21 Best Hotels Near Taipei Main Station

Planning to check out Taipei on your upcoming trip to East Asia? There’s no better place to stay in Taiwan’s capital than at one of the best hotels near Taipei Main Station! Located in Zhongzheng District, the city’s main train station is perfectly placed for travelers to tackle Taipei—and beyond—with ease.

From budget-friendly lodgings to some of Taipei’s top luxury retreats, the area around Taipei Main Station is ripe with accommodation options. Save some cash at budget-friendly hotels like Space Inn Hengyang Branch. Spend more on your travel budget to upgrade to a private room with mid-range lodgings like Roaders Hotel. Or splurge for a night basking in luxury at 5-star hotels like PALAIS de Chine Hotel.

Live out your Taipei itinerary in one of the city’s most convenient locations at one of these top-rated Taipei Main Station hotels…

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Why stay near Taipei Main Station?

Taipei Main Station sits at the northern edge of Zhongzheng District, the commercial heart of Taipei City. Zhongzheng District shelters some of the most popular tourist attractions in Taipei, including Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, Ximending, and 2/28 Peace Park. The neighborhood is well-connected to the rest of Taipei from its main transportation hub.

For getting around Taipei, two MRT lines run through Taipei Main Station. The most popular line for travellers is the Red Line (Tamsui-Xinyi), which links Zhongzheng to Taipei 101, Shilin Night Market, and Tamsui. 

As the city’s main transport hub, Taipei Main Station (and the nearby bus station) also connects you to the rest of Taiwan. Launching into fun day trips usually starts here. Stay close to the station to rock out easy early morning journeys and get a one-up on the crazy tourist crowds that flood popular day-tripping destinations in Northern Taiwan.


The area around Taipei Main Station is flush with great budget accommodations. There are far too many good, budget-friendly places to stay to list all of them here, so I’ve narrowed it down to just a handful.

Some of these budget hotels here offer private rooms with private bathrooms. Most, however, provide more hostel-like accommodations with shared dorms and/or washroom facilities.

Taipei Sunny Hostel

Address: No. 92-2, Huaining Street, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 643 metres (0.4 miles)

Not only is it conveniently located near Taipei Main Station, but Taipei Sunny Hostel is one of the best budget hotels in Taipei. The “hostel” appended to the end of the name does little to describe what’s offered at this modern guesthouse.

Kitchen at Taipei Sunny Hostel
Photo courtesy of Taipei Sunny Hostel

Don’t expect to find a typical loud backpacker hangout, chocked with twenty-something crammed in 12-bed dorms. Taipei Sunny Hostel dishes out clean, private rooms with private bathrooms. The rooms are well suited for solo travellers, couples, and even families of up to 6 people. The beautiful minimalist design of the common areas showcases European and industrial inspirations, giving the guesthouse a unique vibe.

Although other hotels are closer to the main station, the less than 10-minute walk still puts the entire city at your fingertips. The location next to beautiful 2/28 Peace Park also wins Taipei Sunny Hostel some extra points.

NiHao Taipei Hostel

Address: 11F-5, No. 41, Section 1, ZhongXiao West Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 50 metres (165 feet)

There’s little chance you’ll find a better hostel closer to Taipei Main Station than NiHao Taipei Hostel. These stylish backpacker digs sit within a one-minute walk of the M3 exit of the station. Arriving in Taipei for the first time, you’ll love the ease of checking into your accommodations quickly and getting started exploring right away.

NiHao Taipei Hostel

There’s a room for every type of budget traveller at NiHao Taipei Hostel, from dorms to private rooms with shared bathrooms and family rooms to doubles with private bathrooms. Even in the most budget-friendly dorms, NiHao Taipei Hostel offers nice touches like personal reading lights and lockers to store your valuables.

Space Inn Hengyang Branch

Address: B1, No.51 Hengyang Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 800 metres (0.5 miles)

Ever fancied a night on the Starship Enterprise on a budget? Space Inn Hengyang Branch could just be what Dr. Spock ordered. This otherworldly hostel prides itself on unique design touches pulled from the world of science fiction.

Space Inn (Hengyang Branch)

With its dorm rooms and shared facilities, Space Inn is most suitable for backpackers travelling solo or in platonic tandem. Besides the clean, modern rooms, the funky common area with its games room is a space-age place to chill out after a hard day of sightseeing.

Space Inn is not the closest hostel to Taipei Main Station, but the quick 10-minute walk is hardly a burden, either. The nearby 2/28 Peace Park is close by for a relaxing escape from a city that’s always buzzing.

InPage Hotel & Hostel

Address: No. 37, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 800 metres (0.5 miles)

Even without its location close to Taipei Main Station, you’ll find a lot to like about InPage Hotel & Hostel. This modern hostel features both dorms and private rooms with shared bathrooms. It’s a perfect choice for backpackers looking to save without compromising cleanliness or centrality.

InPage Hotel & Hostel

Besides the clean and comfortable rooms, InPage Hotel & Hostel is a short six-minute walk from the bus station and train station. Zipping around the city to experience the breadth of Taipei is a cinch if you book yourself into this top-notch property.

Flip Flop Hostel – Main Station

Address: No. 103, Huayin Street, Datong District

Distance: 400 metres (0.25 miles)

While there’s no shortage of hostels around Taipei Main Station, Flip Flop Hostel – Main Station is one of the finest. In a city not exactly known for flamboyance, the funky, colourful building that greets you lets you know you’re in for a good time.

Flip Flop Hostel Main Station

Young backpackers will dig the vibe of this happenin’ hostel. The congenial common area is a superb place to meet new friends while you get to know Taipei a little better. Mixed and female-only dorms are offered along with twin rooms. All these rooms share the common bathroom facilities. Just a five-minute walk gets you to Taipei Main Station to explore the city in depth.

Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel

Address: B1., No.11, Qingdao West. Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 150 metres (0.1 miles)

The name might leave memories of Tokyo in its wake, but what you’ll find at Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel probably isn’t quite what you’d expect. The digs here are less capsules than luxury dorm beds, replete with personal reading lights and even flat-screen TVs. It’s not your usual hostel, to say the least!

Taiwan Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel

All the facilities are clean and modern, from the shared kitchen to the bathrooms and the homey common area. And at just 150 metres from the main station, Taipei Youth Hostel & Capsule Hotel is one of the most conveniently located budget picks of the bunch.


Address: No.23, Section. 1, Zhongxiao West Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 32 metres (105 feet)

A quick 32-metre stumble outside of Taipei Main Station will land you on the doorstep of miniinn, one of the top backpacker joints in Taipei. The dorms at this modern hostel are more no-frills than other (more expensive) budget choices in the area. Nevertheless, the value is superb.


Besides the central location, miniinn prides itself on comfort and cleanliness. The delicious free breakfast is a nice touch to fuel up for your day.

Poshpacker Hotel

Address: No. 39, Section1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 350 metres (0.22 miles)

The name says it all: Poshpacker Hotel caters more to a backpacking crowd than your usual business traveller. What results is a surprising mix that’s a little too snazzy to be a hostel and not quite a full-on budget hotel.

Poshpacker Hotel

Rooms at the Poshpacker Hotel are surprisingly stylish and bright. And that’s not exactly a given in Taipei, where rooms with big windows don’t always come standard. The small attached café supplies a nice morning dose of caffeine to kick-start your sightseeing engine. Taipei Main Station is a short 8-minute walk away from the hotel.


If you’re willing to spend a little more, quite a few more options will open up. All of these intermediate hotels offer private rooms with private bathrooms. That’s the true differentiator between the first two budget categories.

Generally, hotels in this price range offer a chance to experience better amenities like fitness centres and terraces and an extra jolt of style.

Roaders Hotel

Address: No. 68, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 350 metres (0.22 miles)

A splash of unique style sets Roaders Hotel ahead of the pack. This isn’t just one of the best hotels near Taipei Main Station, but among the top choices in the city in this price range. The hotel’s design is road-trip-inspired. Stare down the cool hall feature wall adorned with dozens of U.S. state license plates. Rustic touches among the modern amenities in the guest rooms add a refreshing flair.

Roaders Hotel

If the American theme wasn’t obvious enough, plop yourself in the saloon to sip drinks among whiskey barrels and wagon wheels. There’s even a play area for children and a fitness centre to sweat out all the oyster vermicelli and pepper buns. Like Taipei Main Station, the Ximending Shopping Area is a quick 10-minute-or-less walk from Roaders Hotel.

Finders Hotel

Address: 7F-11, No. 86, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 600 metres (0.37 miles)

It’s nearly impossible not to be delighted by the design of Finders Hotel. Trying to pin it down is tough. And that’s part of the reason that this charming 3-star hotel is so unique. Much of the hotel features an earthy palette enhanced by trees, hanging vegetation, and an influx of deer decorations that seem to point to an unofficial mascot.

Finders Hotel

Finders Hotel occupies a prime location within 5 minutes of Ximending and 10 minutes of Taipei Main Station. Although its location and cool decor top a list of reasons why you should consider staying here, the free instant ramen noodle snacks in the hotel lobby don’t hurt either!

Via Hotel Taipei Station

Address: No. 60, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 600 metres (0.37 miles)

The simple but elegant Via Hotel Taipei Station offers some of the best value in the area. Clean and modern guest rooms are kissed with soft neutral tones that give them a comfy atmosphere. There’s even soundproofing to ensure that the busyness of Taipei doesn’t creep into your sleep.

Via Hotel Taipei Station

Via Hotel Taipei Station sits just ten minutes from Taipei Main Station and Ximending. This mid-range hotel also doles out free snacks for guests in the common area, including ice cream that comes in handy in Taipei’s humid summer months. For a perk you won’t find in many mid-range hotels, relax in the hotel’s massaging chairs to relieve some stress.

NYS Loft Hotel

Address: 3F, No. 1, Nanyang Street, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 120 metres (394 feet)

The retro stylings of the NYS Loft Hotel give it more than enough funk to slap it up on this list. Any common area that resembles the lobby of a 1960-70s recording studio, decorated with vinyl and vintage-style Beatles posters, gets the nod in my book. Even beyond the colourful lounge, the guest rooms hoard classic and rustic designs to create a wholly unique experience.

NYS Loft Hotel

Did I mention that Taipei Main Station is close? Within a minuscule 2-minute, 120-metre walk, you’ll be out the train station door and checking in at NYS Loft Hotel.

Hotel Relax 5

Address: No. 20, Section 1, Chongqing South Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 300 metres (0.19 miles)

Stay at Hotel Relax 5 (or any of the other Hotel Relax locations scattered around the area, for that matter), and you’ll see just why the name is so fitting. This 3-star hotel is located within a 5-minute walk of Taipei Main Station, It features small but comfy rooms perfect for a short stay in Taipei.

Hotel Relax 5

The real thumbs up for Hotel Relax 5 is the staff, who’ll go the extra mile to make sure your trip to Taipei sets off without a hitch.

CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch I

Address: No. 7, Huaining Street, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 190 metres (0.12 miles)

As one of the closest hotels to Taipei Main Station (3 minutes walking distance), CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch I (or any other branch here) is bound to catch your eye. Shunning the typical cookie-cutter hotel rooms in other chains, this 3-star hotel features unique colorful and quirky murals that set each room apart.

Room at CityInn Hotel Taipei Station Branch I in Taipei, Taiwan

For guests looking to self-cater, there’s a 24-hour kitchenette with a microwave and fridge. (Although with all of the lovely cheap food in Taipei, I’d advise against it!) There are even laundry facilities at CityInn to get prepped for the next stage of your Taiwan itinerary.

Taipei M Hotel – Main Station

Address: No. 64, Section 1, Hankou Street, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 400 metres (0.25 miles)

Walking in the front lobby Taipei M Hotel – Main Station radiates a sophisticated business vibe. Once you dig in further, though, you’ll see just how great a place this is for travellers of every ilk.

Taipei M Hotel Main Station

Besides the quick 6-minute walk to Taipei Main Station, the big selling point of Taipei M Hotel is the turf-lined sun terrace overlooking Taipei. Rooms throughout the hotel are cozy. The higher-end rooms squeeze in some extra space compared to others in the same price range.

Start your day by chowing down at the breakfast buffet, or end your evening with drinks at the hotel bar to round out your experience.

Diary of Taipei Hotel – Main Station

Address: No. 33, Section 1, Kaifong Street, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 300 metres (0.19 miles)

Among the handful of hotel offerings in this local chain, Diary of Taipei Hotel – Main Station is the best of the bunch. Even if some of the marble floors and decor seem stuck in the past, the rooms in this 3-star are clean and spacious by Taipei standards.

Diary of Taipei Hotel - Main Station

The true pull of Diary of Taipei Hotel – Main Station is the convenient location. Just 5 minutes of walking stands between you and Taipei Main Station to get around the city and beyond. Both Ximending and Ningxia Night Market, one of the coolest night markets in Taipei, are also within walking distance.


There isn’t a big selection of 4- and 5-star properties in this part of town. Most of the best 5-star hotels in Taipei are clustered around Xinyi District and Zhongshan District, where business travellers tend to congregate. Don’t be surprised if the following properties don’t quite have the glitz or swank you’d expect in a major Asian city.

Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel

Address: No. 12, Section 1, Zhongxiao East Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 450 metres (0.28 miles)

There’s no more sophisticated place to stay near Taipei Main Station than the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel. A fusion of classic Chinese and modern Western elements charms throughout this 5-star hotel in the heart of Taipei. The rooms are what you’d expect from an older grand hotel in Taipei. They’re stripped of much of the glitz of other luxury hotels in Taipei like those in Xinyi District, but still comfortable.

Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel

As with most 5-star hotels, the true grace of the Sheraton Grand Taipei Hotel lies within the amenities. The beautiful outdoor pool and hot tub provide the perfect excuse to relax and enjoy the Taipei night sky. Over half a dozen on-site restaurants deliver a good case for eating in, especially forking back delectable Thai dishes at Sukhothai Thai or classic Chinese at The Guest House.

Caesar Park Hotel Taipei

Address: No. 38, Section 1, Chung Hsiao West Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 44 metres (144 feet)

Located directly across from Taipei Main Station, Caesar Park Hotel Taipei is one of the most convenient picks for travellers who live by the mantra “Location! Location! Location!” The one-minute walk is the main reason that drives most to stay here.

Room at Caesar Park Hotel Taipei in Taipei, Taiwan

Just beware: There’s a bit of inconsistency at Caesar Park Hotel. Newly-renovated rooms feature bright dashes of colour and modern furnishings, while the older ones of the bunch appear a little tired. If you can, insist on a newer room to get the most out of your stay.

The Tango Hotel Taipei Nanshi

Address: No. 3, Nanjing West Road, Zhongshan District

Distance: 700 metres (0.43 miles)

You’ve probably noticed that it’s slim pickings for luxury hotels around Taipei Main Station. The Tango Hotel Taipei Nanshi is a bit further out but it makes a good case for anyone looking for an uptick in comfort within a 10-minute walk of the station.

The Tango Hotel Taipei Nanshi

Rooms at The Tango Hotel Taipei Nanshi are a good size for Taipei, an ordinarily tightly packed city. Each is fitted with a spa bathtub for relaxation. (There’s even a TV in the bathroom to practice your Chinese listening skills with some primetime drama!) Perhaps best of all is the location just up the street from Ningxia Night Market and a quick, direct ride via the adjacent Zhongshan MRT Station to Shilin Night Market, Taipei’s biggest.

PALAIS de Chine Hotel

Address: No. 3, Section 1, Chengde Road, Datong District

Distance: 250 metres (0.16 miles)

The elegance of PALAIS de Chine Hotel is unsurpassed in the area around Taipei Main Station. Combining classic European style with Chinese flair, this hotel oozes charm in every inch, whether in the exquisite guest rooms or the palatial lobby.

ALAIS de Chine Hotel

Even with Ningxia Night Market and Ximending a short walk away, PALAIS de Chine Hotel beckons patrons to skip the street food and eat at one of the four on-site restaurants & bars. Whether it’s tasting a slice of Hong Kong at Le Palais or of Paris at La Rotisserie, the food options at PALAIS de Chine are bound to shake your taste buds.

Cosmos Hotel Taipei

Address: No. 43, Section 1, Chung Hsiao West Road, Zhongzheng District

Distance: 43 metres (141 feet)

There are only a handful of 4-star hotels near the main station, and Cosmos Hotel Taipei might be the finest choice among them. The room decor aims for regality and elegance rather than mirroring the clean, modern lines of most contemporary hotel rooms. It bestows a certain uniqueness upon the hotel when compared to its counterparts.

Cosmos Hotel

A location just one minute from the M3 exit of Taipei Main Station means there’ll be no fussing after arriving in Taipei—just check in and start hitting the town. Even with many of the city’s night markets screaming for your attention with just a short walk or MRT ride, the on-site Jade Restaurant serves up delicious Cantonese favourites including dim sum.

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