Where to Stay in Taipei, Taiwan: The Best Hotels & Areas

Sorting out where to stay in Taipei can be a challenge. As you’d expect in the sprawling capital of Taiwan, the best hotels in Taipei are spread between a variety of eclectic neighbourhoods. Each of the city’s unique areas has its own perks and offers something for every type of traveller.

To help you navigate the mess, I’ve handpicked some of the best neighbourhoods to stay in Taipei. I’ve also included hotel recommendations & quick reviews for some of the city’s top budget, mid-range, and luxury hotels.

Looking for backpacker hostels, guesthouses, or 5-star luxury hotels? Book the perfect Taipei accommodations with this complete guide to the best places to stay in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Best places to stay in Taipei: The top areas & neighbourhoods

When choosing where to stay in Taipei, there are a handful of main areas to look at. The best districts to stay in Taipei ring in & around the city centre. For the city’s finest urban experience, look to ultra-modern Ximending in Wanhua. Or enjoy luxury hotels in Xinyi, set in the shadow of Taipei 101. Other areas like Zhongzheng and Zhongshan offer more “classic” Taipei accommodations options.

Night Market

While you can find better value outside the urban core, you miss out on the full Taipei experience. Staying in the best neighbourhoods in central Taipei solves that. It puts all the best things to do in Taipei at your fingertips.

When you decide to stay in one of these districts, you’ll also be able to scoot around Taipei with ease. All the central areas are well-served by Taipei’s amazing MRT.

The best areas to stay in Taipei include:

  • Zhongzheng is the best area for first-time visitors. Home to Taipei Main Station and the main bus terminal, Zhongzheng is the most central & convenient choice for most travellers.
  • Wanhua is the top district for shopping, nightlife, and for foodies. Wanhua is home to Ximending, the most interesting modern area in Taipei.
  • Xinyi is the most recommended neighbourhood for luxury & business travellers. Xinyi District is home to Taipei 101 and some of the city’s most popular high-end shopping options.
  • Zhongshan is the recommended area for a classic Taiwanese luxury accommodations experience. Zhongshan is a more traditional neighbourhood and “less polished” than others.
  • Da’an is the best place to stay in Taipei for mid-range travellers looking for a quieter experience. Staying in Da’an, you’re still within the heart of Taipei.
  • Shilin is a great area for foodies and adventurers. It’s home to one of the best night markets in the city. Shilin is also well-placed to partake in adventures outside of the urban core of Taipei.

Zhongzheng District

✔ Best area to stay in Taipei for first-time visitors

Zhongzheng District is the nucleus of the city centre. It’ll probably be your first point of contact when you start exploring Taiwan’s capital. Zhongzheng is home to Taipei Main Station, the main transportation hub of Taipei. That alone should put this central neighbourhood on the radar for your Taipei accommodations search.

Liberty Square

Plenty of great accommodation options await in Zhongzheng. It’s also the city’s most central district. Getting around Taipei is a cinch during your stay when you batten down at one of the best hotels in Zhongzheng.

Add to that the chance to head out on the top day trips from Taipei via Taipei Main Station or the main bus terminal. You’ve got yourself a winner.

The district is also home to Liberty Square. The popular square is home to several major cultural attractions. You’ll find Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and the National Theatre & Concert Halls here.

Nearby, you can also rush to Huashan 1914 Creative Park. With its hip exhibitions, it’s one of the coolest attractions in Taipei. You’ll enjoy breathing room at the nearby Taipei Botanical Garden and 2/28 Peace Park.

Recommended hotels in Zhongzheng

Accommodations in the Zhongzheng area sit mostly within the budget to lower mid-range. For true luxury during your stay, you’ll need to look elsewhere. Most of the top 5-star hotels in Taipei hang around Xinyi and Zhongshan.

Want to get close to all the fun? Here are a few of the best hotels in Zhongzheng…

  • Taipei Sunny Hostel is the top budget hotel in the area. Despite its name, it features good-value private rooms with private bathrooms in a central location. Ximending is 10 minutes away by foot.
  • Roaders Hotel is a delightful 3-star hotel oozing with character. It’s inspired by road trippin’ and takes cues from the wild west. The hotel lies close to Taipei Main Station and the Ximending area.
  • Cosmos Hotel Taipei is a 4-star Taipei hotel offering large elegant rooms that shun Asia’s reputation for cramped quarters. The hotel is located steps from the main train station.
  • Taipei Garden Hotel is one of the only 5-star hotels in Zhongzheng. This hotel features large modern rooms. Some include incredible views of Taipei 101. It’s also conveniently located between two metro stations. Ximending is 10 minutes away by foot.

Wanhua District

✔ Best place to stay in Taipei for shopping, nightlife & great food

Like Zhongzheng, Wanhua District is a great option for your Taipei adventure. The northern swath of Wanhua, Ximending, is one of the most interesting areas in Taipei for urban explorers. Wander through the streets around Ximending. You’ll uncover some of the best shopping & restaurants in Taipei. It’s a buzzing and hip area that Taipeiers cherish.


The southern section of Wanhua couldn’t be more different.

Whereas the Ximending area is bathed in neon lights and buzzing with youthful exuberance, Wanhua feels like the Taiwan of the past. Instead, southern Wanhua is an area that’s steeped in history and a little rougher around the edges.

Either way, you won’t find it boring.

Wanhua is full of fantastic restaurants, interesting night markets, and unique historic sites. For late-night snacks, head to Ay Chung Flour Rice Noodles in Ximending. It’s one of the city’s top noodle joints. Huaxi Street Night Market and Guangzhou Street Night Market are also just south.

To catch a glimpse of Taipei’s history & culture, venture to Longshan Temple. It’s one of the city’s most famous places of worship. Or seek out the ornate Qingshan Temple, a few blocks north.

Other historic attractions like Red House Theatre and Bopiliao Historic Block also await in Wanhua.

Recommended in Wanhua

Like Zhongzheng, accommodations in Wanhua spread between the budget and mid-range. The latter is the neighbourhood’s true specialty. With the hip vibes of Ximending in its midst, it’s not surprising that Wanhua is home to some of the best boutique hotels in Taipei.

Don’t know where to start looking? Here are some recommendations for where to stay in Wanhua…

  • Energy Inn is a small modern 3-star Taipei hotel. It occupies a central location in Ximending. The comfortable rooms feature endearing wall art that brightens up your day. Ximen MRT is five minutes away by foot.
  • Cho Hotel is a cozy central hotel peppered with rustic & retro touches that give it a cool artsy vibe. The location, two minutes from the heart of the Ximending area, is perfect.
  • WESTGATE Hotel is a unique 4-star hotel in Ximending. It charms & greets guests with over a dozen skydiving Buddhas in the lobby. The contemporary rooms here offer a stay that’s both classy and spacious. Ximen Station is steps away.

Xinyi District

✔ Best neighbourhood to stay in Taipei for mid-range & luxury travellers looking to shop

The well-to-do of Taipei are no strangers to Xinyi District. The area is one of the city’s most upscale neighbourhoods and its top shopping district & business hub.

Driven by the massive drawing power of Taipei 101, Xinyi’s sprouted a whole host of restaurants and upscale malls. It’s made Xinyi not only a great place to wander around but one of the top places to stay in Taipei City.


Compared to the Wanhua, Datong, or Zhongzheng areas, Xinyi shows off a more modern face. For traditional Taiwanese accommodation options, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Xinyi isn’t known for its budget-friendliness. In staying here, however, you’ll experience the city’s finest shopping, food, and accommodations.

Shopaholics can dish out the bucks at the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store. Book lovers staying in Xinyi will love a chance to peruse Eslite Bookstore, the largest in Taiwan.

On top of all that, you’ll get up-close and personal to Taipei 101. Once the tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 is still the city’s main landmark. Take time to zip up to its observation deck for breathtaking panoramas over Taipei.

For more massive views of the city, head to nearby Elephant Mountain. Climbing up the endless staircase won’t be easy. It’s well worth the effort, though, for its classic vistas over the financial district.

Foodies will be amused here, too. Xinyi is home to Din Tai Fung, the city’s most famous restaurant. Here, you’ll savour silky Michelin-starred xiaolongbao at prices defying the district’s lux reputation.

History buffs can get a taste of Taiwan’s story at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. The hall is dedicated to Sun Yat-sen, one of the only political figures revered on both sides of the Taiwan/China feud.

Also nearby is Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, one of the city’s premier cultural destinations.

Recommended hotels in Xinyi

Don’t come to the Xinyi area expecting a barrage of hostels and budget guesthouses. Accommodations in Xinyi, especially near Taipei 101, tend towards mid-range, luxury & business travellers. Backpackers will need to look elsewhere.

Loosen up your purse strings, though, and you’ll find some of the absolute best luxury hotels in Taipei. Xinyi is home to most of the city’s top 5-star hotels.

Ready to dabble in the ultimate Taipei luxury? Here are the top picks for where to stay in Xinyi…

  • Grand Hyatt Taipei is a splendid 5-star hotel that’s the perfect storm of modern design and classic Asian elegance. The evening view of Taipei 101 from the Grand View rooms is stunning.
  • W Taipei is another home run from one of the top-rated luxury hotel chains on the planet. Rooms at W Taipei are spacious & sexy. They offer swoon-worthy city views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Get one of the rooms facing Taipei 101 for an extra treat. The rooftop pool and lounge are perfect for relaxing after a long day of sightseeing.
  • Eslite Hotel is a delightful 5-star luxury hotel built for avid readers. It’s located steps away from Eslite, the largest bookstore in Taiwan. Rooms feature city-view balconies, a rare find in the Taipei accommodations scene.

Zhongshan District

✔ Best area to stay in Taipei for classic Asian luxury in a more traditional urban neighbourhood

Zhongshan District was once the epicentre of the hotel industry in Taipei. In recent years, however, it’s fallen out of favour for the swanky modern hotels of Xinyi. Plenty of accommodations still hang out in the area, though. Zhongshan is home to the highest concentration of luxury hotels in Taipei.

Qing Guang Market in Zhongshan District

Zhongshan lacks the polish of the glitzy commercial district of Xinyi, where most of the other top luxury hotels in Taipei chill out. Zhongshan’s painted with older architecture. Its more local & residential feel will give you a new appreciation of the city should you choose to stay here.

With the Keelung River rolling in its midst, Zhongshan is also a great place to stay for urban relaxation. The area is home to Dajia Riverside Park and Meiti Riverside Park, located on the opposite bank of the river.

Zhongshan is also an interesting destination for culture & history lovers. On the eastern fringes of the district, you can check out the massive Taipei Expo Park. The park is home to several popular attractions, including Taipei Story House and the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The first of its kind in Taiwan, The Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei also sits in Zhongshan.

Craving some delicious food? Not a problem. Zhongshan’s got plenty of great places to eat. Take your nighttime cravings to Liaoning Street Night Market or Shuangcheng Street. Dihua Street and Ningxia Night Market in neighbouring Datong District are also tasty choices.

Recommended in Zhongshan

Most accommodations in Zhongshan start in the lower mid-range and rocket into the high-end of the luxury market. The top 5-star hotels in Zhongshan won’t necessarily be cheap. They’re often better value than those in Xinyi, though.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few top picks for where to stay in Zhongshan…

  • Chill Roof Hotel is a quirky design hotel that’s one of the most unique in Taipei. Rooms here defy the usual cookie-cutter standard. They fuse distinctive elements to give each a unique look. It’s a super chill place to stay—just as the name implies.
  • The Grand Hotel is a timeless luxury hotel that epitomizes the Asian 5-star hospitality experience. Its design is inspired by traditional Chinese palaces. The elegant rooms are well-appointed. They’re beset with regal Oriental finishes blending with modern fixtures and amenities. The Grand Hotel is truly a unique and iconic Taiwanese experience.
  • The Okura Prestige Taipei is one of the very best “classic” 5-star experiences in Taipei. From the moment you enter the lobby to the moment you check out, the grace of this delightful hotel is obvious. Retired to the heated rooftop pool to cool down to incredible city views. The hotel also hosts two prestigious on-site restaurants.

Da’an District

✔ Best district in Taipei for a breath of fresh air in the city

Home to the “Lungs of Taipei,” Da’an District has become one of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in Taipei. Locals love visiting this area for its prestigious green space, Da’an Forest Park. 

Home prices have skyrocketed here in recent years. Much of the new building has focused on upscale residential development. These days, the accommodation scene in Da’an isn’t as full as it once was. If you can find a good hotel here, it’s a worthwhile area to stay, though.

Da'an Forest Park

The area is still well-connected to the rest of the city. Several MRT lines run through Da’an in all directions. Scooting around Taipei is a breeze from here.

A handful of tasty night markets & buzzing shopping areas also dot Da’an. Tonghua Night Market (Linjiang Street) offers some of Taipei’s finest street food and teppanyaki. Trend-setting youth love scouring the food & shopping mecca of Shida Night Market.

For sit-down food, nothing beats the restaurants & cafés of Yongkang Street. The street gave birth to Din Tai Fung, the world’s most famous Chinese dumpling restaurant. The famed Wistaria Tea House, one of the city’s oldest teahouses, also dwells in Da’an.

Recommended hotels in Da’an

With the high property values, most top accommodations options in Da’an hover in the mid-range and above. The level of quality in this area is high, though. What you’ll find in Da’an District slides in among some of the very best hotels in Taipei.

Want to see what Da’an has to offer for your stay? Here are a few of the best hotels in Da’an…

  • Nihao Café Hotel is a bright and cozy hotel set in a quiet corner of Da’an. The on-site café serves up some primo coffee and snacks.
  • Hotel Eclat Taipei is an ultra-stylish hotel with a dash of European elegance. Rooms are spacious and offer luxurious extras like rain shower heads and electronic bidets.
  • Hotel Proverbs Taipei is an impeccable 5-star luxury hotel from inside to out. Hotel Proverbs prides itself on big first impressions. In the rooms, a subdued rustic appeal fuses with ornate deco. Each room presents a unique grace impossible to quantify. It’s simply a delightful place to stay.

Shilin District

✔ Best district for foodies & exploring the fringes of the city

Home to the biggest night market in Taipei, Shilin is often visited but rarely chosen as a place to stay in Taipei. It’s a little further afoot than other areas. And that’s precisely why you might love staying in this sprawling district.

Of course, the main reason to stay in Shilin is to experience the granddaddy of all Taipei food heavens: Shilin Night Market.

Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market is the biggest in the city and certainly one of the best. At this nightlife hotspot, you’ll get to experience all the best food in Taiwan in spades.

Shilin is also a great place to stay if you’re looking to escape the city on a day trip or two. The district itself is massive. It stretches beyond the urban core into the hinterlands.

Shilin District creeps as far north as Yangmingshan National Park, one of the best national parks in Taiwan. Within the district, you’ll also find other popular greenspaces. At the area’s heart are Zhishan Cultural & Ecological Garden and Shaungxi Riverside Park. Shilin is also home to the massive National Palace Museum.

The location in the northern part of Taipei City also puts Shilin within a quick grasp of other popular places to visit. With an easy train ride, you can reach Beitou Hot Springs and Tamsui Old Street.

Recommended hotels in Shilin

There isn’t a massive selection of hotels in Shilin. What you’ll find here, however, is often budget-friendly and pleasant.

Here are a few of the best hotels in Shilin to start your search…

  • Uinn Business Hotel Shilin is a colourful budget business hotel with funky modern designs. Rooms here defy the tight Taipei standard.
  • The Tango Hotel Shilin is a brand-new Shilin hotel featuring spacious rooms. It offers a relaxing outdoor pool and garden area for your relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Renaissance Taipei Shilin Hotel is the top luxury hotel in Shilin and one of the best in the city. This hotel shines with its incredible vistas over the hilly fringes of Taipei from its rooftop pool terrace.

Best hotels in Taipei


Taipei Sunny Hostel

Address: No. 92-2 Huaining Street, Zhongzheng

Outgrown dorm rooms and willing to splurge for private accommodations? Taipei Sunny Hostel is the top budget hotel choice if you want to stay in the centre of Taipei. It’s more of a guesthouse than a “hostel” despite its name.

Sunny Hostel

Unlike many Taipei hotels, Taipei Sunny Hostel is only a couple of years old. And its modern design reflects it. It’s a curious mix of sleek Euro-inspired minimalism with retro industrial twists. The rooms and common areas are clean and well-maintained.

The ultra-central Taipei Sunny Hostel is less than 10 minutes by foot from both Taipei Main Station and über-hip Ximending.

Pop out of the guesthouse. Within minutes, you’ll wander among the city’s tastiest street food, restaurants, and shopping. Taipei Sunny Hostel is a 20- to 30-minute walk through Wanhua to Huaxi Street, Longshan Temple, and Bopiliao Historic Block. 2-28 Peace Park is also nearby.

Ximen WoW Hostel

Address: No. 42 Hanzhong Street, Wanhua, Taipei

You won’t find private rooms at Ximen WoW Hostel . But the central location of this clean & simple hostel will keep you smiling during your stay in Taipei. The hostel’s design emanates a rustic-meets-industrial vibe. It gives the hostel a character all to its own.

Ximen WoW Hostel

The dormitories at Ximen WoW Hostel are equipped with AC. It’s a non-negotiable if travelling to Taipei in the summer. You’ll also enjoy a seating area to check your email with free WiFi or relax. The true gem in this hostel, though, is the terrace. Here, you can chill and chit-chat with other travellers over a beer after a long day of sightseeing.

In less than 5 minutes from Ximen WoW Hostel, you’ll find yourself at the Red House Theater. This multi-purpose creative hub caters to Taipei’s artistically inclined.

Want to experience Taiwanese culture with a side of street food? Tough out the 20-minute walk to Longshan Temple and Huaxi Street. Here, you’ll dazzle at the city’s most popular temple and munch out at its quirkiest night market.

Ximen WoW Hostel is also only a block and a half away from Ay Chung Flour-Rice Noodle. The restaurant is the most famous mee sua (Taiwanese wheat flour noodles) joint in Taipei.

Space Inn

Address: B1, No. 51 Hengyang Road, Zhongzheng

The ultra-funky Space Inn truly lives up to its name. This cosmic backpacker joint would fit in as well on the SS Enterprise as in Taipei’s accommodation scene.

Get entranced by the space-age rounded chairs and the glowing neon overhead lights in the common area. You’ll see why Space Inn is among the coolest places to stay in Taipei on a budget.

Space Inn

The rooms at Space Inn are all dormitory-style with shared bathrooms. Plop yourself into the shared games room. Enjoy a game of foosball or air hockey to unwind after a day of scouring the streets and stuffing yourself with delicious Taiwanese food.

The centrally-located Space Inn is also close to 2-28 Peace Park. The park is home of the National Taiwan Museum and is one of the most relaxing places in Taipei to enjoy some fresh air.

Ximending, a mega-popular shopping district and entertainment area, is also nearby. It’s just 5 minutes away by foot in the opposite direction via Henyang Road.

Two of Taipei’s most popular night markets, Huaxi Street and Ningxia, are within 30 minutes of Space Inn by foot. Taipei Main Station, to the northeast, is ten minutes away.

If arriving by air, Space Inn even offers an airport shuttle service upon request.

Energy Inn

Address: No. 38, Lane 25, Kangding Road, Wanhua

A bright and airy reception area greets you as you enter Energy Inn in Wanhua. Few of the best hotels in Taipei are as versatile as Energy Inn. The hotel caters to anyone from backpackers and families to mid-range business travellers.

Energy Inn

Of the hotel’s 27 rooms, among the most popular are the value-laden female-only and mixed dorms. The real star of Energy Inn’s dorms is choosing between your typical hostel bunk bed or a double bed. It’s not a luxury backpackers can often get.

Willing to move up the ladder to stay in a more expensive (but excellent value) queen room? Soak away your stressors in the Japanese-style Taiwanese cypress wood bathtubs. Or take in the city’s evening sights & sounds on the balcony.

Energy Inn is located blocks from the Ximending area via Kunming Street and Chengdu Road. The hotel is perfectly positioned to take in the nighttime buzz in Taipei.

Walk 15 minutes to the southwest to tackle your Taiwanese food cravings at Wanhua’s night market trifecta. The Wanhua, Huaxi Street, and Guangzhou Street night markets all grace the area. In the same direction, you can discover Longshan Temple and Qingshan Temple. They’re two must-see religious sights in Taipei.

Main Inn Taipei

Address: No. 12, Lane 21, Zhengzhou Road, Datong District

You can’t help but be impressed by Main Inn Taipei. This modern hotel is the perfect storm of budget-friendliness and elegance. It offers something for every type of independent traveller during their stay in the capital of Taiwan.

Main Inn

Main Inn delivers everything from large Superior and Elegant Rooms to mixed and female-only dorms. All 18 rooms at Main Inn Taipei are clean and comfortable. They offer superb value in a city with climbing accommodation costs.

Stay caught up with your social circles with Main Inn’s free WiFi, available in every room. Or refresh your cooking skills in the expansive common kitchen area.

Main Inn sits one block north of Zhongzheng in Datong District. It’s accessible to both the areas’ biggest tourist attractions. Ningxia Night Market, my personal favourite in Taipei, is less than 15 minutes away by foot.

Walk twenty minutes in the other direction. You’ll get to scour the restaurants and boutiques of Ximending, the city’s hippest shopping area. With Taipei Main Station a 10-minute walk away, the rest of Taipei is also at your fingertips. All it’ll take is a short jaunt on the MRT.


Taipei M Hotel – Main Station

Address: No. 64, Section 1, Hankou Street, Zhongzheng

Want to splurge in the upper mid-range? Few central Taipei hotels are better than Taipei M Hotel – Main Station. This 285-room modern hotel caters to both independent and business travellers who want to relax & stay close to all the action. It’s one of the best among the cluster of hotels near Taipei Main Station. M Hotel is the perfect choice when you’re arriving tired & weary from your travels.

M Hotel - Main Station

Even without leaving the hotel, you’ll find everything you’d ever need here. Catch up with your family on the free WiFi or burn some calories in the fitness centre.

At the end of the day, soak up Taipei from above while you relax on the outdoor swings and loungers at the sun terrace. Or you can unwind with a cold drink at the hotel bar. There’s even a buffet restaurant on site. (Just don’t let it stop you from exploring Taipei’s amazing food scene!)

To grab late-night eats in the Ximending shopping area, you’ll only need to stroll about 10 minutes by foot from Taipei M Hotel – Main Station.

Ningxia Night Market is a simple twenty-minute walk straight up Chongqing Road. Follow Chongqing Road for about 30 minutes in the opposite direction to escape to Taipei Botanical Garden. The park is the most relaxing spot in the heart of Taipei.

Nihao Cafe Hotel

Address: No. 4, Alley 5, Lane 147, Section 3, Xinyi Road, Da’an District

The cozy NiHao Café Hotel occupies a space of its own in the Taipei accommodations scene. Bright and airy rooms with natural light, not exactly a given for hotels in Taipei, are the norm here.

Nihao Cafe Hotel

Nihao Café Hotel offers twin, double, triple, and quadruple rooms. They’re perfect for solo travellers, couples, and families. Staying at Nihao Café Hotel comes with the added bonus of sipping on toothsome specialty coffees at the garden-like café. After a day of sightseeing, you’ll revel in the chance to relax here with a good book.

Breathe in the “Lungs of Taipei,” Da’an Forest Park. It’s just ten minutes by foot from NiHao Café Hotel. Thirty minutes (or two subway stops) in the opposite direction soars Taipei 101, one of the city’s absolute must-sees.

Up for an even bigger adventure? A 45-minute walk through Da’an and Xinyi District will take you to the Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail. Brave the monstrous staircase to absorb yourself in the finest outdoor views of Taipei City.

Just Sleep Hotel Ximending

Address:  No. 41, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Zhongzheng

Finding a more comfortable bed in Taipei than Just Sleep Hotel Ximending is nearly impossible. This upper mid-range/luxury hotel is located in the heart of the Ximending area. It prides itself on its modern design and famously-restful Wellspring Beds. They’re installed in every room for a chilled-out stay.

Just Sleep Ximending

Each room includes a flat-screen TV, coffee machine, and personal safe for your most precious belongings. The rooms at Just Sleep Hotel Ximending are bigger than in most Taipei hotels. They’ll give you much-needed space to relax in a city where elbow room is at a premium.

Your reservation at Just Sleep Hotel Ximending also includes access to a self-service laundrette.

To get the most out of staying here, start your morning off at the on-site Just Cafe. Enjoy a tasty organic breakfast and a sip of tea or coffee.

When you stay at Just Sleep Hotel Ximending, you’ll be minutes from the action. You can seek out some of Taipei’s most popular restaurants & shopping via Zhonghua Road.

The Red House Theater artistic hub is within your grasp in less than 10 minutes of walking. Some of the city’s most exciting night markets are also within walking distance. Head to Ningxia (about 25-30 minutes northeast) or Huaxi Street (30 minutes).

Roaders Hotel

Address: No. 68, Yanping South Road, Zhongzheng

Roaders Hotel is smack-dab between ultra-hip Ximending and Taipei Main Station. It’s a stylish and comfortable base to explore Taipei to the max during your stay.

Roaders Hotel
Photo courtesy of Roaders Hotel.

The design of Roaders Hotel sets it apart from other Taipei hotels. It charms with a western-inspired common area and modern & sleek guestrooms. Slink back a drink or two at the “saloon” for a taste of the wild west in the heart of Taipei.

Or choose a healthier path and work off your Taiwanese food belly at the fitness centre. Kids can make new friends in the children’s play area.

Cross over to Zhonghua Road via Hangkou Street. Soon, you’ll wander among some of the city’s yummiest restaurants in Ximending. From Roaders Hotel, it’s a 25-minute walk to Ningxia, a favourite traditional night market in Taipei. Bopiliao Historic Block and Longshan Temple lie about 20 minutes’ walking distance to the southwest.

Roaders Hotel is located 5 minutes from Ximen MRT Station to access the rest of Taipei in a snap.

Hotel Relax III

Address: No. 34, Huaining Street, Zhongzheng

Hotels in Taipei don’t get much more central than Hotel Relax III. This relative newcomer to the accommodations scene is a perfect mix of beautiful design, convenience, and value in the heart of the city.

Hotel Relax III
Photo courtesy of Hotel Relax

On offer at Hotel Relax III are cozy and quiet soundproofed rooms. They’ll give you everything you need to make your stay as comfortable as possible. From air-conditioning & flat-screen TVs to personal safes & free WiFi, it’s all here. The rooms are also bright and spacious. Many feature views of Taipei City.

Can’t find a room at this hugely-popular hotel in Taipei? The equally sleek Hotel Relax II is located half a block up the street.

Hotel Relax III is not only within walking distance of the city’s top attractions. With its proximity to Taipei Main Station and the bus station, it’s also the perfect place to stay for day-trippers.

Within four minutes of walking, relax in 2/28 Peace Park, one of central Taipei’s better green spaces. The Ximending shopping & entertainment area is also a mere 10 minutes by foot from Hotel Relax III. It’s the perfect destination for late-night snacking.

Also worth checking out within walking distance is the Huashan 1914 Creative Park. This hip and happenin’ artistic hub is an über-cool place to hang. Walking to Huashan 1914 from Hotel Relax III should take no more than 25 to 30 minutes.

Want to explore beyond Taipei on a day trip? The bus depot and train station are minutes away. You’ll be able to get to other nearby destinations quickly & easily.


The Okura Prestige Taipei

Address: No. 9, Section 1, Nanjing East Road, Zhongshan District

None of the top-rated hotels in Taipei will capture your heart as much as The Okura Prestige Taipei. Located in Zhongshan District, this 5-star luxury hotel takes your comfort to the next level. During your stay, you’ll be charmed by its world-class service and impeccable design.

Okura Prestige

The rooms at The Okura Prestige Taipei are built for pure relaxation. You’ll get plenty of space with impressive vistas unto the city. The cloud-like beds will sink all your troubles.

Escape Taipei’s heat and humidity at the rooftop pool. Cool off and gape at the massive city views around you. The two on-site restaurants also help tackle your hunger in style. Dazzle at upscale Cantonese cuisine at Toh-Ka-Lin. Or savour fine Japanese cuisine at Yamazato Restaurant.

You find plenty to do within walking distance of The Okura Prestige. Along Section 1, Nanjing E Road, it’s less than a 15-minute walk to the gate of Ningxia Street. For art fans, the Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei is even closer, taking less than 10 minutes by foot.

The Okura Prestige Taipei is also a 3-minute walk from Zhongshan MRT Station on the Red Line. From here, you can quickly hop to several attractions.

Start your morning off with some local eats at Shuanglian Morning Market (one stop north). Once you’re fuelled up, head to Yuanshan MRT Station (three stops from Zhongshan). Close by, you can check out the ornate Bao’an Temple, Confucius Temple and Taipei Expo Park.

W Taipei

Address: 10 Zhongxiao East Road, Section 5, Xinyi District

It’s hard to find anything wrong with a W hotel, and W Taipei is no exception. W Taipei is a sleek and modern hotel that always leaves you more relaxed than when you arrived. It’s located in the heart of Xinyi District among the clusters of hotels near Taipei 101.


Floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms let you soak in massive views of Taipei as you rest after exploring the city. Snag one of the pricier Spectacular and Fantastic Suite King Rooms. You’ll love falling asleep with the tender evening glow of Taipei 101 outside your window.

Drained by Taipei’s summer heat? Cool down at the luxurious outdoor pool and breathe in incredible vistas over Taipei. For more relaxation, squeeze your tensions away at the W Taipei’s exclusive AWAY® spa.

All street-fooded-out? Settle down with some nouvelle Chinese fine dining at YEN, W Taipei’s own restaurant run by celebrity Hong Kong chef, Wo Hoi Ming. Cap your night off with a cocktail at the trendy Woobar Night Club. Pop out for some fresh air on the WET® Deck open terrace.

From W Taipei to Taipei 101, the city’s biggest tourist attraction, it’s an easy 15-minute walk south. To sample some of the city’s top street food and teppanyaki, head to Tonghua Night Market. The trip to Tonghua should be no more than 30 minutes by foot.

More complicated is the 30-minute trek from W Taipei to the Elephant Mountain Hiking Trail. Grab a map from the concierge to find your way to the trail. At Elephant Mountain, you’ll scale up a seemingly never-ending staircase. Once atop, you’ll sponge up the breathtaking views over Xinyi and Taipei City.

Regent Taipei Hotel

Address: No. 3, Lane 39, Section 2, Zhongshan N. Road, Zhongshan District

Listed as one of the “World’s Best Places to Stay” by Conde Nast Traveler, The Regent Taipei Hotel is a game-changer. It’s as luxurious a home-away-from-home as you’ll find anywhere in Asia.

Regent Hotel

The Regent Taipei feels less like a city hotel than an urban resort. Eight world-class restaurants pepper the hotel. Included among them are the fine-dining restaurants Mihan Honke (Japanese) and Silks (Chinese). To rejuvenate after a long day of sightseeing, pamper yourself at the Wellspring Spa, a relaxing getaway in an otherwise hectic city.

To truly appreciate the beauty of the Regent Taipei, step up to the year-round rooftop pool. Swim and chill to the breathtaking views of the city centre and beyond.

Stroll for less than 20 minutes from The Regent Taipei Hotel to enjoy the Taiwanese food extravaganza at Ningxia Night Market. Or hop onto the MRT at nearby Zhongshan Station. Head 4 stations north to Jiantian to wander into Taipei’s granddaddy of all food courts, Shilin Night Market.

Even closer via MRT (Yuanshan Station) is Taipei Expo Park. The park is full of museums & pavilions that you can’t help but want to explore. At the same station exit, two of Taipei’s most beautiful temples, Bao’an Temple and Confucius Temple, lie two blocks away.

Grand Hyatt Taipei

Address: No. 2, Songshou Road, Xinyi District

With Taipei 101 staring you down from across the street, it’s not hard to see why you’d want to spend your nights at the Grand Hyatt Taipei. Every amenity you’d expect from a world-class 5-star hotel sprouts up in full force at the Grand Hyatt.

Grand Hyatt

The hotel’s modern design fuses Chinese elements, giving its rooms a sleek look all to its own. In the Grand Hyatt Taipei’s more expensive rooms & suites, unwind to the glow of Taipei 101 from outside your window.

After a long day of urban exploring, dip into the outdoor pool or steam your cares away in the sauna. Top it all off with a nightcap and a snack at Cheers or ZIGA ZAGA, two of the Grand Hyatt’s bars.

With Taipei 101 breathing down its neck, Grand Hyatt Taipei is well-placed to tackle Taipei’s biggest drawcard. It’s a mere 5-minute walk. In the basement of Taipei 101, you’ll also find the world-famous Din Tai Fung. It’s arguably the top place in the city to snack on xiao long bao (steamed Chinese dumplings).

To the north, it’s about a 10-minute walk to National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. Five minutes further, you can visit the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. The park is an interesting innovation hub full of quirky and hip art exhibits.

Hotel Proverbs Taipei

Address: No. 56, Section 1, Da’an Road, Da’an District

The boutique 5-star Hotel Proverbs Taipei fuses modernity and elegance like no other luxury hotel in Taipei. Every room style echoes a blend of contemporary, retro, and classic elements that give each a unique character from others.

Hotel Proverbs

Included are typical amenities: flat-screen TVs with satellite, free WiFi, toiletries, and a coffee maker. In all but the Urban Room, you’ll be greeted by a large soaker tub to melt away your stress.

The main on-site restaurant, TK Seafood & Steak, grills up prime wagyu beef. You’ll also savour in-house dry-aged beef along with fresh, locally-sourced seafood. You can even bring your own wine with an uncorking fee of NT$600.

After a long day of exploring Taiwan’s capital, nothing at Hotel Proverbs Taipei impresses more than the outdoor pool. Head up to the 12th floor to float around and admire the city from above.

The Hotel Proverbs Taipei isn’t as central to the city’s most popular attractions as many other Taipei hotels. The closest major site by foot is National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, about 25 minutes away. Liaoning Street Night Market, one of the city’s lesser-known night markets, takes 15 minutes to reach walking.

The nearby Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT Station, however, straddles two lines, including the line to Taipei Main Station. On the Blue Line you can get to Taipei Main Station, Ximending, and Longshan Temple. The Brown Line runs north and south, ending at Taipei Zoo Station. Here, you can hop onto the Maokong Gondola for a relaxing day hike in the tea fields outside the city.

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