14 Best Helly Hansen Rain Jackets for Travellers

It’s hard to go anywhere these days and not spot Helly Hansen sportswear. Starting out with humble roots in Norway back in 1877, Helly Hansen’s become one of the top outdoor apparel brands in the world.

We’ve always loved what HH has done with their designs. There’s a certain Scandinavia simplicity that lends an understated elegance to all their outerwear, none more obvious than their simple yet effective, waterproof jackets.

Since we’re not quite ready for the Canadian winter to batter us down in our hardshell jackets and skiing gear, let’s take a look at our top picks for the best Helly Hansen rain jackets for travel

Top-rated Helly Hansen rain jackets for men

When you’re travelling, you want to be prepared for whatever’s blowing your way. And whether you’re dealing with a slight drizzle in Bergen or a torrential downpour in Taipei, you’re gonna want to look good doing it. Helly Hansen men’s waterproof jackets cover just about any style and function you need, from casual to rugged and professional to sporty.

In a rush? Here’s a quick comparison of the best Helly Hansen men’s rain jackets…

  Product Our Rating More Info
Men’s Seven J
Best Overall
Men’s Voss 3.5/5
Men’s Crew Midlayer 4.0/5
Men’s Dubliner
Best Value
Men’s Vancouver 3.5/5
Men’s Highlands
Best Style
Men’s Loke
Best Lightweight

Seven J (Men’s)

Best Use: Daily outdoor use, running, and trekking

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection with 2-ply fabric

When you’re used to the rain beating you around unexpectedly, you’ll never tire of having the trusty Helly Hansen Men’s Seven J by your side. This classic waterproof jacket is built to keep you outside—even when wet conditions roll in at the drop of a hat.

The Seven J’s two-layer construction performs the dual function of keeping you protected from the rain and wind while maintaining excellent breathability. With Helly Tech protection, one of the world’s first waterproofing technologies, at the forefront you can rest assured that you won’t have to skip your morning run or afternoon hike just because it’s raining outside.

Adding small extras like adjustable sleeve cuffs, a cinched hood, anti-chafing chin guard and front storm flap pushes the simple yet effective Seven J further up our wish list.

For heavier storms, however, you may want to look elsewhere. The Helly Hansen Men’s Seven J performs best as activewear in light to moderate rain rather than fully protecting you during extra nasty wet weather.


  • Fully sealed seams & storm flap
  • Breathable


  • Not built to withstand major storms

Voss (Men’s)

Best Use: Outdoor sports & recreation

Waterproofing: Helox+ polyurethane fabric

Enjoying the outdoors in wet weather is always easier when you’re sporting the Helly Hansen Men’s Voss. As one of HH’s classic rain jacket designs, it’s 100% waterproof and windproof to hammer through the wettest conditions.

You’ll be able to embrace a real downpour in the mountains or in the streets thanks to the Helox+ polyurethane (PU) fabric and micro-welded seams. A knit backing helps the fabric dispel odours and resist mildew from the inside, leaving you with a fresher feeling than standard PU raincoats.

HH designed the Voss to its squarely on your body to enable a full range of motion. Adjustable snap cuffs and a drawcord hem allow you to adjust the fit perfectly to your body. Worn a size larger, the Voss also works superbly as an outer layer over a fleece jacket or sweater when you need a little extra warmth.

For those that favour aesthetics, you might be a little disappointed. The Helly Hansen Men’s Voss is a truly no-frills design offered in only four colors. Some may also find that the PU fabric, although effective at keeping water out, isn’t as breathable as other rain jacket styles and is “louder” when moving about.


  • Excellent waterproofing with micro-welded seams
  • Durable PU fabric


  • Not as breathable as other jackets
  • Material is loud when you rub against it

Crew Midlayer (Men’s)

Best Use: Professional, sailing, daily use

Waterproofing: Helly Tech protection with polyester

Built for those that crave rain protection with a fashionable touch, the Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer is everything you’d ever want. The stylish design suits a variety of occasions from days out on the big water to simply romping around town.

The 100% polyester face fabric is waterproof and windproof yet breathable thanks to HH’s own Helly Tech protection. What makes the Crew Midlayer unique, however, is the Polartec fleece lining that not only keeps you warm in dropping temperatures but wicks away sweat.

Adjustable cuffs and a one-hand adjustable hem help to further hold out the cold and rain. To store your accessories, the Crew Midlayer comes with a zippered chest pocket and fleece-lined hand warmer pockets.

While the Helly Hansen Men’s Crew Midlayer an all-around great choice for spring and fall, the fleece lining makes it a little too warm in hotter temperatures. Since it’s intended as a midlayer, it also fits slimmer than many other models. You may need to move up a size or test out a sportier jacket like the Seven J if you’re a little broader.


  • Slim fit
  • Several colours to choose from


  • No ventilation (too warm for summer)

Dubliner (Men’s)

Best Use: Hiking, outdoor research

Waterproofing: Helly Tech protection with 2-ply fabric construction

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, the Helly Hansen Men’s Dubliner will be one of the most trusted allies in your travel gear arsenal. At its core lies a comfortable 2-ply polyester fabric treated with HH’s own Helly Tech protection. It’s windproof, waterproof, and breathable to help you tackle the most unpleasant conditions the world throws your way.

Unlike lighter jackets, the Dubliner features a quick-dry mesh lining that helps to both dispel sweat and warm you up when the mercury starts to drop. Combined with the adjustable cuffs & hem and a tuck-away hood, the elements stand almost zero chance at getting to you.

An interior pocket and YKK-zippered hand pockets provide space to organize all your essentials whether you are out on the town or on the trails.

Although the mesh liner on the Helly Hansen Men’s Dubliner will add a little warmth, you’ll either need to wear an under-layer or test out a different rain jacket when walking out in extra crisp temperatures. The fit on the Dubliner, while not restricting, also tends to lean towards the smaller side of things.


  • Excellent waterproofing
  • Great fashion accents


  • Hard to clean

Vancouver (Men’s)

Best Use: Daily use in the outdoors

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection on 2-ply fabric

As backpackers, we love to pack light. And the lightweight and compressible Helly Hansen Men’s Vancouver allows us to do just that. The company’s own Helly Tech technology guards you full from the elements with dual layers integrated into the design. You’ll love the all-around protection it provides from the adjustable cuffs and storm flaps to prevent water entry.

The Vancouver is also completely windproof. Don’t bank on being stuck indoors while the trees outside are swaying in the breeze. The hood is adjustable with one hand, leaving the other hand free to take care of other business.

Walking in the rain is hardly a problem in the Vancouver. Tighten up the bottom cinch cord and you can be sure the cold and wet conditions won’t surprise you from below. The jacket is also very breathable; you’ll never feel as if you’re stuck in a stuffy jacket.

We can’t say the Helly Hansen Men’s Vancouver is perfect for all conditions though. The wrists lack internal guff gaskets to prevent the cold from surging forwards through your sleeves.


  • Lightweight shell
  • Excellent breathability


  • Lacks internal wrist cuff gaskets

Highlands (Men’s)

Best Use: General travel, daily use, casual & professional

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection with polyester and fleece in a 2-ply design

The Helly Hansen Men’s Highlands is truly a masterpiece. It’s minimalist and elegant in style yet puts your comfort at a whole new level.

With a 100% polyester construction treated with Helly Tech, the outer shell keeps you bone dry while the interior is lined with a soft fleece. You’ll love using the Highlands as an outer layer when heading out to cold environments. The wool makes the jacket airy and also helps regulate your body temperature.

The Highlands is particularly well-suited to outdoor enthusiasts who love trekking and hiking. With a compact size that can jam into a daypack, you’ll always be at the ready when the weather turns erratic.

For its style, the Helly Hansen Men’s Highlands gets a big thumbs up. The classic no-frills military field jacket design is perfect for maintaining either a casual or professional look. For those who crave a little color splash though, you’ll unfortunately have to make do with the only two available options.


  • Warm and easy to layer
  • Simple, elegant and professional casual style


  • Only two colors available

Loke (Men’s)

Best Use: Daily hikes, runs in warm but rainy weather

Waterproofing: 2-ply fabric with Helly Tech protection

We love what HH has done with the Helly Hansen Men’s Loke. It’s an all-around lightweight waterproof jacket that starts finding its sweet spot in the spring months.

The fitting of the Loke is admirable, leaving enough room for you to be playful. It sports a Velcro cuff adjustment to keep the sleeves in place when getting active. We also love how the hood on the Loke cinches down to the neck and the snug fit you get with the elastic hem.

And even though you’re well-sealed from the elements, you won’t have to remove it when it gets hot; the side vents open up for maximum airflow with a quick zip. Best of all, you’ll never have to worry about extra bulk. The Loke packs small so you can easily fit it subtly into any daypack.

That being said, you won’t want to get caught in a heavy rainstorm or cold snap in the Helly Hansen Men’s Loke. Since it’s lightweight, you can’t expect it to keep out the water and keep you warm at the same time. It functions far better as an emergency shell than as an all-day performer in miserable conditions.


  • Lightweight design for active travellers
  • Fully sealed from the elements


  • Not heavy enough to withstand strong rainstorms

Top-rated Helly Hansen rain jackets for women

If you’ve been looking for the perfect outerwear for a potentially soggy trip, you won’t be disappointed by the line-up of the best Helly Hansen women’s waterproof jackets.

Our picks come in all shapes and size, taking you from the hiking trails to the streets of your next favourite city while maintaining a style that turns heads.

In a rush? Here’s a quick comparison of the best Helly Hansen women’s rain jackets…

  Product Our Rating More Info
Women’s Voss
Best Value
Women’s Seven J
Best Overall
Women’s Long Belfast 4.0/5
Women’s Crew Midlayer 4.0/5
Women’s Long Aden 4.0/5
Women’s Squamish CIS (3-in-1)
Most Versatile
Women’s Laurel Long
Most Stylish

Voss (Women’s)

Best Use: Outdoor field work, brief walks

Waterproofing: Helox+ technology with polyurethane fabric

Need excellent waterproof protection in a pinch? The Helly Hansen Women’s Voss is one of the most functional rain jackets in its class. While not the most fashionable women’s jacket on the market, in its mission to keep you dry, it’s one of the finest picks you’ll find.

When the weather takes a turn for the worst, you’ll love having the Voss by your side. It’s totally waterproof and even windproof thanks to HH’s Helox+ technology applied to its polyurethane face fabric. The protection jolts even further with its fully-sealed seams, button-down storm flap and snap-adjustable cuffs.

The loose-fitting design of the Helly Hansen Women’s Voss, while hardly winning any fashion awards, allows for a full range of motion for active travellers. For activities in warmer weather, however, you may find the breathability of the Voss a little restricting.


  • Lightweight and functional
  • Excellent wind- and waterproofing


  • Not breathable
  • Unflattering fit

Seven J (Women’s)

Best Use: Outdoor sports, hiking, cycling

Waterproofing: Helly Tech protection with 2-ply fabric

Beat the rain and stay dry in the Helly Hansen Women’s Seven J. This waterproof jacket is designed for the active woman. You’ll always get to enjoy the great outdoors, even in wet weather, while wearing this fit-forming coat.

The style of the Seven J is inviting as it premieres some exciting colours. Unlike some other sporty waterproof jackets, you’ll get a more flattering fit and better protection thanks to the corded bottom cinch. You’ll also love the adjustable cuffs, easy-adjusting fixed hood, and fully-sealed seams for keeping the weather out as you engage in outdoor adventures.

Even with all its rain-repelling prowess, the Helly Hansen Women’s Seven J remains breathable. The attached mesh liner dispels sweat and resists odours to allow for more comfortable long-term wear on extended backpacking trips.


  • Durable waterproofing
  • Breathable for active travellers
  • Slimming and stylish fit


  • Less affordable than other HH women’s rain jackets

Long Belfast (Women’s)

Best Use: Casual wear, morning runs, and hikes

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection on 2-ply fabric

Built in long coat style, the Helly Hansen Women’s Long Belfast is a jacket that will take you anywhere in the outdoors. And with a little style.

The Long Belfast is water repellant from every dimension. At 3/4 length, the jacket sits just above your knees, offering more protection than your average raincoat. The 2-ply fabric is treated with reliable Helly Tech Protection while the seams and zippers are fully-sealed. A fixed hood with an anti-chafe chin guard keeps your head equally safe from the elements.

What’s more is that the Helly Hansen Women’s Long Belfast features a quick-dry mesh lining to wick away sweat. Although the tapered fit makes it less ideal for outdoor sports than other picks here, you’ll be able to keep as dry from the inside as from the outside when walking about in this stylish waterproof jacket.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Stylish fit and look


  • Small chest pocket

Crew Midlayer (Women’s)

Best Use: Sailing, boating, light showers

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection with 2-ply fabric plus polyester

For the lovers of style in the house the Helly Hansen Women’s Crew Midlayer is for you. Tapered at the waist and spiked high collar, this jacket is perfect for keeping you dry while accentuating a shapely figure through its stylish and sporty design.

As its name implies, where the Crew Midlayer really shines is out on the water. Whether you’re sucking in fresh ocean air on the deck of a cruise ship or boating across a small bay in misty weather, the Helly Tech waterproofing with fully-sealed seams will repel the moisture as well as any jacket.

The fluffy Polartec fleece lining gives the Helly Hansen Women’s Crew Midlayer another added bonus: warmth. Whereas many of our other top rain jacket picks are designed for breathability, this coat keeps you toasty when the cool winds blow in.


  • Excellent waterproofing with fully-sealed seams
  • Stylish fit
  • Fleece lining for extra warmth


  • No hood

Long Aden (Women’s)

Best Use: General everyday use on backpacking trips

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection with 2-ply fabric

A unique design puts the Helly Hansen Women’s Long Aden in a league of its own among these rain jackets. Like most other HH coats, this waterproof jacket repels water and wind exactly as it should thanks to its Helly Tech Protection and fully-sealed seams. The extra long design provides not only better overall protection but a sophisticated and distinctive style that’s rare in such a functional coat.

All that while remaining both breathable and warm. The quick-dry lining on the Long Aden helps to wick away sweat while adding extra coziness on those cool and wet spring or autumn days. Cinching up the packable hood adds another dash of warmth while keeping your head sheltered from nasty elements.

If we could say anything negative about the Helly Hansen Women’s Long Aden is that it’s not among the most budget-friendly rain jacket. Nevertheless, the quality of its fit, features and build speak for itself; HH has got itself a winner here!


  • Long stylish fit
  • Excellent waterproofing


  • Premium price point
  • Only two-color choices available

Squamish CIS 3-in-1 (Women’s)

Best Use: Hiking, general travel

Waterproofing: Helly Tech Protection

The countryside is a great place to be. And with the Helly Hansen Women’s Squamish CIS (3-in-1) you’ll never have to worry about inclement weather getting in the way of your exploring it.

This versatile jacket features a 3-in-1 system that includes a detachable insulated liner and a waterproof outer later. All the layers can be worn independently of each other or as a complete package.

The Squamish CIS (3-in-1) is at home across a variety of weather conditions from cool rainy days to misty summer mornings. Simply adjust your layers as needed to gain a little warmth or shed some of the bulk.

It’s surprisingly stylish, too. Even fully assembled the fit on the Helly Hansen Women’s Squamish CIS (3-in-1) is slimming, but not overly tight. And although there are certainly better picks for active travellers, the versatility of this coat makes it the perfect companion for spring or fall trips to places where the temperature and weather conditions are ever-changing.


  • Extremely versatile
  • Warm, comfortable fleece liner


  • No side vents for breathability
  • Heavier coat adds extra weight to backpack

Laurel Long (Women’s)

Best Use: Daily use, hiking, multi-sport

Waterproof Quality: Helly Tech Protection with a 2-ply fabric

Keep yourself dry in style with the Helly Hansen Women’s Laurel Long. This modish coat sheds the stereotype that functional rain jackets need be unflattering with an alluring shape that tapers at the waist and flows nicely below the hip area.

With the impressive Helly Tech Protection you’ll never have to worry about the elements catching up to you. You’ll love the front zip guard and storm flaps that do their job in ensuring a watertight seal throughout.

Despite its water-repelling prowess, the Laurel Long remains quite breathable. The mesh lining dries off quickly and does a superb job of keeping sweat at bay while you trounce around your favourite city.

While its got the guts to back up its looks, the Helly Hansen Women’s Laurel Long isn’t quite up to snuff in colder weather. You’ll need to look for something a little warmer like the Squamish CIS (3-in-1) or the insulated Crew Midlayer Sailing to take you into the throes of winter.


  • Flattering style
  • Affordable pricing


  • Not warm enough for winter weather

Final recommendations

Still unsure of which Helly Hansen waterproof jackets are right for you? Here’s a quick summary of some of our favourites:


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