern side of the island.

Pasir Ris Beach

With a wide range of fun activities, Pasir Ris Beach has something for everyone. The beach itself isn’t very big, located along the eastern shore of Singapore with views of Malaysia in the distance. However, the park is sprawling.

Pasirris Beach.jpg

The surrounding mangrove forests, walking paths, and bike trails provide additional things to do instead of spending your entire day on the beach. The nearby boardwalk also has a large variety of shops, restaurants, and a three-storey tower with panoramic views of the beachfront.

  • Address: Pasir Ris Park
  • Available facilities: Picnic areas, nature paths, water sports, cycling, restaurants
  • Getting there: Jump on a train from any MRT Station and get off at the Paris Ris MRT Station. From the heart of Singapore, it’s about a 90-minute trip.

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