Most Popular Things to Do in Cape Coral, Florida

Making your way to all the tourist hotspots in Southwest Florida? Leave time to experience all the best things to do in Cape Coral, FL. In the charming community near Fort Myers, you’ll find beautiful nature and outdoor activities matched by an array of arts, culture, and community events.

Cape Coral is charming and cozy, perfect for couples looking for a cute vacation. Families, on the other hand, can find their own laid-back experience along its sandy shores, on the hiking trails, or on its 400 miles of canals.

Not sure what to do in Cape Coral? Start planning your trip with this guide to the best places to visit in Cape Coral, FL.

Must-see places to visit in Cape Coral, FL

Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery

If you love your rum, don’t miss visiting the Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery. Since opening in 2012, Wicked Dolphin has become the largest craft rum distillery in the United States.

Aside from sampling its delicious spirits, enjoy a free guided tour, departing three days a week on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Get a firsthand view of the fermenting and distilling process and see how the final product all comes together. Its unique rum harbors the finest natural and local ingredients to create a drink unlike any other.

If you join the tour of Wicked Dolphin Rum Distillery, you’ll also be able to try some of the limited-edition creations that have yet to reach the open market.

Cape Coral Farmers Market

There’s something wholesomely exciting about farmers’ markets, so it’s no surprise that the Cape Coral Farmers Market is one of the top tourist attractions in Cape Coral. Comprising the freshest regional produce on offer, the market is perfect for those who need to load up the fridge while indulging in some people-watching.

Held every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm in Club Square, the Cape Coral Farmers Market lets you shop for local produce while perusing an enchanting variety of handmade treats.

Like at any farmers’ market worth its salt, you’ll also have the chance to shop for souvenirs and homemade arts and crafts—all while live music floats through the air.

Sun Splash Family Waterpark

Florida has fantastic year-round weather, so there’s never a bad time to make your way to Sun Splash Family Waterpark. (And that’s especially true if an insufferable heat wave rolls through the Sunshine State during your family vacation!)

Sun Splash Family Water Park is the largest water park in Southwest Florida, and one of the top Cape Coral attractions for families. The expansive park covers 14 acres of pure fun with a great selection of adrenaline-packed rides such as Cape Fear or the 450-foot Electric Slide.

If you haven’t had your fill of hair-raising experiences, free fall 5.5 stories on the epic Thunder Bump Ride. When everyone’s ready to relax, come together as a family and float down the lazy river.

Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve

Within the forest mangroves growing along the Caloosahatchee River, you’ll find Cape Coral’s hidden outdoor gem: Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve. The environmental park covers over 350 acres of scenic beauty with a selection of nature trails to explore.

The most popular walking trail through Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve departs from the visitor center. Following a raised boardwalk, enjoy a pristine stroll through the mangroves on your way through a fragile and rare coastal prairie. Soon, it’ll guide you through saltbush and beside giant leather ferns before reaching views of the historic winter home of Thomas Edison in Fort Myers.

Other outdoor activities within the Four Mile Cove Ecological Preserve include kayaking through the waterways and fishing from the observation deck.

Rotary Park Environmental Center

Just a few miles from downtown Cape Coral is another gorgeous oasis for you to explore. Smaller, but no less serene, Rotary Park Environmental Center offers 100 acres of amazing landscapes. The environmental center is also a part of the Great Florida Birding Trail.

The Rotary Park Environmental Center is well-connected thanks to the series of boardwalks extending throughout, like the roots of a tree. Discover a variety of landscapes, including shallow flats and mangrove wetlands.

For the best seat in the house, make your way to one of the two observation towers for a view from the sky. Peer down below where you could spot gopher tortoises and alligators in the marshlands. When the tide is out, explore the shallow flats to spot oyster bars.

Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden

When exploring Rotary Park, you’ll also have the chance to visit the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden. Housing an impressive collection of native butterflies, the garden lets you see the majestic creatures flutter in peace away from the prying eyes of predators in the real world.

Many of the resident butterflies began their life within this butterfly house, growing to maturity under the eyes of the caretakers before being released into the wild.

Educational tours of the Tom Allen Memorial Butterfly Garden take place on Monday, Friday, and Saturday. They allow guests to see the four life stages of a butterfly, along with learning about the beautiful local species flying all around you.

Eagle Skate Park

If you’re a budding Tony Hawk and wondering where to go in Cape Coral to skate, then head to Eagle Skate Park, the largest skate facility between Tampa and Miami. The popular recreational park brings a lot to the table for skaters or those on scooters and BMX bikes. At Eagle Skate Park, you’ll find an impressive bowl, half-pipes, and a collection of rails and ramps.

Those that know their way around a skate park can sign the waiver and head right in. But if you’re a novice, why not let an experienced instructor take you under their wing? Learn the fundamentals and be well on your way to shredding up the bowl.

Coral Oaks Golf Course

Florida is known for its exceptional golf courses, and this reputation rings true in Cape Coral. And Coral Oaks Golf Course is one of the finest in the state. The real strength of the course, though, is that it’s public.

Arthur Hills designed the championship course with a variety of problems for you to solve through the 18 holes. Coral Oaks Golf Course features a whopping 37 bunkers and 8 lakes to navigate.

Before making your way to the first tee at Coral Oaks Golf Club, warm up on one of the largest practice facilities in Southwest Florida or get some tips from the golf pros in the clubhouse. From there, enjoy a beautiful but challenging course that’ll put your skills to the test.

Harbour View Gallery

If the typical Florida heat hasn’t shown up or it’s raining, then one of the best places to go in Cape Coral is Harbour View Gallery. The only artist-owned co-op in the area, Harbour View is constantly changing. It’s always got fresh work on display, allowing return visitors to enjoy the experience as much as first-timers.

All the staff members are artists themselves, adding a unique layer to the experience. Explore the city’s finest collection of local artwork with the chance of bringing home a pleasant addition to your living room. The Harbour View Gallery also has a range of handcraft accessories and souvenirs to check out.

Cape Coral Historical Museum

Showcasing the interesting local heritage, the Cape Coral Historical Museum offers visitors a selection of beguiling artifacts and historic photos spread across three exhibit buildings. From the city’s small beginnings, enjoy the story of Cape Coral into the modern-day. Visitors can take both guided and self-guided tours of the museum for greater insight and understanding.

One of the highlights of any visit to the Cape Coral Historical Museum, however, is the resident rose garden. A guided tour will take you through the pleasant space, but for more, sign up for the free Florida Friendly Garden Tour. On the tour, you’ll learn just how to make the most of any green space around your home.

Yacht Club Community Park

One of the top attractions in Cape Coral is the Yacht Club Community Park. Established in 1962, the park was the town’s original waterfront landmark and has long been a popular gathering place for locals.

Within Yacht Club Community Park, you can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the Fort Myers area. On the beach, set along the Caloosahatchee River, you can laze under the sun or dive in for a refreshing swim on a warm summer day. Anglers can take advantage of the adjacent fishing pier while enjoying access to barbecue grills and picnic shelters.

And the fun at Yacht Club Community Park doesn’t end there. Make use of the on-site racquetball and tennis courts, or try your hand at shuffleboard.

Cultural Park Theatre

Running from September to May, the Cultural Park Theater is the perfect place to go in Cape Coral to see a live show. The theater houses almost 200 seats. It’s a fun way to experience Broadway classics like Chicago with local talent on the stage. Throughout the theater season, you can catch a show on weekend nights or during the matinee sessions on Saturdays and Sundays.

Cultural Park Theater also plays host to a local art gallery. On your way to your live performance, you can check out the fresh art exhibition, changing with each show.

Cape Coral Brewing Company

The rum distillery may be the big attraction in town for those who enjoy a drink. But if you prefer craft beer, make your way to the Cape Coral Brewing Company. A newcomer to the local craft beer scene, the brewery made an instant impact. With a large taproom and outdoor patio, pick between a variety of ales, IPAs, and pilsners and enjoy the local atmosphere.

Cape Coral Brewing Company is home to live music every weekend, complementing your chosen beverage with a fun beat. If you’re interested in learning more about the brewery process, self-guided tours are readily available with expert guides ready to go on the weekends.

Cape Coral Festival of the Arts

Featuring artists and craft-makers from around the United States, the pumping Cape Coral Festival of the Arts takes place on the second weekend of January. Over the previous four decades, the festival has grown each year. Today, it attracts well over 100,000 visitors annually.

Roam Cape Coral Parkway going from vendor to vendor, enjoying the art from talent as far west as California and as far north as Maine. Having traveled such distances, the art is, unsurprisingly, top-notch. All genres and styles are represented, from sculptures to digital art.

At the Cape Coral Festival of the Arts, you’ll also find a great selection of live music playing through the day and night. Local bars and restaurants also get in on the fun with various discounts.

Sirenia Vista Park

Engulfed by the warm Florida waters, Sirenia Vista Park is an 8-acre environmental park, famed for featuring manatees in their natural habitat. Paved walking trails connected to each corner of the park, leading to a designated manatee viewing area. Manatees tend to roam among the park’s shallow waters, making it easy for visitors to see them up close.

Like manatees, a lot of migratory birds make their way to Florida during the winter months. All the parks in Cape Coral are great for birdwatching, but Sirenia Vista is a hotspot for birders. The environment welcomes a diverse range of exotic bird species, from songbirds to waders.

Cardboard Boat Regatta

Since 1994, Cape Coral locals have gathered along the canal within Seahawk Park for the Cardboard Boat Regatta. This fascinating tradition sees racers build boats out of corrugated cardboard, glue, and tape. The rules are basic, but it’s up to each competitor to get as creative as possible to avoid sinking to the bottom.

In front of around 3,000 people, contestants race around the course to see who’ll win. In this competitive, yet equally hilarious, event, an award, called the Titanic Award, is also given for the most memorable shipwreck.

The Regatta isn’t just a fun event; it also helps raise money to help the local youth community undertake fun activities and education. Join in on the fun and while also helping out the Cape Coral community.


Meaning “big warrior” in Seminole, Matlacha is a historic fishing village with a unique charm that’s more akin to Key West than Southwest Florida. You’ll find this hidden gem between Cape Coral and Pine Island.

Matlacha, FL

Upon arrival, you’ll immediately notice the slew of colorful buildings, charming residents, and eclectic artwork, all combining to make Matlacha tick.

Explore on foot and discover an array of interesting boutique stores, art galleries, and plenty of bars to hop between. With Matlacha’s seaside location, you’ll have no trouble finding some mouthwatering seafood to savor during your visit.


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