6 Elements of the Perfect Elevator Pitch for Your Travel Brand

So you’ve developed a strong travel blog brand and managed to target the perfect audience. You’ve built up a little credibility. You’re ready to take on the world. What next?

You need to network.

And fortunately, the key to effective networking doesn’t depend on traffic or how many Twitter followers you can brag about. You might be a tiny fish in a sea of sharks, but you can still make waves.

Want to get noticed and partner with established travel brands? It’s simple: craft the perfect elevator pitch.

Not all travel brands only work with the big boys and girls. They’re looking for a partner they can trust, a partner whose brand values align with their own. And that partner could be you—if you nail that first impression.

Crafting The Perfect Elevator Pitch For Your Travel Blog Brand

Knowing where to begin crafting your elevator pitch is challenging, but build it around these 6 elements of a perfect elevator pitch and I guarantee you’ll have a winner on your hands:

  1. Short and sweet. No one wants to hear you ramble about yourself. Aim to speak no longer than 15 seconds. If you can nail it in less without sacrificing your message, all the more power to you.
  2. Clear and concise description of your niche. Start general and then get specific. Make sure your listener knows exactly what you focus on and what makes you different. Nail it in one sentence if you can.
  3. Clear description of your audience. Remember audience personas? They’ll come in handy for letting your listener know exactly who you are writing for. Brevity is your friend, but being specific will show your listener you’ve done some serious homework.
  4. Outline past accomplishments. Partnered with tourism companies? Talk about it. Written for a magazine or newspaper? Drop it in. Just keep it quick and relevant. (And no bragging.)
  5. Bad-ass hook. Lock it all down with something simple and catchy that ties into your overall theme. It could be a question, aphorism, quote or call-to-action. Whatever you choose, make it memorable. Get them talking. Keep them wanting more.
  6. Passion and confidence. Even if you nail the other 5 elements, your elevator pitch will have zero impact if you come off sounding like a robot. Your elevator pitch needs fire. It needs energy. Sound like you give a shit. Practice it over and over again until you piss off your husband/wife/partner/friends. If you can’t say it in your sleep with enough passion to set the room ablaze, keep working on it.


Christa Thompson of The Fairytale Traveler is no slouch when it comes to passionately standing by her brand. She gracefully offered up the elevator pitch that she’s used to strike partnership after partnership. Want proof that these elements work? Here it is. Let’s see what she has to say:

Hi my name is Christa Thompson, Founder and Senior Editor of the popular travel blog, The Fairytale Traveler, a destination leading adventure travel blog about places related to fairytales, folklore, legends and mythology. Together with my son, we travel to places where the legacy, history, and inspiration of the greatest stories ever told live on. From sleeping in castles to chasing pirate treasure, we are always on an amazing adventure that’s great for all ages and all kinds of travellers. What’s your favourite fairytale?

And now it’s your turn…

I’d love to hear whether you’ve found these elements of a perfect elevator pitch helpful and hear what you have to say about your own travel brand. Let’s get to know each other a little better—share your perfect elevator pitch below!

Ryan O'Rourke

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