Best Backpacks for Europe: 12 Picks for Your European Adventure

Best Travel Backpacks for Europe

Whether you’re already an consummate travel pro or a fresh-faced backpacker, Europe might be the place in the world to subdue your wanderlust. In fact, there’s no more classic destination for the independent traveller than the continent that infects unsuspecting visitors with the travel bug more than any other. From its efficient train system to … Read more

Best Travel Backpacks for Women: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You can’t deny it: there’s something special about travelling with one of the best travel backpacks for women. Sure, carry-on luggage and wheeled suitcases have their place. But there’s no rawer and more intimate feeling than hitting the open road strapped into your favourite rucksack. The problem is: Where do you start looking? There’s been a … Read more

Best Daypacks for Travel: 12 Top Reviews + Buyer’s Guide

Best Daypacks for Travel

You’ve already found the perfect travel backpack, and whisked off to your next favourite destination. Now, it’s time to hit the streets and the trails strapped with one of the best travel daypacks, and do what you do best: explore. The backpack you trust to carry all your travel gear isn’t going to cut it … Read more

Best Travel Backpacks for Men: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Travel Backpacks for Men

Most of us imagine backpackers as roving youngsters, partying their way from city to city. And all on a daily budget that would hardly cover a cup of Starbucks back home. This isn’t the case. Backpacking knows no age limit. For many adventures, moving from a suitcase to a backpack is a step forward, not … Read more