Must-See California Gold Rush Towns

The California Gold Rush of 1848 set the scene for many of the top Golden State destinations today, with the rapidly emerging mining industry scattering boomtowns all throughout the Sierra Nevada mountains. Want to experience gold fever for yourself? Check out one of these beautiful gold rush towns in California on your next vacation!

From well-preserved “wild-west” facades to bigger cities with gold mining roots, these California travel destinations wear their histories on their sleeves. In true choose-your-own-adventure fashion, you can take a closer look at the legacy of the Gold Rush Era or simply immerse yourself in the stunning mountains that attracted swarms of star-eyed fortune-seekers in the first place.

Looking to “strike gold” on a trip back in time? Find all the inspiration you need in these must-see California gold rush towns!

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Sutter Creek

If you want to embrace the western vibes of the gold rush era, Sutter Creek is a mighty fine destination. With a preserved downtown core made up of saloons, general stores, and the like, you’ll feel like a real-life cowboy as you jaunt through the streets.

There’s more than one part of Sutter Creek’s history worth exploring. As a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark, the Knight Foundry is a great attraction for those interested in how things are made. The Knight Foundry is actually the last water-powered foundry in the United States, so this is something you’ll want to see while you still can.

Sutter Creek, CA

Of course, if you want to take a look into Sutter Creek’s gold rush past, you can do so at Miner’s Bend Historic Gold Mining Park. one of the most popular destinations in the town.

If you have a taste for the finer things, you’ll love the sophisticated side of tourism in Sutter Creek. You’ll find a good selection of art galleries and collections to peruse, including the Fine Eye Art Gallery. This, plus a handful of vineyards, is the perfect way to upgrade your itinerary.


Auburn is a designated California Historical Landmark thanks to the flux of early prospectors searching for riches and its dedicated maintenance of important historical buildings.

Much of the tourism in the Auburn area is still centered around the gold rush, but it’s worth noting that this town is located in one of the prettiest sections of the foothills, with lush forests and sparkling rivers.

Auburn, CA

Here’s an itinerary-buster for every visiting history buff: With not one but two different mining museums, you can celebrate the legacy of Auburn all vacation long. Admission to the Gold Country Museum is free if you’re trying to stick to your budget. Or visit the Gold Rush Museum, offering an indoor panning stream that’s perfect for some family-friendly fun.

Auburn is also a wonderful world for outdoor tourism. You’ll never be too far from a nice footpath for hiking, but you can also opt for something a little more adrenaline-inducing with an introduction to whitewater rafting or rock climbing.


Known as the “Gem of the Southern Mines,” Columbia is another beautiful destination that got its start during the gold rush era. These days, this little town with mountain-painted skies is a popular place for tourists to reflect back on the past and step away from modern distractions.

Columbia, CA

For an immersive gold rush era experience, add the Columbia State Historic Park to your California bucket list. This preserved town is some 30 buildings large. If you don’t have all day to spend gallivanting, you can hire a horse-drawn buggy to give you a tour.

Looking to enhance the entertainment factor? Swing down to the Jack Douglas Saloon for a good ol’ fashioned dinner show or book tickets for a performance at Sierra Rep’s Fallon House Theatre.


For a good blend of historical atmosphere and modern amenities, choose Sonora for your California vacation. In this town, known as the “Queen of the Southern Mines,” the gold rush influence is obvious. But you’ll also find a buzzing community filled with tons of updated hotels, attractions, and activities.

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Sonora, CA

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Gold mining isn’t the only industry that has taken over Placerville throughout the years. Nope, this pretty town in El Dorado Country has done it all!

Following a transition to lumber and agriculture, modern-day Placerville is known for its booming tourism and recreation industries. It might be small, but this travel destination is mighty.

Gold Bug Park and Mine is the perfect gold rush attraction for families. Here, you can set your own pace as you navigate live Blacksmith demos, gem panning troughs, and several hands-on tables throughout the museum.

Placerville, CA

If your kids are a little older and up for a small challenge, you may even want to take them on a hike through the park’s trails, which are flanked by wildflowers and a few historic buildings.

Ready to fill your lungs with Placerville’s crisp mountain air? Go camping in El Dorado National Forest. If you need a tasty treat to bring along for breakfast in the morning or lunch in the mid-afternoon, pick up a fresh, locally-renowned apple pie from Apple Hill/High Hill Ranch.


Did you know that Jamestown is where the California Gold Rush hype all began? Yep, this is where the first nugget of gold was discovered in the county! Thanks to its rich history, this town is well-preserved, with several stretches of buildings dating back to the 1870s. A stay in Jamestown is a surefire way to feel like a prospector yourself.

Jamestown, CA

Want to step into the boots of Jamestown’s frenzied gold-seekers? Both California Gold Panning and Gold Prospecting Adventures will take you there. Whether you decide to try your hand at sluicing for nuggets on a multi-day adventure or look for flakes in the creek with “Frying Pan Frank,” you’re almost certain to come away with a little something shiny to remember your trip by.

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park is a true gem for train lovers, so be sure to give it a go. Not only will you browse a collection of the finest steam rail cars and a working roundhouse, but you can actually hop on board and take a 6-mile ride down the historic tracks.


Sacramento may have started as a small gold rush town, but boy, has it come a long way since. Now with a population of over 500,000, this Central Valley city is a world-class destination full of entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and top tourist attractions.

Did you know that Sacramento is California’s capital city? Be sure to visit the California State Capitol government buildings for a good hard look at the state’s past, present, and future. Afterward, one of the most popular things to do in Sacramento is to turn the clock all the way back with a visit to Sutter’s Fork Historic State Park or Old Sacramento.

Old Sacramento

Want to get out and stretch those legs? The Loch Leven Lakes Trail in Tahoe National Forest is one of the region’s premier hiking spots with mossy shoals, crystal clear mountain water, and clusters of evergreens.

You could also rent some wheels on your Sacramento trip and head to the American River Bicycle Trail. This scenic route is a favorite amongst local cyclists and outdoorsy visitors alike.


Murphys is a lovely little destination that everyone will love, with an eclectic mix of things to see & do. From outdoor recreation to boutique shops, Murphys has it all. The accommodations scene here is largely built up of small hotels and bed & breakfasts, giving the whole town a sense of old-school charm.

The great thing about visiting Murphys is that there’s an attraction to appeal to nearly every type of tourist. No matter who you’re traveling with, you’re sure to find ways to personalize your itinerary.

Cave near Murphys, CA

Art lovers (or those looking for a unique souvenir) should make time for a stop at the Quyle Kilns Ceramics Art Gallery, while avid adventurers can go spelunking at Mercer Caverns.

California is, of course, known for its large array of stunning wineries and vineyards. Murphys is home to several hidden gems, away from the denser, more popular wine-tasting scene elsewhere in the Golden State.

If you’d like to grab a flight, check out Alloria Vineyards, tucked between rolling hills and seaside cliffs, or head into the cave at Ironstone Vineyards for a tall pour and live music.


Even though it’s a little further outside of San Francisco than some of the other destinations on this list, Coloma is often seen as the city’s perfect pairing; these two are often taken in tandem. Sitting at a day-trippable driving distance, Coloma is one of the most popular day trips from San Francisco and is the perfect small town home base to contrast your big city escapades.

Mount Murphy Bridge near Coloma, CA

If you’ve ever been a fan of Western films or a history fiend for the stories of real-life cowboys, the name Wyatt Earp probably rings a few bells. Coloma is actually where this legendary gunfighter was laid to rest, and you can visit his grave at the Hills of Eternity Cemetary. You can also roam the halls of the Colma Historical Association Museum for a quick refresher on these prominent Western stories.

Thanks to its close proximity to the Golden City, you could always pop into San Fran for a day of face-paced urban adventures before settling back into this little gold-rush town for dinner at Molloy’s Tavern.


Mariposa is downright gorgeous. Nestled into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range, this sweet town, named after wintering monarch butterfly populations, has ample wildlife-watching opportunities and vast, wild scenery. Mariposa is also home to many waterfalls, with over fifteen different cascades to hike to.

For a deep dive into Mariposa’s gold-obsessed history, be sure to plan a stop at the California State Mineral and Mining Museum. Beyond the typical narrative-driven exhibits and historical tools, you’ll also find Cali’s official gem collection with nearly 13,000 crystals and curios from all over the world.

Sunset in Mariposa, CA

Then, be sure to get out and listen to the mighty rush of water at one of the falls running through the Sierra Nevada. At the border of Yosemite National Park, you’ll find Horsetail Fall, which illuminates during February sunsets as though it’s on fire. Even if your timing doesn’t line up to spectate this phenomenon, a trek to see these twin streams is well worth it any day of the year.

Looking for a little bit of nightlife? Jam out to the tune of a banjo in the prohibition-style underground Hideout Saloon and order a round of pints for the table.

Nevada City

Looking for a well-preserved, historic town that’s busting at the seams with nightlife and entertainment? Look no further than Nevada City. In this beautiful California mountain town, you’ll find plenty of attractions surrounding the area’s cultural heritage, but also a significant cluster of bars, fine dining restaurants, and even a few wineries.

For a hybrid experience that combines gold-rush tourism with activities for outdoor enthusiasts, head to Nevada City’s greatest jewel: the Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park. This 3,000-acre reserve is home to dense pine forests, towering stone cliffs, and California’s largest hydraulic mine.

Nevada City, CA

If you’d like to keep your adventurous spirits high, you and your travel group can continue on to the Tahoe National Forest Headquarters. As the park is famous for its striking alpine lakes, you’ll want to bring your camera along to snap some photos—and perhaps even a sketchbook—to immortalize this iconic scenery.

Alternatively, you can head back into town and explore the historic Bourn House Estate for some tamer tourism. Want to leave your mark on Nevada City? Bring a spare pair of sneakers to string up in the infamous Shoe Tree and snap a picture with your contribution for your Instagram feed.


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