17 Cool Things to See & Do in Green Bay On Your Wisconsin Vacation

Founded as a trading post in 1634, Green Bay is Wisconsin’s oldest city—and has some amazing stories to tell. But the state’s third-biggest city is also a natural paradise that brims with lush parks, forest trails, and pristine lakes, giving you loads of amazing things to do in Green Bay, WI.

Roam through the stunning Green Bay Botanical Garden. Plan a day of family fun at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park. Give in to Cheesehead fever at the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. When it’s time to kick back, explore the city’s vibrant culinary scene. (The hand-battered, deep-fried Wisconsin cheese curds really do melt in the mouth!)

Ready to make great memories on your Wisconsin vacation? Check out this guide to the best places to visit in Green Bay and get trekkin’!

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Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Immerse yourself in a beautiful slice of wilderness at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Set on the mouth of the Fox River, this 600-acre site is the largest park in the Green Bay system and rehabilitates more than 6,000 injured and orphaned animals annually.

This beautiful wildlife refuge features live animal exhibits, miles of hiking trails, a nature education center, and a bounty of viewing opportunities. If you’ve got kids in your crew, they’ll have a great time exploring wildlife habitats, learning about local species, and even feeding some of the recovering patients at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary.

Pack up your binoculars and camera for some serious sightseeing in the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Roam the park, and you’ll encounter at least some of the over 250 species of birds that roost there. Keep your eyes peeled, and you’ll likely catch sight of other critters like bobcats, wolves, and flying squirrels.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

When you’re ready to stop and smell the roses, wend your way to the Green Bay Botanical Garden. Roam this lush 47-acre site and immerse yourself in a vivid mosaic of orchards, gardens, and greenhouses.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Wander through beautiful seasonal gardens and thriving woodlands that blaze with color during the autumn months. Explore sites brimming with ornamental grasses and perennial flowers, native trees, and wildflowers. Scattered throughout the beautiful landscape at the Green Bay Botanical Garden is an enchanting collection of fountains, gazebos, and other architectural delights.

This kid-friendly destination also offers plenty for the small set, including a garden complete with a tree house, slide, and maze – perfect for pint-sized adventurers!

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame & Museum

You don’t have to be a Cheesehead to get a kick out of the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame & Museum. Sprawling over 15,000 square feet on Lombardi Ave in the Titletown District, this massive facility pays tribute to Green Bay’s beloved Packers football team.

Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame & Museum

Built in the 1960s, the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame & Museum remains one of the top attractions in Green Bay. Browse through an amazing collection of Packers artifacts and memorabilia, including vintage uniforms and trophies. While you’re on-site, take a tour of historic Lambeau Field Stadium, one of the oldest and largest stadiums in the country.

Catch a whiff of inspiration as you step into a replica of the legendary Vince Lombardi’s office. Considered the greatest coach in NFL history, Lombardi led the Packers to an amazing five NFL championships in seven years. The man walked his own talk: “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”

Bay Beach Amusement Park

Feeling a twinge of nostalgia for the carefree, blow-back-your-hair days of summer? Relive your youthful glory at the Bay Beach Amusement Park on the mouth of the Fox River.

A bayside bonanza, the Bay Beach Amusement Park has been an iconic Green Bay attraction for over 100 years. And it’s still the perfect way to while away a summer afternoon for the young and young at heart.

Bay Beach Amusement Park

Throw caution to the wind on the park’s jaw-dropping collection of tilt-a-whirls, scramblers, gravity towers, and Ferris wheels. And don’t miss one of its star attractions: the amazing Zippin Pippin, a 70-foot high wooden roller coaster built in 1915 that was relocated from its Tennessee home – and a favorite of none other than Elvis Presley.

Back on the ground, experience other attractions like haunted houses, movie pavilions, and dance performances. When you’re ready to refuel, head to the concession stands for some finger-lickin fair food.

Heritage Hill State Historical Park

History buffs are in for a treat at the Heritage Hill State Historical Park. Nestled in the heart of Green Bay, this massive 50-acre open-air museum brings the past to life.

Step back in time and discover amazing structures and more than 9,000 artifacts, including artwork, books, clothing, and furnishings dating back to Green Bay’s early days as a fur trade outpost.

Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Heritage Hill State Historical Park is home to nearly 30 restored buildings, with a complex that includes cabins, farmsteads, chapels, town halls, and other carefully preserved examples of early European settlements.

Take a tour of the park by foot or by tram with an expert guide, and you’ll get fascinating insights into the region’s history.

Get down to brass tacks, roll up your sleeves, and work alongside live historical interpreters as they demonstrate the art and craft of cobbling and blacksmithing.

National Railroad Museum

Train buffs will want to chug along to the National Railroad Museum. Just a few miles outside of Green Bay, this unique attraction is the country’s largest and longest-standing museum dedicated to the history of the railroad.

Take a stroll through the National Railroad Museum to discover a treasure trove of artifacts ranging from maps and photos to vintage train conductor uniforms. The star attraction here, though, is its historic collection of locomotives, boxcars, and cabooses dating back 100 years.

National Railroad Museum

Stroll through this amazing array of steam, diesel, and electric-powered locomotives, including President Dwight Eisenhower’s WWII command train “Big Boy,” one of the world’s largest steam locomotives.

Climb to the top of the 80-foot-tall observation tower to take in sweeping views of Green Bay and the Fox River. Or spare your feet and hop aboard a 25-minute train ride tour of the museum.

The CityDeck

If you want to see what makes Green Bay hum, plug into The CityDeck in the city’s downtown. Running a quarter of a mile along the east bank of the Fox River, this scenic promenade is a social center where visitors can meet, mingle, play, or just hang out.

The CityDeck is the hub for a network of pedestrian and bike trails – so take a riverside stroll or head out for a two-wheel cruise.

Cast a fishing line at Shopko Landing. Stop off and relax on a bench with a view at the Cherry Street Landing. Launch a canoe or kayak at one of the boardwalk’s landings. Need to hydrate? Slake your thirst at a vintage “bubbler” (an old-fashioned public fountain). Let the kiddos get soaked in the splash pad.

At day’s end, kick back and catch a performance at the Main Stage, savor the sunset, and revel in the city’s welcoming ‘front porch.’

Leicht Memorial Park

If you’re craving a shot of riverside relaxation, get an infusion at Leicht Memorial Park. Set on eight acres along the west bank of the Fox River in Downtown Green Bay, this urban oasis lets you savor outdoor pleasures without leaving town. This charming waterside park is the perfect spot to stroll or just kick back, hang out, and people-watch.

Leicht Memorial Park offers plenty of ways to decompress. Cast a fishing line. Hit the scenic walking trails. Stake out a spot in the grassy picnic area, unpack a hamper, and dig in.

The park is a hub for family-friendly activities like art shows, fairs, and festivals. Round up your crew and soak up the fun at events like Bay Fest, Kids’ Day, and the spectacular Tall Ships Festival.

And at night, Leicht Memorial Park really comes alive. End your day on a high note by catching some live music on the water’s edge.

The Children’s Museum of Green Bay

Want to give your kids some great “aha” moments? They’ll chalk up loads of them at The Children’s Museum of Green Bay. This is a place where children learn through play.

Watch them explore Our Town, where they can stop by the Farmers’ Market to shop for the items on their grocery list. They can even pick fresh veggies from the garden in the Backyard Experience!

At Under Construction, kids and parents can design and build together, using everything from Legos to Tinker Toys. Little ones will be thrilled to hop aboard a pumper truck at the Fire House or care for precious pets at the Vet Clinic.

For a tasty break at the Children’s Museum of Green Bay, stop by the 50s-style diner, where kids can serve up (and sample) burgers, fries, and pizza.

Time for fresh some air? Let the kids loose at the Outdoor Discovery Center, where they can create in a sandbox, draw pictures on play panels, and bust some moves on climbing structures.

Neville Public Museum

Who says museums can’t be fun? Not the folks at the Neville Public Museum! What could be better than being greeted by woolly mammoths and dinosaurs right outside the front door?

Set on the Fox River, the 100-year-old Neville Public Museum houses a treasury of artifacts and exhibits highlighting history, space, zoology, and natural science. This intriguing, interactive attraction offers loads of cool things to do for kids of all ages.

Neville Public Museum

Dig into the past in the Generations Gallery, and explore pieces of Northwest Wisconsin history ranging from fossils to footballs. Delve into the world of Spectacular Science with fun, hands-on exhibits like Candy Chemistry. Learn about the power of innovation and look into the future at Above and Beyond, where kids can soar with immersive simulations of aviation and aerospace experiences.

Captain’s Walk Winery

Ready for some wine refinement? If you’ve ever wondered about the art and craft of winemaking (or you just want to pamper your palate), take a stroll over to the Captain’s Walk Winery.

Set in historic Downtown Green Bay, the winery is housed in a beautiful pre-Civil War home. With its plaster crown moldings, hardwood floors, and original stone fireplace, the Captain’s Walk Winery is big on charm.

Learn about the fascinating wine-making process, and take a tour of the cellars and production room. Then get down to the business of tasting!

The Captain’s Walk Winery offers a huge selection to tempt your tastebuds, so you may be sampling anything from buttery whites to robust reds. Pair your selection with tasty treats like truffles, tapas, charcuterie, and – of course –real Wisconsin cheeses.

Relax in the tasting room or the upstairs lounge, or kick back on the front porch. You’ll be swirling, sniffing, sipping, and savoring like a pro!

Pamperin Park

Rolling hills, lush woods, landscaped gardens, and a meandering creek. If that sounds like your idea of an outdoor paradise, pack up the gang and head for Pamperin Park. Set on the edge of Green Bay, this scenic gem should top any nature lover’s list.

The largest developed park in the Brown County Park System, Pamperin Park offers a tranquil respite from the city. Meander through the park’s picturesque gardens, including one exclusively for butterflies! Enjoy a stroll along the banks of Duck Creek and take in the view from its charming wooden suspension bridge.

Pamperin Park

Slide into a kayak, or cast a fishing line to see what bites. Tee up for a game on the wooded disc golf course.

If you’re up for more action, hit the courts for a round of volleyball. Let the kids loose to burn off energy in the park’s spectacular structured playground.

When you’re ready to relax and refuel, stake out a table in the shaded picnic area, fire up a grill, and chow down.

NEW Zoo & Adventure Park

Looking for a place that combines adventure with close-up animal encounters? You’ll find it at the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park. Originally known as Northeastern Wisconsin Zoo, this wildlife haven is just a 20-minute jaunt northwest from Downtown Green Bay in the village of Suamico, Wisconsin.

Spread across 40 acres, the NEW Zoo & Adventure Park features a broad community of animal habitats ranging from aviaries to tortoise burroughs to wolf dens.

Keep your camera handy to capture great pics of critters, including penguins, mountain lions, grey wolves, and bears.

Up for some immersive action? Take the canopy treetop walk to Adventure Park, and enjoy a high-angle view of the animal habitats below. Zoom through the treetops on a zipline. Let the kiddos loose to explore fun features like climbing towers, catwalks, and a zig-zag bridge.

The Automobile Gallery

When is an automobile more than an automobile? When it’s on display at The Automobile Gallery! As the gallery owners say, “The automobiles are the art.” Believe it! Their classic cars are displayed with the reverence given to precious paintings – more Guggenheim than garage.

Set in a completely renovated vintage Cadillac dealership, today, The Automobile Gallery doubles as a classic car showplace and event center. Car enthusiasts will love this place – but you don’t have to be a gearhead to appreciate this sleek collection of gleaming chrome-on-wheels.

From a 1912 Maxwell to a 2016 Shelby Hertz, The Automobile Gallery’s collection spans nearly 100 years of automobile history. Check out the fine lines of a 1963 Corvette, or go “Back to the Future” in a 1981 DeLorean. And wow – sit in it and take a selfie!

Titletown Brewing Company

Suds fans can learn about the fine art of brewing and slake their thirst in style at the Titletown Brewing Company. This vibrant craft brewery houses in a rustic, refurbished canning factory that dates back to 1908 – and the original towering brown brick chimneys still stand.

The Titletown Brewing Company is a unique historic treat that boasts much of the factory’s original rustic charm. Head into the Tap Room, and you’ll discover a massive 1,200-lb restored mechanical gear, window frames from the original building, and light fixtures that are over 110 years old.

Titletown Brewing Company

Take a tour to learn more about the brewing process and the area’s history – and, of course, to sample some fresh, award-winning brews ranging from fruity sours to creamy stouts.

Kick back with a round of Foosball, or head up to the rooftop beer garden or dining area. Savor a spectacular view of downtown Green Bay and the brewery’s historic smokestacks while you dig into mouthwatering eats like jam-packed tacos or a pulled pork Philly.

1919 Kitchen and Tap

If you’re looking for the perfect spot to get pumped for a Packers game, take a seat in the 1919 Kitchen & Tap on historic Lambeau Field. With a name that honors the founding year of the Green Bay Packers, this trendy gastropub and restaurant is peppered with historic photos and football memorabilia guaranteed to gladden the hearts of Packers fans.

But football fans of all stripes will be happy with the 1919 Kitchen & Tap’s selection of over 80 beers, plus an assortment of palate-pleasing cocktails. Check out classic Wisconsin specialties like parmesan-breaded cheese curds. Or dig into mouthwatering mains like chicken pot pie and baby back ribs.

With embellishments of reclaimed wood, gleaming copper beer lines, and exposed brick walls, the pub exudes a blend of rustic and cool industrial chic. Settle back and take it all in, or head out to the patio for an alfresco experience – and great views of the field!

Kavarna Coffeehouse

If you like to take your time with your Joe, settle in at the Kavarna Coffeehouse. With a mind-boggling selection of java, this isn’t just a coffee shop. The cafe is also a popular hangout spot, office, meeting room, study lounge, and community event space.

This long-running, laid-back neighborhood favorite serves up a bounty of vegetarian fare. But meat lovers can also find a place at the table and chow down on deli-style turkey and ham sandwiches. Whatever your choice, Kavarna Coffeehouse will pack it with fresh, nutritious, locally-sourced ingredients.

Browse through a mind-blowing assortment of coffees, and you’ll find your perfect cup of Joe. Pair it with a mouthwatering wrap or a gluten-free baked goodie, then settle back on one of the café’s retro couches with friends or a good book.


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