Travel Insurance: Is It Worth it?


Planning to go on a trip soon? Somewhere lovely and luxurious perhaps? A place that has fancy hotels and resorts with a beautiful beach where you can get a tan? Travelling is a great way to explore a country or to just relax, unwind, and enjoy the more beautiful things that life can offer. Planning … Read more

How to Find Cheap Flights For Your Next Trip Abroad

How to Find Cheap International Flights

If there’s one thing that kills great travel plans before they even start it’s an expensive international flight. Fortunately, travelling abroad doesn’t always mean you need to spend like a Kardashian. Learning how to find cheap flights is an art. It’s not unheard of to save hundreds of dollars on flights to the same destination … Read more

Zen and the Art of Solo Travel

Volcanic Landscape near Gunung Bromo, Indonesia

Inhale. Exhale. Store your tray tables and lock your seat in the upright position. Relaxation isn’t exactly synonymous with independent solo travel. For an adventurous few, solo travel comes naturally. Then there’s the rest of us. Planning your first solo travel experience can be panic-inducing: Will I be lonely? What if I get lost? What if my travel plans fail? Solo travellers ask themselves these questions every day. But fears are often grossly exaggerated.

11 Travel Planning Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Khan el Khalili in Cairo, Egypt

Our quest for the perfect trip: it’s never-ending. We’re brilliant travel planners—we fill spreadsheets with train times and oddly-spelled destinations, hawkishly watch airfares jump up and slide down, until one day we pounce. Months of diligence comes to the head, revealing in front of our eyes our eternal goal: the perfect travel plan. But, eventually, even the mightiest travel planner falls.

5 Infallible Reasons to Ditch Your Travel Bucket List

5 Infallible Reasons to Ditch Your Travel Bucket List

The Eiffel Tower, Red Square and The Great Pyramids of Egypt: Ever since you were old enough to remember, they’ve beckoned you. Your whole life you’ve dreamed of seeing the world, and year after year, as you strike each off your wish list, ten more swoop in to fill the void. To infinity and beyond.