Where to Stay in Sapporo, Japan: The Best Hotels & Areas

Whether you’re spending 7 days in Hokkaido or two weeks, choosing where to stay in Sapporo is a must.

Sapporo is the Hokkaidan capital and the 5th-largest city in Japan. As you’d imagine, this means that the best hotels in Sapporo spread far & wide. You’ll find them hidden within the city’s interesting areas & neighbourhoods.

Not sure where to start your hunt? Don’t worry! We’ve you covered with this complete Sapporo accommodations guide. It includes the top areas, districts, neighbourhoods, and best places to stay in Sapporo for travellers.

Best places to stay in Sapporo

From historic sites to national parks to festivals, Sapporo’s got it all. And if you want to see all that the city offers, you’ll need to pick a great place to stay!


The two most popular areas for tourists in Sapporo are Higashi Ward and Kiyota Ward. They constitute the most densely populated area of the capital city of Hokkaido. In each, you’ll find exceptional public transportation links and many attractions. A wide selection of accommodations also await here.

The best areas to stay in Sapporo include:

  • Susukino
  • Nakajima Koen
  • Kita Ward


Best area to stay for nightlife and superb local food

Susukino is one of the largest entertainment districts in Japan. It’s the largest area of its kind north of Tokyo.

It should be no surprise that Susukino is the most lively area in Sapporo. It’s home to a slew of bars, restaurants, shops, and other attractions.

As Sapporo’s entertainment hub, the district is well connected to the rest of the city by subway. It takes under five minutes to reach Susukino from Odori and Sapporo Station.

Winter in Susukino
The area is, however, not suitable for travellers who want a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere for their stay in Sapporo. Day and night, the district is busy.

Susukino is ideal for tourists looking to enjoy the hustle & bustle of Sapporo. It’s especially well-known for its nightlife. Evenings can get a little wild in Susukino!

For ramen lovers, Susukino is home to Ramen Yokocho. This narrow lane is loaded with ramen shops serving up the city’s most famous snack, miso ramen. Visiting in winter? You can also witness Sapporo’s world-famous ice sculpture competition here. The annual Snow Festival takes place in Susukino.

There are also several popular tourist sites in Susukino. Many slot in among the best places to visit in Sapporo, including The Sapporo TV Tower and Sapporo Clock Tower. The area blends both modern and old architecture. As you wander around, you’ll get insight into how Japanese design has evolved over the years.

Since Susukino is the entertainment hub of Sapporo, a wide variety of hotels flood the district. The accommodations here cater to visitors with low or high travel budgets alike.

Recommended hotels in Susukino

One of the best parts about choosing to stay in Susukino is that you can find a hotel for any budget.

You also have the option of choosing from 5-star hotels. There’s plenty within reach of Susukino. The best of the bunch will provide you with a luxurious stay in Sapporo.

Here are a few of the best hotels & places to stay in Susukino:

  • Ibis Styles Sapporo: This low- to mid-range hotel offers wonderful modern rooms. It’s beset with all the amenities you’d need. The hotel is only 10 minutes away from the entertainment hub of Susukino by foot. For getting around Sapporo, it’s two minutes from Nakajima Koen Subway Station.
  • the b Sapporo Susukino: This delightfully modern 3-star hotel features simple but comfortable rooms. All the essential amenities are covered here. The hotel is within walking distance of both the TV Tower and Clock Tower. You also have access to a breakfast buffet. Both Japanese and Western dishes will tickle your tastebuds.
  • Unwind Hotel & Bar: This chilled-out mid-range hotel charms guests with its alpine-inspired decor. It bestows rare moments of relaxation in Sapporo’s entertainment district. The hotel has simple yet comfortable rooms to escape from the liveliness outside. It’s a great location, too. It’s a 15-minute walk from the TV Tower and Clock Tower.
  • Karaksa Hotel Sapporo: Looking for a clean, bright & comfortable mid-range hotel? This delightful property is close to Susukino Station and the entertainment district. Rooms provide exceptional amenities, from air conditioning to modern bathrooms. The Karaksa Hotel is a favourite for couples visiting the area.
  • JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo: This 5-star hotel is a gem. It’ll deliver all the luxury you desire on your visit to Sapporo. From its comfortable rooms with panoramic views to great dining options, this hotel has it all. The location of the JR Tower Hotel is also great for tourists. It’s a 10-minute walk from Odori Park and 20 minutes from the Beer Museum.

Nakajima Koen

Best area to stay for peace & quiet in a relatively central location

The Nakajima Koen area lies south of Susukino. It isn’t as vibrant as the famous entertainment district. Rather, it’s more relaxing and peaceful. The area is named after one of the most popular parks in Sapporo, Nakajima Park.

Nakajima Koen is a better option for travellers looking to enjoy a peaceful stay. Even so, you’ll still have access to the vibrant nightlife when you want.

Susukino is accessible by the subway from Nakajima Koen Station. Spending the night here will allow you to stay away from the sometimes “seedy” business of the entertainment hub. And, yet, you’ll never stray far away.

Nakajima Koen

The Nakajima Koen area also hosts the Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara. At the venue, you can attend performances. You can even visit just to admire its exquisite architectural features.

You’ll find reasonably priced hotels around Nakajima Koen. There isn’t a huge variety of options, though.

The district itself isn’t large. You’ll often find yourself travelling away from it to see most of the famous tourist sites. That said, the area is well-connected to the rest of the city. And since it lies at the tip of Susukino, you’ll never be short on things to do.

Recommended hotels in Nakajima Koen

Nakajima Koen is a quieter area. Hotels are not in high demand compared to Susukino. You’ll find that prices for accommodations in the area are reasonable. There’s something to suit all types of travellers from budget to luxury.

Here are a few of the best hotels & places to stay in Nakajima Koen:

  • Sapporo Park Hotel: This fantastic hotel peers out upon Nakajima Park. It features comfortable rooms and excellent facilities. You’ll enjoy plenty of tasty international cuisine at its on-site restaurant. The hotel also has a beauty salon and massage centre to unwind after a day of exploring. Nakajima Koen Subway Station is a quick walk away.
  • Hotel Lifort Sapporo: This budget hotel provides exceptional facilities for its price. During your stay, you’ll enjoy extras like a bike rental, a mini-mart, and meeting areas. All are on site. The rooms have comfortable beds and carpeted flooring. The in-house restaurant serves delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Hotel MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park: This smoke-free mid-range hotel offers a clean alternative for your Sapporo trip. This property features spectacular views overlooking Nakajima Park. It’s minutes away from Hirohara-bashi Station. Rooms are equipped with air humidifiers to provide extra comfort to guests.
  • Premier Hotel Nakajima Park Sapporo: This 4-star gem spins amazing city views from each room. The vista extend even further at the yummy on-site teppanyaki restaurant. It’s located on the top floor and overlooks the park. The hotel is not far from the downtown area of Susukino. You’re only a 5-minute walk away after a night out.

Kita Ward

Best area to stay for good transportation connections & relaxation

Kita Ward makes up most of the area north of Sapporo station. It’s well connected with the Japanese railway system.

The Kita area is also home to Hokkaido University. It’s a beautiful part of Sapporo to visit in the winter. You’ll often get to dazzle an abundance of snow here.

Kita is more residential than commercial, especially when compared to Susukino. It is, of course, a much larger area as it’s a ward rather than a district. You’ll find a few lovely parks in the neighbourhood such as Taihei and Tondennishi Park.

Beer Museum

The area is also connected to some of Sapporo’s most important historical sites by rail. From here, you can reach the Historical Village of Hokkaido in Nopporo Forest Park. Sapporo Hitsujigaoka Observation Hill is also accessible. The Makunbetsu River lies north of the ward.

The Kita neighborhood is ideal for travellers looking to stay in a relaxing area that’s not too far from Susukino. The entertainment area is a quick train ride away.

Recommended hotels in Kita

Unlike Susukino, Kita Ward doesn’t have a vast amount of hotels to choose from. Nonetheless, the area does have some comfortable and relaxing accommodations options. You’ll find reasonably priced hotels here. And they’ll still give you a chance to see all of Sapporo thanks to the area’s proximity to Sapporo Station.

Here are a few of the best hotels & places to stay in Kita:

  • Hotel WBF Sapporo North Gate: This clean and comfortable mid-range hotel is a one-minute walk away from Sapporo Station. Staying here will give you easy access to other parts of the city. You get luxurious rooms with excellent amenities, from free Wi-Fi to a refrigerator. The hotel also has one of the best Japanese pubs (izakaya) in the area.
  • Hotel Keihan Sapporo: This hotel offers great value and rooms with modern décor. They’re both colourful & bright. The on-site restaurant at Hotel Keihan has a wide variety of meal options. You’ll enjoy both Japanese and Western cuisine here. The hotel is within walking distance of Seikatei and Sapporo Station.
  • Hotel MYSTAYS Sapporo Aspen: This 4-star hotel delights guests with luxurious amenities. You’ll enjoy extras like high-tech toilets, Japanese-style yukata, and satellite TV. The hotel has two restaurants in-house. You can dine in whenever you want. It’s also a quick walk away from Sapporo Station.
  • Sapporo Grand Hotel: Want luxury in Kita Ward? Then this 5-star hotel is the place for you. The hotel has an in-house gym, shopping centre, and spa. The rooms are spacious and have comfortable beds. It even has a Memorial Library, which also acts as a museum. With seven delicious on-site dining options, you may not even need to leave the comfort of the hotel to eat. (But, hey, you’re in Sapporo; we’d never suggest that!)

Summary: The best hotels in Sapporo

Still can’t decide where to stay in Sapporo? Here are a few last-minute suggestions:

  • Looking for a great hotel that won’t break the budget? Check out the Ibis Styles Sapporo. The hotel is a stylish & central place to stay that’s easy on the wallet. It’s located in the exciting district of Susukino.
  • Got a little more to spend on a mid-range hotel? The relaxing Unwind Hotel & Bar lives up to its name. It features an alpine-inspired design that fits right at home on the island of Hokkaido.
  • Craving the ultimate luxury in Sapporo? Look no further than the prestigious 5-star JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo. The hotel features all the amenities you need for a pampered stay in Sapporo.

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