Where to Stay in Sorrento, Italy: The Best Hotels & Areas for Travellers

Located in southern Italy with views of the Bay of Naples, Sorrento is a popular destination. Most of the city sits atop cliffs, with busy marinas near the sea.

It’s a fun place to explore, but you’ll first need to decide where to stay in Sorrento.

As one of the best places to visit in Italy, Sorrento has many distinct areas and neighbourhoods. It resembles the postcard image of an old European town with pedestrianized streets lined with historic architecture.

These streets take you to narrow alleys filled with small local shops and bustling public squares surrounded by cafes. It’s also the culinary centre of the region, renowned for its range of seafood. Shrimp and calamari are local staples.

Where you stay could place you closer to the things you want to see and do first.

Don’t know where to start? Find the right accommodations with this guide to the best places to stay in Sorrento…

Where to stay in Sorrento: A complete guide to the best neighbourhoods & areas for travellers

Almost all the hotels and resorts are found within the city centre. The surrounding villages and towns also provide a few options, but they’re further from the attractions in Sorrento.

Sorrento hotels.jpg

The city centre only covers a couple of kilometres, allowing you to walk from any hotel to any part of the town within a few minutes. While everything is extremely close, some parts of the city centre may appeal to specific travellers.

The beachfront offers more resorts and high-range hotels. Many of the boutique hotels are found more inland.

Your choice may depend on whether you want views of the bay from your room, quick access to the best cafes, or a room located a few steps from a historic building.

The best areas to stay in Sorrento for travellers include:

  • Leonelli’s Beach
  • Piazza Tasso
  • Correale Museum
  • Central Sorrento

Leonelli’s Beach

✔ Best area to stay in Sorrento for nightlife and luxury

Sorrento doesn’t have a wild nightlife scene, but the area near the beach contains the most bars and late-night restaurants. It’s your best chance of finding a lively atmosphere in the evening. This area is also your best opportunity for finding luxury accommodations and dining.

Piazza della Vittoria Brescia.jpg

The beach isn’t very big, covering a small portion of the coastline. It’s also bordered by a land bar, but it features the clearest waters and cleanest sand compared to the other beaches.

Staying near the beach places you near many of the shops and restaurants. Keep in mind that the restaurants tend to open later in this part of the world. It’s common for them to open in the afternoon and stay open late.

While the beach area offers access to restaurants, clubs, and bars, it’s also one of the busiest and noisiest areas. It’s a good choice for young travellers; families may prefer one of the quieter parts of the town.

Attractions in and around Leonelli’s Beach: Greek Gate, Villa Comunale, Piazza della Vittoria, Public beaches, Spiaggia di San Francesco, St. Francis Church

Recommended hotels in Leonelli’s Beach

The best hotels in Sorrento are found near the beaches. These four-star and five-star options have the best views of the sea and the staff tends to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional service.

  • Maison La Minervetta: Located on top of a cliff, this hotel has sweeping views of the bay and Mount Vesuvius. Some of the rooms have their own terrace, but most feature balconies. The hotel also has a communal lounge featuring a large terrace and hot tub. [
  • Hotel Regina: This four-star hotel has some of the best rates for double beds in the town along with reasonably priced luxury suites. It’s also located in one of the quietest parts of the beach area. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, but want to rest at night, this is a top recommendation.
  • Imperial Hotel Tramontano: Soak yourself in the outdoor swimming pool while enjoying views of Mount Vesuvius and the Gulf of Naples at this four-star hotel. It offers a variety of room options, including superior suites loaded with amenities, such as a private entrance and elevator.
  • Grand Hotel La Favorita: Located a block from the harbour, this five-star hotel has everything you need for the perfect Sorrento trip. It has views of the town and bay, modern amenities, comfortable rooms, and friendly staff. It’s also one of the best locations, offering quick access to the beach or nearby historic attractions.

Piazza Tasso

✔ Recommended place to stay in Sorrento for sightseeing and cuisine

Piazza Tasso is the main public square just east of the city centre. It’s considered the heart of Sorrento, as all the primary roads extend outward from this spot. A few of the top attractions in Sorrento are also close to Piazza Tasso.

Piazza Tasso - Sorrento BW 2013-05-12.jpg

Sedile di Porta is located directly across the street while many of the other historic buildings are just a few blocks away. Sedile di Porta is one of the historical landmarks in the town and a top place to find restaurants and cafes serving local cuisine and Mediterranean dishes.

Staying in this area also places you near Palazzo Correale. The 14th-century building features a large courtyard and houses a few shops, including an herbal supply store that sells all types of local herbs, oils, and various culinary snacks.

As with the beachfront area, the blocks around Piazza Tasso are often busy and loud. The streets are full of traffic and some of the noise may penetrate the hotel rooms. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this may not be the best location to find a hotel. For everyone else, it’s a convenient area for sightseeing and finding restaurants that serve local cuisine.

Attractions in and around Piazza Tasso: Piazza Tasso, Sedile di Porta, Palazzo Veniero, Basilica of St. Antony, Vallone dei Mulini

Recommended hotels in Piazza Tasso

The hotels around Piazza Tasso all come highly recommended. This area has a variety of high-end hotels located inside old buildings and a couple of modern hotels with stylish interior décor and modern amenities.

  • Hotel Tasso Suites & Spa: Located a short walk from the train station, this popular boutique-style hotel has bright, simple furnishings. If you need help planning your trip, the staff are always available to assist.
  • Hotel Antiche Mura: A four-star hotel with its own citrus garden and swimming pool, this option is one of the most popular in Sorrento. The property also includes one of the four ancient towers of Sorrento, making it a historic destination.
  • Hotel Plaza: This four-star hotel has luxurious furnishings and décor, along with a fully furnished deck and pool. It’s a high-end location with reasonable rates for spacious rooms. You’ll also get a private balcony with views of the bay.
  • Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria: Built on a rock overlooking the bay, this hotel includes three historic buildings and an entrance on the main public square. It’s one of the most convenient locations and even connects to a lift that links directly to the harbour.

Correale Museum

✔ Top area to stay in Sorrento for culture and relaxation

If you’ve added Correale Museum or the local stadium to your Sorrento itinerary, consider staying in this part of the village. The area around the museum doesn’t get as much foot traffic compared to the central areas. It’s a little quieter.

Sorrento Museo Correale di Terranova.jpg

This is the place to stay for local culture. The museum is inside a 17th-century villa surrounded by a large citrus grove. It houses work from Neapolitan painters from the 17th and 18th centuries. While the museum contains paintings, it also has large collections of ceramics, glassware, crystals, and watches. It even has an archaeological collection.

The other main attraction in the area is the stadium. Stadio Italia is the home of FC Sorrento, one of the first football stadiums in Italy to receive synthetic grass to replace the real grass pitch.

While this area is away from the centre, it only takes about 10 minutes to walk from the museum to Sorrento Cathedral located in the heart of the town.

Attractions in and around Correale Museum: Stadio Italia, Correale Museum, Giochi Park, Pompeii History Tours, Chiesa della Rotunda

Recommended hotels in Correale Museum

This part of the town provides the largest selection of hotels. The streets around the stadium are lined with four-star and five-star hotels, along with a few resorts and apartments. While it’s a long walk to the city centre, it’s also more peaceful.

  • Villa Rosa Sorrento: Located on the other side of the stadium, this small hotel is the furthest from the city centre. It’s also one of the more peaceful locations. Get away from the noise near the bay and unwind in this relaxing little hotel with large balconies. When you check in, you’ll find jam, cereal, and biscuits waiting in your room.
  • Hotel Lorelei Londres: This five-star hotel has numerous features to attract guests, including a large bar and terrace with views of the bay and a complimentary Italian breakfast. It also offers exceptional customer service and luxurious furnishings.
  • Hotel Michelangelo: Located about 200 metres from the train station, this hotel is another convenient option a few minutes from the centre of the town. The rooms are outfitted with wooden furniture and tiled floors. It also has its own onsite restaurant with traditional Neapolitan cuisine.

Central Sorrento

✔ Most recommended place to stay in Sorrento for history buffs and culture lovers

Instead of staying near the beach or busy public squares, some travellers prefer staying in the heart of Sorrento. The central part of the town covers everything south of the beach and west of Piazza Tasso.

Sorrento BW 2013-05-12 09-18-25.JPG

As with the Piazza Tasso area, it includes several blocks of narrow streets containing a mixture of cafes, shops, and residential buildings.

If you only have one day in Sorrento to see everything, staying in the central area makes sense. You can walk out the doors of the hotel and quickly reach any site in the town.

Some of the top attractions in Sorrento are also in the central part of the town. Within a few minutes, you can go from Sorrento Cathedral to Palazzo Correale or the Sedile Dominova Building.

It’s a fun place to explore for history buffs and fans of older architecture. You’ll never find yourself lost, as you’ll either reach the beach, the valley, or the highway that skirts the town.

Attractions in and around Central Sorrento: Museum Shop of Wood Inlay, Sorrento Cathedral, Sedile Dominova Building, Palazzo Correale, Villa Fiorentino Park, Calemma

Recommended hotels in Central Sorrento

Some of the hotels in the central part of Sorrento are inside historic buildings. You’ll also find options with views of the city and the bay, featuring terraces or balconies. Due to the location, the accommodations in this area tend to go quickly.

  • Maison Il Conservatorio: Located in the centre of Sorrento, this hotel has large rooms with their own family areas and terraces. To prepare you for the day, the hotel also provides continental or buffet breakfast options. They even offer vegetarian and gluten-free menu items.
  • Hotel Rivoli Sorrento: The stylish, sleek furnishings of this hotel stand out in the middle of a sea of older buildings. It’s a short walk from some of the best restaurants and most of the rooms have their own balconies, giving you convenience and great views.
  • Hotel Del Corso: This mid-range hotel has homely furnishings. It’s a family-run hotel and you’ll feel as if you’re staying in someone’s large home. The friendly staff also cater to all your needs, helping with directions or arranging transportation if needed.
  • Ulisse Deluxe Hostel: This hotel/hostel is a little outside of the central Sorrento area, but it’s still a short walk from the attractions. Stay inside and relax in the large, spacious rooms or unwind in the hotel’s wellness centre and pool. When you’re ready to explore, this hotel is a short trip from Marina Grande and the seaside sites.

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