12 Must-Visit Waiheke Island Wineries & Vineyards For Wine Lovers

Dubbed as New Zealand’s “Island of Wine,” Waiheke Island comprises over 20 wineries & vineyards. And for wine lovers, there’s no better addition to your Auckland itinerary than exploring the best Waiheke Island wineries.

Ready to launch the ultimate Auckland food & drink adventure? Enjoy some of New Zealand’s finest wines at one of these popular vineyards & wineries on Waiheke Island…

Best vineyards & wineries on Waiheke Island

Cable Bay Vineyards

Since opening in 1998, Cable Bay Vineyards has been one of the most exciting vineyards on Waiheke Island. The vineyard’s fine wines have grabbed attention from connoisseurs worldwide. Their 2017 Sauvignon Blanc even snagged a top 5 award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition!

Wines at Cable Bay cover nearly the entire red wine to white wine gamut. Grown both on Waiheke Island and Marlborough on South Island, their most popular varietals include sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, pinot noir, syrah, and malbec.

Cable Bay

Aside from its high-quality wines, Cable Bay also hosts an award-winning restaurant. It serves up delicious New Zealand cuisine crafted with fresh & organic local ingredients.

Cable Bay Vineyards is located on the western side of Waiheke Island. The sunset views, overlooking Auckland Harbour and the city, are among the finest on Waiheke Island!

Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant

For enjoying some of the finest food & drink on Waiheke Island, visiting Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant is must. It’s one of the most popular Waiheke Island wineries, most famous for grabbing the attention of celebrities passing through Auckland.

It’s no surprise: Mudbrick is fantastic place to eat & drink on Waiheke Island. Both the exquisite food and award-winning wine are on point, of course. But it’s the atmosphere that really steals the show.

Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant

Undoubtedly, the best time to visit Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant is in the evening. Pull up a seat with a glass of cabernet and watch a spectacular sunset unfold over the vineyard towards the harbour and Auckland city.

Be sure to book your dinner reservation ahead as Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant is one of the most popular places to wine & dine on Waiheke Island.

Man O’ War Vineyards

If your visit to Waiheke Island whisks you off to its eastern fringes, be sure to stop in at the popular Man O’ War Vineyards. Perched upon hilly 4,500 acres on Man O’ War Bay, this Waiheke Island winery is as famous for its dramatic coastal views as its world-class wines.

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The cellar door at Man O’ War Vineyard is the only beachfront wine-tasting room on Waiheke Island. The tastings are complimentary, and pair well with the incredible bayfront views.

Get the most out your Man O’ War experience by ordering a tasty lunch platter with a glass of their fine chardonnay at the restaurant.

Wild on Waiheke

We’re having difficulty deciding whether Wild on Waiheke is one of Waiheke Island’s coolest things to do or best wineries. Let’s split the difference and go with both!

Located near a small inset of Anzac Bay, this family-friendly estate throws shade on stuffy wine tours and entertains the mind & body as much as the palate.

Aside from its wine-tastings, Wild of Waiheke throws together a menu of activities for kids & adults. Instead of sipping a glass wine, you can choose to hit bull-eyes on the archery course or shoot clay birds on the skeet-shooting range. There’s a playground here for younger children to get their kicks, too.

Got a travel partner who isn’t into wine? The Wild on Waiheke estate is home to the Waiheke Island Brewery. It’s a fantastic place for enjoying a tasty meal washed down with a crisp local New Zealand craft beer.

Tantalus Estate

Although it’s only been around for less than a decade, Tantalus Estate in Onetangi Valley has become one of the most well-known vineyards in Waiheke. It sits on a 8.3-hectare parcel of land that offers incredible views from every angle.

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the dining area of Tantalus Estate create a bright and sophisticated space for your Waiheke food & drink adventure. Enjoy the fantastic vineyard vistas as you sip on high-quality wine and munch a delectable meal.

The Tantalus Estate is also home to a craft brewery. Grab a drink at The Brewers Lounge to see how their beers measure up to their world-class wines.

Peacock Sky Vineyard

Lesser-known than other Waiheke wineries, Peacock Sky Vineyard is a smaller family-run winery & restaurant south of Onetangi. Since their opening in 2008, they’ve proven themselves worthy of attention in the Waiheke wine scene.

The wine at Peacock Sky is crafted with traditional French wine-making methods. Their product line runs between both red and whites—even with some delightful rosé thrown in for good measure.

Besides the wines visitors to Peacock Sky Vineyard will love the food. The on-site restaurant, Le Côté de la Colline, serves up Mediterranean-inspired dishes that pair perfectly with the vineyard’s most popular wines.

Batch Winery

Sitting on the northern edge of Whakanewha Regional Park, Batch Winery is the highest-altitude cellar door on Waiheke. And it delivers the big views to match!

Of course, there’s more to Batch Winery than its high-flyin’ perch. The family-run winery’s name hints at what you should expect. The wines at Batch are produced in small batches with great attention to their quality. Some favourites from their tasting room including their sparkling rosé and sparkling riesling.

The on-site restaurant at Batch is open during both lunch and dinner. It serves a fresh seasonal menu, and, in true colonial fashion, high afternoon tea in addition to its wine-tasting.

Te Motu Vineyard

One of the most well-established Onetangi Valley wineries, Te Motu Vineyard has charmed the palates of oenophiles visiting Waiheke Island since 1989. The vineyards at Te Motu are varied, rustling up a fine line-up of reds and whites.

Te Motu

The most popular wine at Te Motu Vineyard is its cabernet sauvignon blend, featuring a healthy dose of merlot, cabernet franc, and Malbec. Be sure to enjoy a wine-tasting in its garden-like patio dining area.

Obsidian Vineyard

Whenever you put Obsidian Vineyard on to a Waiheke Island wine-hopping itinerary, you’re bound for a treat. This highly-touted winery produces some of finest Waiheke’s most-prized award-winning wines.

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Obsidian’s selection of reds, particularly their popular cabernet blends, are bold and vibrant yet classic. The tasting room at Obsidian Vineyard is set in an amphitheatre overlooking the vines. It’s both relaxed and elegant, creating the perfect atmosphere for tasting some of the vineyard’s finest offerings.

Be sure to ask to try one of their syrahs; they’re often considered among the best in Waiheke Island.

The Obsidian Vineyard is one of the most accessible vineyards in Waiheke. It’s located only 2.5 kilometres from Onetangi Beach, a mere 5-minute drive away.

Passage Rock Wines

With more award-winning wines than any other Waiheke Island winery, Passage Rock Wines is a must-visit cellar door for wine-lovers visiting Auckland. It’s located in the southeastern reaches of the island away from the bustle of Waiheke’s main urban centres.

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The bistro at Passage Rock Wines is one-of-a-kind. It’s set among the vines and charms guests with spectacular views over McLeod Bay. The bistro’s wood-fired pizza gets big thumbs up from its patrons. Pair a bite to eat with one of their fine wines for the ultimate in Waiheke food & drink pleasure.

Passage Rock Wines is also one of the more family-friendly wineries on the island. Let the kids play the day away on the trampolines and sandpits while you enjoy you a relaxing wine-tasting.

Kennedy Point Vineyard

Taking the car ferry to Waiheke Island from Wynyard Wharf in central Auckland? There’s hardly a better first stop on your Waiheke winery tour than Kennedy Point Vineyard.

Kennedy Point is the only official organic winery on Waiheke. And with several awards to back up their reputation, they’re clearly doing a bang up job at it!

On your visit to Kennedy Point Vineyard, head to cellar door to taste some of their popular Bordeaux and Syrah wines—and even local olive oil and honey. You’ll also have a chance to pair their fine organic wine with servings of oysters, salmon, and cheese.

PRO TIP: Love the vibe at Kennedy Point? Stay among 300-year-old pohutukawa trees of Kennedy Bay by booking a night at the vineyard’s luxurious on-site accommodation.

Stonyridge Vineyard

For fans of bodacious red wine, don’t miss out on adding Stonyridge Vineyard to your Waiheke wine tour experience. The vines at Stonyridge are among the oldest on Waiheke. Starting in 1982, the winery planted its Bordeaux varietal, following it up with its cabernet franc and Malbec.


In the almost three decades since the inception of the winery, Stonyridge Vineyard has won numerous international competitions with its high-quality cabernet blends. You can join in on food & wine-tastings seven days a week at the cellar door, yoga deck, or Veranda Café. Vineyard tours are also offered on weekends.

Stonyridge is located in the Onetangi Valley off of the main route between Oneroa and Onetangi.


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