Best Things to Do in Valencia, Spain

While exploring the eastern coast of Spain, checking out the best things to do in Valencia is a must.

The top tourist attractions in Valencia are as varied as the city itself. The blend of old and new in Valencia is clear, whether you’re travelling to the markets & cafes of the city centre or strolling near the futuristic buildings in the City of the Arts and Sciences.

Among the best places to visit in Valencia, you’ll also discover 15th-century Gothic mercantile exchange and a restored central market where over 1,000 food stalls await among the dozens of other destinations begging to be explored. For foodies, Valencia is known for its paella, a famous Spanish rice dish infused with chicken and seafood.

Not sure what to do in Valencia? Start exploring this exciting coastal city with this guide to the best Valencia attractions…

What to do in Valencia

Tour the Silk Exchange

The 15th-century mercantile exchange is a towering masterpiece of gothic architecture. It’s always at the top of any list of things to see in Valencia, thanks to the imposing façade.

Stepping through the front doors, you need to strain your neck to take in the impressive views of the massive vaulted ceilings.

Old Silk Exchange

While at the Silk Exchange, take a guided audio tour to learn more about the history of Valencia.

When the building was constructed, the city was experiencing the peak of its commercial prosperity. The audio guide is just a couple of dollars and helps give context to the significance of this landmark.

Expect to spend two or three hours at the exchange, between waiting to get in and taking the full tour. When standing outside, make sure that you check out the courtyard, which is lined with large orange trees and a fountain.

Walk the cobblestone streets of Casco Antiguo (Old Town)

Many of the historic Valencia attractions are within a few blocks of Casco Antiguo, which is the historic city centre. The area is full of winding cobblestone streets, cafes, old buildings, and some of the most important landmarks to check out while travelling to Valencia.

Casco Antiguo Old Town

On a hot day, this neighbourhood can also provide shelter from the sun. Many of the narrow streets are flanked by tall buildings that offer shade.

It’s also a great spot to simply wander around. Besides small streets and alleys, the area also contains two large public plazas and a handful of smaller ones.

It’s hard to get lost. Just take a stroll through any of the side streets and find a café or restaurant where you can sit outside and enjoy the scenery.

Whether you have one day in Valencia or a few, there’s hardly a better way to while away your time in this bustling Spanish city!

Step into the future at the City of the Arts and Sciences

With ultra-modern buildings and structures, the City of the Arts and Sciences is one of the most unique Valencia points of interest. It’s a major contrast compared to the older historic areas of the city.

City of Arts and Sciences

The complex was developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s and ended up costing a whopping $300 million. It’s built over the old riverbed of the river Turia, which flooded the city in 1957.

The City of the Arts and Sciences also houses the Oceanographic, a local aquarium with over 45,000 marine animals. Other attractions include an opera house, museums, a planetarium, an IMAX theatre, and a laserium.

Walk through a fairy tale at Gulliver Park in the Jardin del Turia

If you ask locals where to go in Valencia, you’ll likely get directions to Jardin del Turia. It’s a large public park and one of the highlights of the city. It was built on part of the old riverbed after the catastrophic flood of 1957.

Gulliver Park

The park is a massive green space that was built after the flood and sits across from the City of the Arts and Sciences.

It’s also the most popular meeting spot in the city, attracting millions of visitors and locals each year. If you enjoy people watching, this is an ideal destination.

One of the more interesting features of the park is Gulliver Park, which is an homage to Gulliver’s Travels.

The area includes numerous sculptures, including a 70-metre depiction of Gulliver, washed up on the shore. You can climb the sculpture through various ramps, stairs, and slides.

Get some culture at Valencia Cathedral

Dating to the 13th and 14th centuries, Valencia Cathedral is a unique piece of history and an important destination for Valencia sightseeing.

The mixture of Baroque, Gothic, and Neoclassical architectural influences make the cathedral an interesting site.

Valencia Cathedral

You could easily spend your time examining the exterior of the cathedral, including the massive Door of the Irons, which is the main entrance.

It’s named after the large cast iron fence that surrounds the cathedral, but the main feature is the intricate carvings on the façade.

The inside of the cathedral is also awe-inspiring. The interior is lined with ornate details, including hundreds of golden sculptures and decorative elements.

Indulge your senses at Central Market (Mercado Central)

Across from the Silk Exchange, you’ll find the sprawling Central Market. It’s a large building with close to a thousand different stalls and vendors, covering over 8,000 square metres.

Most of the market is dedicated to fresh food directly from local farms and fisheries.

Mercado Central Market

The market is one of the best places to visit in Valencia for foodies.

As you navigate the crowded market, your nose will be overwhelmed with the smell of fresh seafood, fruits, and vegetables. There are also many vendors serving up hot food, including the traditional Valencia paella.

Get a tan or stroll the promenade at Malvarrosa Beach

If you ever run out of ideas for what to do in Valencia, simply go to the beach. Valencia is right on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and includes several public beaches, such as Malvarrosa Beach.

La Malvarrosa Beach

Malvarrosa Beach offers crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, and a large promenade lined with restaurants, bars, and recreational activities.

While it’s a popular public beach, it’s rarely crowded compared to some of the other Spanish beaches.

It’s a great place to take the whole family, as the promenade offers something for everyone.

Adults can enjoy cocktails at any of the dozens of bars in the area, while kids can enjoy kiddie rides, sweets, and ice cream.

Where to stay in Valencia for sightseeing

Ready to get the most out of your trip? Choosing where to stay in Valencia will be a big part of the equation! Fortunately, many of the best places to stay in Valencia are found in the areas in & around the Ciutat Vella (Old Town) where most of the action for travellers unleashes. Start searching for your accommodations with these suggestions for the top hotels in Valencia:

  • Hostal Venecia: Located in the main square of Plaza del Ayuntamiento, this budget-friendly hotel offers simple & comfortable rooms that deliver everything you need to make your stay in Valencia shine.
  • Marques House: Occupying a stunning historic building in Old Town, this lovely 4-star hotel sets itself apart with a relaxing minimalist modern style. Upgrade to one of the superior rooms or suites to chill out on the balcony with views over Ciutat Vella.
  • Caro Hotel: It doesn’t get much better than this luxury hotel, situated in a 19th-century palace with Roman Empire roots dating back over two thousand years. The uniqueness of this property is in how seamlessly they’ve integrated the building’s historical elements—from the city’s former city walls to Gothic arches to mosaics—with the hotel’s impeccable contemporary design.

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