Where to Stay in Shanghai, China: The Best Hotels & Areas

Choosing where to stay in Shanghai is hardly a cinch. As a metropolis over 24 million strong and the largest city in China, the world’s most populous country, the best areas to stay in Shanghai are, unsurprisingly, spread far and wide.

Add to that the sheer volume of choices within each of these top neighbourhoods & districts, and it’s hardly shocking why the Shanghai accommodations scene is bewildering for first-time travellers to China!

Let’s simplify it. In this quick & easy guide, we’ll run through all the best places to stay in Shanghai including the top-rated areas & neighbourhoods as well as some of the best hotels in Shanghai…

Best places to stay in Shanghai

Peer at a map of Shanghai and prepare to be stunned. There’s hardly a city on earth that’s more densely-populated and spread out over endless miles than Shanghai, the most-populous city in China.

Needless to say: Pinning down where to stay in Shanghai isn’t going to be all unicorns and puppies.

Travellers, however, have it a little easier than expat or other longer-term visitors. Many of the top Shanghai points of interest are in Huangpu District in the city centre within a 5- to 10-kilometre radius of the Huangpu River.

Metro Station

(And even for those harder to reach destinations, the super-efficient & extensive Shanghai public transportation system will have you covered wherever you choose to lay down your head.)

The best areas to stay in Shanghai include:

  • The Bund: Located on the western banks of the Huangpu River, this is the best area to stay in Shanghai for first-time visitors looking to get a quick sightseeing experience.
  • Nanjing Road & People’s Square: Not far from The Bund is Shanghai’s most modern commercial heart. The area in & around the Nanjing Road pedestrian street is the smartest choice for where to stay in Shanghai for shoppers & foodies. The People’s Square Metro Station is a major transportation hub that’ll take you to all the most interesting areas of the city quickly.
  • Old City: Although it’s not exactly the most authentic ancient town in China, this area is among the best places to stay in Shanghai for travellers interested in digging up Shanghai’s ancient history and some of its coolest architectural specimens.
  • Former French Concession: A sprawling area in the centre of Shanghai that’s chock-loaded with shady boulevards lined by cool cafés and restaurants that look as if they’re ripped from a Paris postcard. This is undoubtedly one of the nicest areas to stay in Shanghai and perhaps the most beautiful & interesting district of central Shanghai to explore.
  • Jing’an: A little further west of the main commercial area, this district is a great choice for travellers looking more affordable high-quality accommodations while still being close to great shopping and eating options, if not many of the main tourist sites.
  • Lujiazui: The face of modern Shanghai, this district on the eastern banks of the Huangpu is one of the best places to stay for luxury & business travellers and plays host to a bulk of the best luxury hotels in Shanghai.
  • Xujiahui: One of Shanghai’s premier commercial quarters, this is one of the top-rated neighbourhoods to stay in Shanghai for travellers who love shopping & eating and would prefer a quieter neighbourhood outside the centre.
  • Hongqiao: A district in west Shanghai that’s popular among Asian & international expats and is a great place to stay for exploring the region thanks to its excellent transportation connections thanks to its namesake airport and train station.

The Bund

✔ Best area to stay in Shanghai for sightseeing & first-time travellers

As elegant as any district in Shanghai, The Bund captures the spirit of the city’s European colonial era. In fact, in walking along this mile-long stretch along the Huangpu River, it’s hard to believe you’re actually in China.

(Well, at least until you look across the river to Lujiazui in Pudong!)

The Bund

Along the western riverbank, you’ll discover a veritable open-air museum of colonial architecture covering styles as diverse as Gothic, Neoclassical & Baroque.

The Bund is also well-connected to rest of central Shanghai from the charming Old City to the shopper’s paradise of Nanjing Road to the skyscrapers of Pudong.

For travellers with just one day in Shanghai, it doesn’t get better than picking The Bund as your first choice for where to stay in Shanghai.

What to check out in & around The Bund: The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel, Huangpu River Cruise, Nanjing Road, Bund International Architecture Exhibition, Customs House, Peace Hotel Movie Poster Gallery, Bund Lovers’ Wall, Nanjing Road

Recommended hotels near The Bund

Thanks to its central location and 24/7 popularity with tourists, hotels in & around The Bund area, unsurprisingly, come at a premium. Most of the selection here sits in the mid-range to luxury categories including some of the sleekest 5-star hotels in Shanghai and even in all of China.

  • Shanghai Fish Inn East Nanjing Road: The best budget pick in the district, this boutique hotel offers clean newly-renovated room on a quiet side street just minutes from the action of The Bund and Nanjing Road.
  • Metropolo Classiq Shanghai Off Bund: An elegant mid-range hotel featuring spacious rooms with extras like soaker tubs built for your relaxation. The higher-end offerings include private balconies with spectacular views towards the Pudong skyline.
  • Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund: A stunning boutique hotel with ultra-stylish rooms affixed with unique artwork and modern furnishings and decor with a Chinese twist. The hotel’s chic rooftop bar is one of the finest places in the city to enjoy a cocktail to dramatic skyline views.
  • Fairmont Peace Hotel On the Bund: A Shanghai accommodations classic, this illustrious Bund hotel has a history dating back over 80 years and has played host to most celebrities than any other hotel in the city. Besides the elegant rooms, guests will be charmed by the hotel’s world-class amenities from its famous Jazz Bar to the soothing treatments at the Willow Stream Spa.

Nanjing Road & People’s Square

✔ Top neighbourhood to stay in Shanghai for shopping & eating to your heart’s content

If slipping in and out of boutiques usually constitutes a big part of your China travel plans, the area around Nanjing Road & People’s Square might just be your perfect place to stay in Shanghai.

Forming the centrepiece of Shanghai’s downtown, these two famous landmarks sit amidst some of the city’s best shopping & eating options.

East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, stretching between People’s Square and Henan Middle Road, is lined with innumerable fashion boutiques, department stores, malls, restaurants & souvenir shops for your viewing pleasure.

Nanjing East Road

Also nearby is Huanghe Road, one of the best places to eat in Shanghai. It features a small handful of diverse restaurants serving everything from xiaolongbao dumplings to seafood to Chongqing noodles.

For history & art lovers, the Shanghai Museum, located at the centre of People’s Square, contains one of the world’s largest collections of ancient Chinese art & artifacts divided among 11 galleries and 3 exhibition halls.

What to check out near Nanjing Road & People’s Square: Shanghai No. 1 Department Store, Heng Da Li Clocks and Watches, Cai Tong De Pharmacy, Shanghai Landmark, People’s Park, Shanghai Museum, Huanghe Road Food Street, Shanghai Grand Theatre

Recommended hotels near Nanjing Road & People’s Square

It shouldn’t be surprisingly that with such a central location, hotels here don’t necessarily come cheap. Most of the selection around East Nanjing Road is in the mid-range with true budget and higher-end luxury picks a little more difficult to find.

  • The Phoenix Hostel Shanghai LaoShan: One of the few recommended budget choices around here, this property features both dorms and private rooms with private bathrooms to its guests. The location, within five-minute walking distance from People’s Square Station, is extra convenient.
  • The Yangtze Boutique Shanghai: A lovely hotel featuring a supremely elegant style that blends Art Deco sophistication with Chinese sensibilities. Guests will love the three on-site restaurants—serving everything from Cantonese to modern Italian—as well as enjoying at nightcap at the classy on-site cocktail lounge, The Bar.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai New World: Although its rooms are a little less flashy than other hotels in the area, this delightful mid-range Shanghai hotel is still a charmer with a host of superb amenities including five on-site restaurants to try, a palatial indoor pool, mini-golf facilities, and a day spa. The location one-minute away from the People’s Square metro station doesn’t hurt either.
  • Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre: Offering spacious rooms with dramatic skyline views, this superb luxury hotel checks all the boxes for the perfect place to stay in the centre of Shanghai. Both Nanjing East Road and People’s Square are just five minutes away.
  • JW Marriott Shanghai at Tomorrow Square: One of the finest luxury picks in the district, this lofty 5-star hotel delights with soaring views and a glut of amenities that’ll have you singing its praises. Don’t miss out on its stunning outdoor pool and its insane vistas over the city centre.

Old City

✔ Best area to stay for uncovering Shanghai’s ancient roots

While it’s admittedly a little kitschy at times, Old City offers a fleeting glimpse at Shanghai’s historical character outside of its colonial quarters.

Hidden within its disorganized warren of narrow alleyways and along historic merchant roads lined with traditional Chinese architecture, the spirit of ancient Shanghai lives on—even if it’s just a tiny taste.

Old Street

Wandering about Old City you’ll stumble upon temples, remnants of city walls, traditional Chinese teahouses, classical Chinese gardens, and a whole host of places serving up all that delicious grub that both Shanghai and China are famous for.

Even with its obvious inauthenticity, it’s a picturesque neighbourhood to walk around if for nothing more than to exercise your Instagram thumb for the folks back home.

What to check out in Old City: Yuyuan Garden, City God Temple, Old Street, Huxinting Teahouse, Gucheng Park, Ancient City Wall

Recommended hotels in Old City

Like much of central Shanghai, high real estate values favour hotels in the mid-range and above. There’s surprisingly little choice for either budget or luxury around here.

A quick note: You’ll notice that many of the hotels around Old City throw “Bund” into their name. While The Bund isn’t far away (just a 10-minute walk from Yuyuan Garden in the centre of the area), it’s not exactly accurate.

All the properties chosen here, despite their names, are closer to the centre of this historic district than to The Bund.

  • Campanile Shanghai Bund Hotel: A simple modern Shanghai hotel just a few blocks from the ancient city wall that’s by far the best budget place to stay in the area. Rooms are spotless and feature upgraded facilities & contemporary furnishings. Both Yuyuan Garden and The Bund are fifteen minutes away by foot.
  • SSAW Boutique Hotel Shanghai Bund: A lovely mid-range boutique hotel perched on the edge of the Old City just steps from one of the few remaining sections of ancient city wall. The rooms here are elegant and larger than most in China, impressing with superb skyline views.
  • Renaissance Shanghai Yu Garden Hotel: The best hotel in the area, this fantastic luxury property draws travellers in with expansive guestrooms that defy Shanghai’s usually tight standards. Relax to the lights of the ancient quarter or Pudong in the hotel’s restaurant, bar, indoor pool or ever your own private soaker tub in your room to get the full Renaissance experience.

Former French Concession

✔ Top-rated area to stay in Shanghai for discovering leafy boulevards, elegant bars & cafés, and hip restaurants

By far the most surprising neighbourhood in Shanghai, the Former French Concession is not just one of the city’s best districts to explore, but one of the most recommended areas to stay.

You should spend your entire time in Shanghai digging into this eclectic district without ever stumbling across the same thing twice.

Fuxing Park in Former French Concession

Pinning down exactly where to stay in the French Concession can get a bit tough as it’s, geographically, one of the biggest localities in the city.

In fact, it’s hard to even get a straight answer as to where it officially begins and where it ends!

In the end, it doesn’t matter much. Nearly anywhere you choose to lay your head in the French Concession, you’ll be in one of Shanghai’s premier neighbourhoods for tourists & locals alike.

It teems with leaf-shaded boulevards, colonial mansions, lush parks, and a sizeable smattering of trendy wine bars, Euro-inspired cafés & restaurants. (Not exactly what you’d expect to find in China, eh?)

Among the coolest areas to check out here are the hip & trendy Xintiandi area and Tianzifang, an artsy neighbourhood area showing off Shanghai’s 1920s-era red-bricked shikumen buildings.

What to check out in Former French Concession: Wukang Lu, Fuxing Park, Sun Yat-sen’s Former Residence, Longhua Martyrs’ Cemetery, Sun Yat-sen’s Former Residence, Xintiandi, Tianzifang, Ferguson Lane, Xujiahui

Recommended hotels in the French Concession

Covering a vast swath of central Shanghai, the Former French Concession offers a whole variety of different places to stay.

Like neighbouring quarters, much of the focus here is on the mid-range market with high-end luxury hotels tending further east towards The Bund and Lujiazui or further north in Jing’an.

  • Hotel Equatorial Shanghai: With a shortage of good budget hotels, this low-mid-range hotel offers one of the best balances between budget-friendliness and quality in the French Concession. Rooms are fairly standard stock, but extras like an indoor pool & well-equipped gym tip the scales in this property’s favour.
  • Shanghai Donghu Hotel: A classy mid-range luxury hotel in the historic heart of the Former French Concession. The rooms exude a traditional oriental elegance and are more spacious than average.
  • InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin: A candidate for the absolute best hotel in the OFC, this luxurious property is hidden away on a leafy avenue that feels more like an exclusive French villa than a hotel in the middle of one of the world’s largest cities. From the elegant old world decor to the lush park-like grounds, there’s no experience quite like this in China’s largest city.
  • The Puli Hotel And Spa: An elegant property nestled into the northern fringes of the French Concession near Jing’an. Rooms are outfitted with sleek modern furnishings and peer out onto the Shanghai cityscape with gusto through floor-to-ceiling windows. Slip into the steam room, hot spring tub or infinity pool for the ultimate in relaxation.


✔ Best district to stay in Shanghai for great shopping, eating & more affordable luxury

Located just west of the Nanjing East Road & People’s Square, Jing’an is among the most popular neighbourhoods in Shanghai for expats thanks to its excellent transportation connections, wide array of housing options as well as deluge of shopping malls, cafés and restaurants.

Jing'an Temple

For travellers, Jing’an is one of the most suitable neighbourhoods to stay in Shanghai if you’re willing to sacrifice proximity to the main attractions for a greater availability of options.

There’s even handful of things to see here including the district’s namesake Jing’an Temple, a massive Buddhist temple rumoured to be about 1,750 years old.

What to check out in Jing’an: Jing’an Temple, Nanjing West Road, Jing’an Park, Cai Yuanpei’s Former Residence, The Kerry Center, Jing’an Sculpture Park, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Former Residence of Chairman Mao Zedong

Recommended hotels in Jing’an

As one of the most popular options for where to stay in Shanghai, there’s plenty of choice for travellers in Jing’an. Most accommodations here fall into the mid-range.

There’s also a fairly large concentration of 5-star hotels in Jing’an, making it, along with Lujiazui and The Bund, a first-class district for luxury travellers, although at more affordable prices than either.

  • Campanile Shanghai Natural History Museum Hotel: The best hotel in Jing’an for budget travellers, this property surprises with clean modern rooms that don’t suffer the same cramped quarters or low quality of most offerings in the price range.
  • URBN Boutique Shanghai: A hip & trendy mid-range boutique hotel boasting a unique design aesthetic that fuses modern urban elements with Asian motifs. The entire property is designed to be eco-friendly from the mysterious bamboo garden to the locally-sourced seafood at the on-site bistro.
  • InterContinental Shanghai Jing’an: A excellent value luxury hotel with all the amenities you’d come to expect from IHG. Enjoy a range of Asian cuisines to try from Cantonese & Shanghainese to Sichuan & Japanese in one of the hotel’s seven on-site restaurants. Skyline views from the expansive guestrooms are simply breathtaking.
  • Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai: A stunner among Shanghai hotels, this luxurious hotel lives up to its parent’s brand with a gentle mix of pure sophistication and modernity. Everything from the charming rooms to the soothing on-site spa spells out a dream-like choice for where to stay in Shanghai.


✔ Best area to stay for basking in the ultimate in Shanghai luxury experience

Yuan burning a whole in your pocket? There’s no better area to launch a Shanghai accommodation spending-spree than in Lujiazui at the centre of Pudong District.

Located across from The Bund on the opposite side the Huangpu River in Pudong, Lujiazui is Shanghai’s financial centre with a vertiginous skyline that proves this is where the money flows.

Skyline World Financial Center

While there are certainly more exciting choices for where to stay in Shanghai, those who’d rather spend their nights sipping classy cocktails & indulging in fine dining in the clouds than hustling through crowded food stalls would do well to spend their nights here in Lujiazui and Pudong.

This is also the best district to spot Shanghai from above. Whether or not you grab a hotel in Lujiazui or Pudong, be sure to zip up to the observation deck at Shanghai Tower, the tallest of its kind in the world; the equally impressive Shanghai World Financial Center; or at the less skyscraping Oriental Pearl Tower for mega views over the cityscape.

What to check out in Lujiazui: Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai Municipal History Museum, Shanghai World Financial Center, Lujiazui Central Green Space, Waitan Sightseeing Tunnel, Shanghai International Finance Center, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium

Recommended hotels in Lujiazui

With much of Shanghai’s wheelin’ and dealin’ taking place in the lofty skyscrapers of Lujiazui, the district focuses extensively on the high-end of the market.

Not surprisingly, Lujiazui and Pudong are home to many of the best luxury hotels in Shanghai at prices that fit their unmatched swankiness.

  • Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai: One of the most affordable 5-stars in Lujiazui, this grand luxury hotel charms guests with its art-deco-inspired rooms that sport floor-to-ceiling windows peering onto Shanghai & the river. Seven dining options as well as a fully-equipped health club—with everything from an indoor pool to a spa—await.
  • Grand Hyatt Shanghai: Located in the upper echelons of Jin Mao Tower, this lofty luxury Shanghai hotel unleashes mega-sized rooms with interiors inspired by art-deco. If the skyline views through the large panoramic windows in your room aren’t quite enough, retire to the Sky Pool or the popular rooftop Cloud 9 Patio & Piano Bar for some of Shanghai’s most incredible vistas.
  • Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai: A classy & elegant property leaning more towards the traditional than the modern with its cultured decor & furnishings. The deluxe rooms are a superb value for Lujiazui, but the hotel’s Horizon rooms will truly take your breath away.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong: Perhaps the best luxury hotel in Shanghai, this exquisite property boasts one of the premier locations in the city with the iconic Oriental Pearl TV Tower staring it down at every angle. There’s a whole slew of superb amenities here from a indoor infinity pool to a spa, but none is more unique than Flair, a rooftop restaurant & bar that soars as the highest, not just in Shanghai, but in China.


✔ Best neighbourhood to stay in Shanghai for good value mid-range accommodations, shopping and great restaurants

If shopping is high on your Shanghai agenda, you’d be crazy to not consider Xujiahui as your base of operations.

Located in Xuhui District, this neighbourhood’s become one of Shanghai’s premier shopping destinations thanks to its bustling electronics markets and glitzy malls.


Whether you’re looking for high-end fashion brands or all the latest tech, you’re bound to find it as you scour the streets of Xujiahui.

With its location next to the Former French Concession, the area is also full of green parks to contrast its commercial heart.

Attractions in Xujiahui: Metro City, Grand Gateway 66, TaipingYang Suma Plaza, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), Theatre Above, Shanghai Film Museum, Xujiahui Park, Hengshan Park, Shanghai Stadium

Recommended hotels in Xujiahui

With Xujiahui’s relatively compact size, there, unsurprisingly, isn’t a huge selection of accommodations to choose from here.

For more choices in the area, you’ll need to move further east into the Former French Concession.

  • Distributed Theme Hotel Apartment: Don’t let the odd (probably mistranslated) name fool you. This hip & stylish homestay is a comfortable alternative to traditional Shanghai hotels, especially if staying near the heart of Xujiahui is in the books for you.
  • Soho Garden Hotel: Located a few blocks north of the centre of Xujiahui, this is a great option for travellers interested in staying a little closer to the pleasures of the French Concession. Rooms here are super clean and decorated in a number of styles.
  • Courtyard By Marriott Shanghai Xujiahui: The area’s best overall pick, this luxurious 4-star delivers amazing skyline views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Extra amenities like a fitness centre and Roman-style indoor pool push this above other choices in this neighbourhood.


✔ Best district to stay in Shanghai for expat living & longer-term stays

For travellers looking to extend their time in Shanghai a little longer, Hongqiao isn’t a place you’ll want to leave out of the running.

This area, a subdistrict of the sprawling Changning District, is a great choice for where to stay in Shanghai for expats thanks to its quieter suburban feel and wide selection of international schools.

Zhongshan Park in Hongqiao

Hongqiao is particularly well-known for its expat communities from Japan, Korea, Macau, and Taiwan, many of whom settled in an upscale area known as Gubei.

With its various cultural influences, parts of Gubei have become known by various names like Little Tokyo, Little Taipei, and Koreatown. As you’d imagine, all of this intermingling has made this neighbourhood one of the best places to eat in Shanghai!

The district is also home to Hongqiao Railway Station and Hongqiao International Airport, making it one of Shanghai’s most important transportation hubs.

Attractions in Hongqiao: Zhongshan Park, Shanghai Zoo, L’AVENUE, The Place, Arch Shanghai

Recommended hotels in Hongqiao

With both an airport and a major train station at its heart, there are a ton of great places to stay in Hongqiao include several offerings from some of the world’s preminent hotel brands, mostly falling into the mid-market.

  • Hyatt Place Shanghai Tianshan Plaza: Featuring modern rooms and a location steps away Gubei Road, a metro station, and several shopping malls & restaurants, this mid-range hotel is a superb choice for travellers. The facilities here—including 24-hour fitness centre and indoor pool—are fantastic.
  • Mercure Shanghai Hongqiao Soho: A brand-new hotel with an eye-popping style that’s a cut above the usual brand-name chain offerings. Rooms are absolutely huge by Asian standards.
  • Cordis Shanghai Hongqiao: An incredible luxury hotel connected via underground passageways to Hongqiao Railway Station, making it an excellent choice for day-trippers and anyone moving beyond Shanghai by rail. Rooms are bright and contemporary, but it’s the 11th-floor lounge and three on-site eat & drinking options that truly charm guests.

Best hotels in Shanghai

  • Looking for a great value in a central location? The Campanile Shanghai Bund Hotel is a fantastic option that’s a short walk from both The Bund and Old City.
  • Got a little more to spend on a mid-range hotel? Check out Hotel Indigo Shanghai On The Bund, a delightfully modern hotel featuring a stunning skyline views, especially from its chic rooftop bar.
  • Craving the ultimate in Shanghai luxury? Scope out the views at the The Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, a luxurious hotel boasting a full set of swoon-worthy amenities including China’s highest rooftop restaurant & bar.
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