Best Time to Visit Cleveland, Ohio

The best time to visit Cleveland, Ohio, is in the spring, from September through October, or in the fall, from April to May. In these shoulder months, the weather is beautiful with warm sunny days, perfect for enjoying outdoor activities around Cleveland.

Spring in Cleveland brings a gradual warming of temperatures as the city starts to come alive after the cool winter months. April and May are a wonderful time to explore parks and gardens to see the flowers begin to bloom.

Between June to August, the summer months enjoy warm and sunny weather, with temperatures climbing to the mid-80s°F (around 30°C) in August. The city buzzes with festivals, outdoor concerts, and sporting events.

Fall in Cleveland brings spectacular foliage as the leaves change colors, creating a picturesque setting. Temperatures are still pleasant and warm in September and only cool down into November.

Cleveland winters are chilly with low temperatures—and lots of snow! Despite the wintry weather, Cleveland has plenty to offer at this time of year, and the festive atmosphere during the holiday season makes winter a charming time to visit.

Still not sure when to visit the 216? Prep your perfect itinerary at the perfect time of year with this complete Cleveland weather guide by season and month!

Weather in Cleveland, OH

By season


Stretching from March to May, spring in Cleveland is beautiful when the city shakes off the winter chill and bursts with renewed energy. Prepare for a mix of mild and cool temperatures with warm, sunny days and chilly evenings.

In March, the average daytime temperatures hang around the low 40s°F (around 5°C), with nights getting a tad chilly in the low 30s°F (around -1°C). As April dawns, things start warming up slightly, with temperatures hitting the mid-60s°F (around 18°C). By May, you can expect comfortable temperatures in the mid-70s°F (around 24°C) that make exploring the city a breeze!

Wade Lagoon Park in Spring

Spring showers bring blooming flowers! March and April are the wettest months, but the rain drops off slightly by May. If you’re around in late March or early April, catch the Cleveland International Film Festival and indulge in a diverse selection of independent films from around the world.

This season generally sees fewer tourists compared to the peak summer months. If you prefer a more laid-back and relaxed atmosphere, it’s a fantastic time to visit.


Summer is an exciting time in Cleveland, with long, hot sunny days and plenty of things to see & do!

In June, temperatures hover around the mid-70s°F (around 24°C), making it a perfect time to enjoy hiking, biking, and exploring national parks and gardens. Things begin to heat up in July and August, with temperatures reaching the mid-80s°F (around 30°C). It’s perfect weather for outdoor adventures and soaking up the sun!

Public Square in Summer

There’s very little rainfall in summer, so you can expect mostly dry and clear skies with around 14 to 15 hours of daylight to make the most of your adventures. Summer in Cleveland is a festival lover’s dream, with top-notch events like the Solstice Music Festival and the Tri-C JazzFest taking place.

Ohio’s second-biggest city buzzes in summer, so expect to find many tourists enjoying Cleveland’s top tourist attractions. While the city is well-equipped to handle the crowds, booking hotels, restaurants, and attraction tickets in advance is a good idea.


Fall is a magical time to visit Cleveland when the summer crowds have dispersed, and the city transforms into a tapestry of spectacular fall colors.

As summer bids farewell, fall brings cooler temperatures to Cleveland. In September, you’ll experience average highs in the mid-70s°F (around 24°C), gradually dropping to the mid-60s°F (around 18°C) in October, and further down to the mid-50s°F (around 13°C) in November. It’s the perfect weather for cozy sweaters and taking in the crisp autumn air.

Squire's Castle in Fall

You’ll experience moderate rainfall, so pack a light rain jacket or umbrella. September and October are the wetter months, with November enjoying slightly less rain. Don’t let that rain talk you out of enjoying top fall festivals like the Cleveland Garlic Festival and the Cleveland Air Show, though!

Fall in Cleveland is less crowded compared to the summer months. You’ll have a chance to explore the attractions and events without feeling overwhelmed by large crowds. It’s also a great time of year to score deals at Cleveland’s most popular hotels.


Be prepared for a chilly and snowy wonderland during winter in Cleveland—and bundle up because it can get pretty cold! In December and January, temperatures range from the mid-20s°F (around -4°C) during the day to the mid-teens°F (about -9°C) at night. February slightly improves, with temperatures climbing to the mid-30s°F (around 1-2°C).

Cleveland is blanketed in a white carpet of snow with around 60 inches (152 cm) of snowfall throughout the season. It’s a fantastic time for snowball fights, building snowmen, and hitting the slopes for winter sports.

Edgewater Park in Winter

The city comes alive with exciting events and festivals to brighten up the season, like the Winter Wine & Ale Fest, the Holiday Circle Fest, and the Cleveland Winter Beerfest.

Winter in Cleveland sees fewer tourists compared to other seasons, making it a good time to visit if you prefer a quieter and more intimate experience. You’ll also find some special winter discounts around!

By month


Get ready to bundle up because January in Cleveland can be pretty cold. Expect snowy landscapes, frosty air, and a cozy atmosphere throughout the city. During the day, temperatures range from the mid-20s°F (around -4°C) to the low 30s°F (about -1°C). It gets even chillier at night, dropping to the mid-teens°F (around -9°C).

Cleveland sees moderate rainfall in January, so keep an umbrella handy. The days are short, but there’s still plenty of time to explore. You can expect around eight hours of daylight to make the most of your adventures.

Police Officer's Memorial in January

January is typically a quieter time for tourists in Cleveland, and it’s a wonderful time to experience the city at your own pace and soak up the wintry charm.

Key events in January

  • Cleveland Winter Beerfest
  • Mid-American Boat Show


The winter chill continues in February, and it’s still quite frosty. You can expect a mix of wintry landscapes and a hint of anticipation for the upcoming spring season. It’s the perfect time to indulge in winter activities like ice skating, visiting popular Cleveland museums, or enjoying warm comfort food at local restaurants.

Temperatures in February hang between the mid-20s°F (around -4°C) and the low 30s°F (about -1°C) in the day. As the sun sets, the mercury drops to the mid-teens°F (about -9°C). February sees moderate rainfall, so you’ll need a waterproof jacket for exploring, but as the month progresses, the days slowly start to get longer.

Cleveland National Forest in February

February is a quieter time compared to the peak summer season, and you’ll have the city all to yourself to explore.

Key events in February

  • Brite Winter


March marks the transition from winter to spring in Cleveland, bringing a mix of chilly temperatures and hints of warmer days. This month’s weather can be quite changeable, with temperatures gradually warming up as the month progresses.

During the day, you can expect temperatures in the range of the mid-30s°F (around 1°C to 3°C) to the low 50s°F (around 10°C to 12°C). At night, temperatures drop to mid-20s°F (around -3°C to -4°C).

Great Lakes Science Center in March

As spring approaches, the days gradually get longer, with around 11 hours of daylight, giving you more time to explore and soak up the city’s offerings. While tourist activity increases slightly, it’s still not as busy as the summer months.

Key events in March

  • Cleveland St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • I-X Indoor Amusement Park
  • Cleveland International Film Festival


While the weather can still be unpredictable during the transition to spring, April in Cleveland offers a delightful blend of blooming nature, outdoor events, and crisp, clear air.

As spring takes hold, temperatures become milder. During the day, you can expect temperatures in the range of the mid-50s°F (around 12°C to 14°C) to the low 60s°F (around 15°C to 17°C). At night, temperatures dip to the mid-40s°F (around 7°C to 8°C). It’s time to pack away those heavy winter coats and embrace lighter layers to enjoy the comfortable spring weather.

Severance Hall in April

April in Cleveland sees moderate rainfall, but don’t let the rain damper your spirits! The occasional shower can enhance the vibrant colors of the blooming flowers and add a refreshing touch to your outdoor explorations.

April is not as busy as the peak summer months, but you may still encounter visitors enjoying the pleasant weather.

Key events in April

  • The Cleveland Thyagaraja Festival
  • Dyngus Day


Spring is in full swing by May, and it’s a fantastic time to visit the city, bringing pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

Daytime temperatures range from the mid-60s°F (around 18°C to 20°C) to the low 70s°F (around 21°C to 24°C). At night, temperatures stay comfortable, dropping to the mid-50s°F (around 12°C to 14°C). There’s still a bit of rain around, but nothing a light rain jacket will cure!

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in May

May offers longer and brighter days, a time of blossoming nature and outdoor activities. The city comes alive with colorful flowers, lush greenery, and vibrant landscapes, and it’s the perfect time to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty on one of the many popular Cleveland day trips.

The pleasant weather and exciting events during May attract visitors, so be prepared for more tourists.

Key events in May

  • Cleveland Asian Festival
  • Berea’s American Rib Cook-Off
  • Tremont Greek Festival


Summer kicks off in June, offering a fantastic mix of great weather, extended daylight hours, and exciting events, making it an ideal time to visit.

June brings warm and comfortable temperatures to Cleveland, making it an ideal month to enjoy outdoor activities. During the day, you can expect temperatures in the range of the mid-70s°F (around 23°C to 25°C) to the low 80s°F (around 27°C to 29°C).

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in June

At night, temperatures stay mild, typically in the mid-60s°F (around 18°C to 20°C). It’s the perfect weather to embrace those summer vibes and explore the city.

Expect the occasional shower but longer, sunny days that are perfect for enjoying outdoor events and festivals.

Key events in June

  • Pride in the CLE
  • Parade the Circle
  • Summer Solstice


July in Cleveland is the epitome of summer bliss, bringing delightful summer temperatures, sunshine, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Expect temperatures in the range of the mid-80s°F (around 29°C to 31°C) to the low 90s°F (around 32°C to 34°C) during the day.

At night, temperatures stay comfortably in the mid-60s to low 70s°F (around 18°C to 23°C). It’s time to embrace those summer vibes, pack your sunscreen, and enjoy the warm weather!

Cuyahoga River in July

July offers long and sunny days and minimal rainfall, ideal for experiencing the vibrant energy of Cleveland. This month is a popular time to visit the city, so expect to see more tourists exploring the city and enjoying its attractions.

Foodies & beer lovers will want to set aside time to explore one of the city’s many summer food & drink festivals, including the many events at Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland’s Ohio City neighborhood.

Key events in July

  • Tri-C JazzFest


Summer is in full swing in August, with lovely warms day and abundant sunshine. Whether you’re exploring attractions, enjoying outdoor events, or simply taking in the lively atmosphere of Cleveland, August offers the perfect blend of warm weather, exciting activities, and a vibrant spirit.

Expect daytime temperatures in the range of the mid-80s°F (around 29-31°C) to the low 90s°F (around 32-34°C) and comfortable evening temperatures in the mid-60s to low 70s°F (around 18-23°C). Days are long and sunny, with over 14 hours of sunshine and minimal rainfall.

Downtown in August

August is a popular time for tourists to visit Cleveland, especially during the summer vacation season, and the city heaves with both locals and tourists enjoying the glorious weather.

Key events in August

  • Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival
  • Feast of the Assumption
  • Cleveland Garlic Festival
  • Twins Day Festival


As summer slowly transitions into fall, September is a wonderful time to visit, with mild weather and lovely sunny days.

The mercury hangs around the mid-70s°F (around 23°C to 25°C) to the low 80s°F (around 27°C to 29°C) during the day. As the month progresses, you might notice a slight coolness in the air, particularly in the evenings.

Old Coast Guard Station in September

Nighttime temperatures range from the mid-50s°F (around 12°C to 14°C) to the low 60s°F (around 15°C to 17°C). It’s the perfect weather to enjoy the city without feeling too hot or cold.

Expect slightly shorter days than the summer months, but you’ll still have plenty of daylight to explore. While it’s still a popular time to visit, you can expect a slightly quieter atmosphere and fewer crowds at popular attractions.

Key events in September

  • Cleveland Air Show
  • Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival


October is a delightful time to visit as autumn takes center stage, treating you to cooler temperatures, colorful foliage, and a cozy ambiance.

This month brings cooler temperatures to Cleveland, creating a perfect setting for embracing the fall season. Temperatures range from the mid-50s°F (around 12°C to 14°C) to the low 60s°F (around 15°C to 17°C) during the day.

Downtown in October

As the month progresses, the temperatures gradually drop, especially in the evenings. Nighttime temperatures range from the mid-40s°F (around 7°C to 9°C) to the low 50s°F (around 10°C to 12°C).

While the city still attracts visitors who come to enjoy the fall foliage and cultural offerings in Downtown Cleveland, you can expect to see a decrease in tourist numbers compared to the peak summer season.

Key events in October

  • Woollybeer Festival
  • Cleveland Beer Week


November brings the transition from fall to winter, offering cooler temperatures, occasional rain showers, and shorter days.

As winter approaches, temperatures cool down significantly, with the mercury moving between the mid-40s°F (around 7°C to 9°C) to the low 50s°F (around 10°C to 12°C) during the day and the mid-30s°F (around 1°C to 3°C) to the low 40s°F (around 4°C to 6°C) at night.

First Energy Stadium in November

November sees an increase in rainfall and fewer daylight hours, so take an umbrella when exploring and plan your adventures accordingly.

Tourist numbers decrease during November, leaving you with plenty of time and space to enjoy the city’s cultural offerings and holiday festivities.

Key events in November

  • Winterland


December in Cleveland brings chilly temperatures as winter settles in. Temperatures range between the low 30s°F (around -1°C to -4°C) to the mid-40s°F (around 4°C to 7°C) during the day and from the mid-20s°F (around -4°C to -7°C) to the low 30s°F (around -1°C to -4°C) at night.

There’s a good chance you’ll witness the city covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow in December, adding a magical touch to the holiday season and creating picturesque scenes throughout the city.

Terminal Tower in December

Days are at their shortest in December during the winter solstice. This creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere, perfect for enjoying the festive holiday season.

December sees a moderate number of tourists in Cleveland as visitors come to experience the holiday festivities and embrace the winter charm of the city.

Key events in December

  • Krampusnacht
  • Holiday CircleFest

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