12 Best Hotels Near Tokyo Station

When you’re visiting Tokyo for the first time, you want to see it all. Unfortunately, in a city that’s this massive, that’s a tall order, my friend!

Want to dig into all that is Tokyo? You’ll increase your chances significantly by choosing the right place to stay.

For convenience, there’s hardly a better choice than sticking close to Tokyo Station. While there are certainly cheaper and more exciting districts to stay in, getting close to the city’s main transportation hub puts the entire city at your fingertips. Especially if you’re crunched for time while visiting, you’ll relish the opportunity to get everywhere in a relative flash.

Not sure where to begin your search? Let me help get you started with this guide to the 12 best hotels near Tokyo Station…

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Why stay near Tokyo Station?

Like in any city this expansive, choosing among the best neighbourhoods & hotels in Tokyo can make all the difference in the world as to how your experience the trip. As much as I love staying among the more traditional Asakusa or in the bustle of Shinjuku or Shibuya, there’s something to be said about the convenience of picking a hotel near Tokyo Station.

Along with Shinjuku and Shibuya stations, Tokyo Station is one of the main transport hubs for getting around and out of the city. Unlike from other areas, from Tokyo Station you can reach just about every corner of the city—often without having to change trains multiple times!

Bullet Train @ Tokyo Station

For example, from Tokyo Station, you can easily get to the following destinations:

  • Asakusa: 16 minutes
  • Shinjuku: 18 minutes
  • Shibuya: 17 minutes
  • Roppongi: 20 minutes
  • Ikebukuro: 16 minutes

Besides being super convenient for getting around, the area around Tokyo Station features some of the top attractions in Tokyo—even some of the best in all of Japan. Imperial Palace Tokyo is right on the doorstep, and it’s a quick 20-30 minute walk to interesting places like Ginza, Tsukiji Fish Market, and Akihabara.

There is one downside to finding hotels close to Tokyo Station: the price.

Nijubashi at Tokyo Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan

Some of the top luxury hotels in Tokyo—actually some of the best in the world!—lurk in and around Chiyoda, the ward where Tokyo Station lies. While your yen won’t necessarily stretch so far over here, the quality is outstanding. If you choose to spend some of your hard-earned yen on a night in one of these top-notch hotels, it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

That’s not to say that you’re doomed to find something in your budget. Although the best hotels around Tokyo Station lean towards the luxury end of the spectrum, there are still a handful that offer good value. Even at some of the luxury gems around here, you can find the odd room at mid-range prices.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the top Tokyo Station hotels…

Where to stay near Tokyo Station: The 12 top hotels

The Tokyo Station Hotel

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-9-1

When you’re searching out the top-rated hotels near Tokyo Station, it’s impossible to beat the railway hub’s own namesake, The Tokyo Station Hotel. Feeling more like an architectural wonder from the mind of an Austrian monarch than a hotel in Japan’s capital, this 5-star luxury hotel swaps the usual modernity of the Tokyo accommodations scene for fin-de-siècle European stylings.

Don’t let the regal decor of The Tokyo Station Hotel fool you: this is a modern hotel through and through. Renovations earlier in the decade gave this historically-important property a facelift, upgrading the rooms to include all the modern fixings you’d expect from a top-notch luxury hotel.

Room @ The Tokyo Station Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

The contemporary conveniences of The Tokyo Station Hotel go beyond just flat-screen TVs and free WiFi. Your reservation includes a free smartphone rental that helps you stay connected as you plunge into the streets of Tokyo.

Aside from the immaculately appointed rooms, The Tokyo Station Hotel features ten on-site eating and drinking options including Restaurant Blanc Rouge where you’ll find a one-thousand strong international wine cellar and some of the finest French cuisine in Tokyo.

As an added treat, The Tokyo Station Hotel is home to the SPA TOKIONE, a tranquil total body wellness retreat. Relax with a gentle massage or while away your stresses in the carbonated hot spring or steam room.

Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.3 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi Trust Tower Main, 1-8-3 Marunouchi

Among the most prestigious hotels close to Tokyo Station, The Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo fulfills its name’s lofty promise from its perch high above Tokyo. The classy rooms at this luxurious 5-star hotel fuse modern elements with classic Asian twists, all set to city and Tokyo bay views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Room @ Shangri-La Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

Besides the unforgettable rooms outfitted with all the latest gadgets, The Shangri-La Hotel Tokyo tickles the tastebuds with two world-class restaurants. From sushi to teppanyaki Nadaman has fine Japanese dining nailed to a science while the Imperial Palace views of Piacere create an Italian food tasting experience unlike another in the city.

Like most luxury hotels of its ilk, the Shangri-La Tokyo calms the mind and soul of guests at their on-site spa, CHI. Even if you aren’t into the variety massages and Kisetsu therapies offered at CHI, there’s also an on-site health club featuring modern gym equipment, a sauna, a Jacuzzi hot tub, and a ritzy swimming pool to soak your troubles away.

Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.5 km
Address: Chuo-ku Yaesu 1-3-22

Located just three minutes by foot from Tokyo Station, Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo is a convenient mid-range option in an area dominated by mega-luxury chain hotels. The rooms at this 4-star hotel punch above their weight, throwing a little more space your way than the standard that such a price in a central location would normally allow.

Room @ Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

The rooms at Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo aren’t just spacious for Tokyo, but quiet and modern. All of the usual amenities you’d expect—whether free WiFi, toiletries, slippers, TVs—are included with a few bonuses like smartphone rentals and panoramic city views thrown into the mix for added value.

For fans of Japanese food, the top-floor restaurant at the Hotel Ryumeikan Tokyo, Hanagoyomi, delivers fine dining paired with top-choice sake to 15th-floor views of Tokyo Station.

Marunouchi Hotel

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.2 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-6-3

It won’t take much prodding to get you excited about the Marunouchi Hotel. It’s not just the prime location that landed this 5-star hotel among these picks for the top hotels near Tokyo Station. This is simply a superb luxury hotel. Period.

Whereas staying at many of the other 5-star hotels in Chiyoda and the surrounding area will leave you needing a second mortgage, rooms at the Marunouchi Hotel are surprisingly reasonable. (That’s not to say they’re particularly budget-friendly either; this is Tokyo after all!)

Room @ Marunouchi Hotel Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

Besides the delightfully modern rooms with incredible city views, the Marunouchi Hotel charms with a handful of on-site restaurants and bars. Japanese is, of course, the main focus with the fine regional Japanese dining of Oshima Chinju and the premium wagyu beef teppanyaki of the Daian Club as the highlights. Sampling the delectable French cuisine of pomme d’Adam and sipping a Japanese whiskey with a cigar in hand at Le Connaisseur is an equally beguiling way to while away an evening at the Marunouchi Hotel.

Opting for a healthier night in, let the healing hands of the Marunouchi Hotel’s British-style reflexology spa re-align your ki for a more energetic and pain-free visit to Tokyo.

Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.4 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku Marunouchi 1-7-12

In whichever room your reservation takes you, big city views await at the Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi. The modern guest rooms at this sleek 4-star hotel are certainly a leap up from the cramped quarters that Tokyo’s so infamous for.

Room @ Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi in Tokyo, Japan

Even without its connection to Tokyo Station, Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi would be a gem. Rooms here are outfitted with modern furnishings and stun guests with wide panoramic windows that deliver world-class views of the Tokyo skyline.

And the pleasure at the Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi goes well beyond the location and elegant guest rooms. The 27th-floor on-site resto-bar, TENQOO, features city views as epic as their Japanese French fusion dishes.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.6 km
Address: Chuo-ku Kyobashi 1-3-6

Charming guests with its ultra-modern styling, Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi sets itself apart from a sometimes stale Tokyo accommodations scene with bright colours and warm ambient lighting set throughout.

Room @ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

Rooms at Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi aren’t just clean and comfortable, but stylish. Regal and eye-catching accents like funkily-patterned throw pillows and sketched wall art tie the contemporary room elements together.

Unlike many of the other 4-star hotels in the area, there’s no on-site restaurant at the Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi. But with Tokyo Station a short 5-minute walk away and the food-forward areas of Ginza and Yurakucho each 15 minutes by foot, there’s no shortage of places nearby to tackle your Japanese food cravings.

Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.4 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku, Pacific Century Place Marunouchi 1-11-1

Steps away from Tokyo Station, the beautifully modern Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi has everything you need to make your stay in Tokyo simply perfect. The rooms at this luxurious 5-star hotel spoil you with their spaciousness, far more than you’d normally find in this space-starved city.

Room @ Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi in Tokyo, Japan

Besides spending time in your well-appointed room, all reservations at the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi include use of the hotel’s relaxing spa. From the hot-spring baths to the sauna, sweating and soaking away the stresses of Japanese city life is simple in this delightful urban retreat.

Before retiring to your room for the night, be sure to grab a nightcap and sample some French-inspired farm-to-table dishes at the hotel’s new Motif Restaurant & Bar.

Palace Hotel Tokyo

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.5 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku, Marunouchi 1-1-1

Rest assured that while you’re sitting there contemplating where to stay near Tokyo Station, Palace Hotel Tokyo is probably out there sweeping up awards. Whether its Forbes, Condé Nast or T+L , this 5-star Tokyo hotel is a common entry in world-wide luxury best-of compilations. And its accolades are well-deserved.

Room @ Palace Hotel Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

The location close to Tokyo Station is only a tiny fragment of what makes the Palace Hotel Tokyo so special. Inside and out, this luxury hotel screams with elegance and grace. Whether it’s the tranquil ambiance of staring onto the Imperial Palace Gardens from the outdoor terrace or peering out upon the city from the deep soaker tub in your room, there’s nothing about the Palace Hotel Tokyo that isn’t absolutely exquisite.

Even with some of the capital’s best restaurants steps (or a short metro ride) away, you’ll find more than your fill at the Palace Hotel Tokyo among its 10 on-site restaurants and bars. Whether you want to let your tastebuds escape to Kyoto for the night with the haute kaiseki cuisine of Wadakura or dabble in the fine French dishes of the art-deco-inspired Crown, the array of flavours at the Palace Hotel Tokyo will leave you aghast.

Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.7 km
Address: Chuo-ku Nihombashi 3-8-13

If you’ve ever wanted a chance to spend the night in one of Tokyo’s famous capsule hotels, Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel could be your chance. Located just seven minutes from Tokyo Station, this budget-friendly alternative gets you close to the city’s biggest transport hub without relieving your wallet of too many yen.

Capsules @ Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel in Tokyo, Japan

Staying in the pods at Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel is hardly pawing at the lap of luxury. But they’re cheap (maybe not as cheap as you’d hope for such a tiny “room”!) and functional, giving you everything you need to recharge your batteries in Tokyo.

The capsules at Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel come equipped with Tokyo pod standards like power outlets and TVs in some room. For the shared bathroom facilities, extras like towels, toothbrushes, slippers, and shampoo are thrown in to up the value proposition.

Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.5 km
Address: Chuo-ku Kyobashi 2-1-3

With a quick 4-minute walk separating you from Tokyo Station, Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station is one of the more convenient places to stay in the city for travellers who love scooting around on public transportation.

Room @ Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station in Tokyo, Japan

Although the rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station are unlikely to blow you away like other more luxurious properties in the area, warm colours and bright accents create a comforting ambiance that adds to their coziness; they’re simple yet modern, and outfitted with all the requisite conveniences for a comfortable stay in the city, from flat-screen TV to bar fridges.

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.9 km
Address: Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi, Muromachi 2-1-1

One of the true diamonds of the Tokyo luxury accommodations scene, the award-winning Mandarin Oriental Tokyo delivers some of the city’s finest rooms. As the name suggests, this 5-star hotel fuses chic contemporary designs with classic Asian motifs to create a blissful ambiance that’s like none other in the city.

With the sun shining through the wide picture windows, dropping superlative vistas upon Tokyo, the rooms at the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo are both bright and spacious. Simple touches like Oriental-inspired bed throws and contrasting accent pillows tie the elements together in a way that’s completely unique.

Room @ Mandarin Oriental Tokyo in Tokyo, Japan

Even without the delightful rooms to tug at your heart strings, the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo surrenders an experience that’s worth going out of your way for. Sweating out yakitori to the 38th-floor vistas of the fitness room or massaging and soaking your cares away at the Asian and Western fusion spa perfectly negates the stresses of the city bustle below.

Ignoring the beckoning of the food scene in Ginza and Yurakucho, both a quick taxi or train ride away, the Mandarin Oriental Tokyo features 9 on-site restaurants including the Michelin-starred Tapas Molecular Bar and the Edo-mae-style sushi of Sushi Sora.

The Peninsula Tokyo

Distance to Tokyo Station: 0.9 km
Address: Chiyoda-ku Yurakucho 1-8-1

Even if it didn’t have the fortune of peering unto the beautiful Imperial Palace Gardens, The Peninsula Tokyo would swoop in as one of the most recommended hotels close to Tokyo Station, and take the breath away from even the most jaded of travellers.

Just as in the original Hong Kong location, staying in this exclusive luxury Asian chain means submitting yourself to a world-class treatment that goes well beyond checking into the impeccable East-meets-West-inspired rooms.

Room @ The Peninsula Tokyo

There’s no better way to understand the pampered experience of The Peninsula Tokyo than to drop into its exclusive spa. Treatments here fuse ancient Oriental, Ayurvedic and European wisdom, ranging from keihatsu massages to hot-stone chakra balancing. The warm and inviting ambiance provides the perfect counterweight to the chaos of Tokyo.

Eating at The Peninsula Tokyo is similarly enchanting. Choose between seven on-site bars and restaurants, including the high-brow kaiseki of Kyoto Tsuruya and the haute Cantonese of Hei Fung Terrace. For an extra special evening, float up the 24th-floor Peter: The Bar to enjoy fantastic views of the Imperial Palace Gardens, Ginza, and Hibiya Park over a sake or cocktail with Tokyo’s well-to-do.

Summary: The best places to stay near Tokyo Station

Still having trouble deciding where to stay around Tokyo Station? Here are a couple final suggestions:

  • Looking for a convenient alternative that won’t break the bank? The capsules of Tokyo Nihonbashi Bay Hotel might not be your ideal hotel room, but they’ll do the trick if saving money’s your main game in Tokyo.
  • Got a little more to spend? Among the best mid-range hotels near Tokyo Station are the Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi and Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyobashi.
  • Craving the ultimate in Tokyo luxury? While any one of the 5-star gems around Tokyo Station would leave you with a massive smile on your face, the unbeatable garden views of the Palace Hotel Tokyo and the tremendous value of the Marunouchi Hotel can’t go unrecognized.
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