Our Editorial Policy & Process

At Treksplorer, our mission is to provide readers with authentic, insightful, and reliable travel information geared toward helping independent mid-range luxury travelers plan their perfect vacation, even on a time crunch. Our editorial policy is rooted in creating helpful, reliable, and reader-first content. We’re committed to ensuring our content benefits our readers and provides genuine value for planning your next vacation.

1. Content Creation & Quality

  • Originality: Every article, guide, and review on our website is original. We prioritize firsthand experiences, in-depth research, unique insights, and fresh perspectives on travel destinations, tips, and trends.
  • Comprehensiveness: We aim to provide a complete picture of every topic we cover, ensuring readers have all the information they need to make informed decisions in their travel planning.
  • Insightfulness: While our content focuses on being helpful to first-time visitors, we also try to go beyond the obvious by uncovering local hidden gems and providing practical tips that’ll help enhance travelers’ experiences of a destination.

2. Expertise & Trustworthiness

  • Authorship: All our content is written and/or reviewed by travel enthusiasts, experts, or locals.
  • Transparency: Every article includes a byline with information about the author and/or reviewers so that readers know who is behind the content.
  • Unsponsored: In an effort to remain as objective as possible, we do not accept sponsorships. We pay for our own travels and don’t rely on comped hotel stays, tours, or flights to keep us moving. We only recommend products and experiences we genuinely find useful. (You can read more about our disclosure policy here.)
  • Fact-Checking: Before publishing, our writers and editors have a rigorous fact-checking process. We don’t just rely on our writers’ personal experiences but also cross-reference our claims with reputable sources, including federal/state/regional tourism boards, expert interviews, and official websites for hotels, tours, airlines, and other establishments.

3. Reader-First Content

We only create content that we believe will be genuinely useful to you, whether you’re planning a trip, looking for travel inspiration, or seeking practical travel advice. Rather than simply citing our own experiences, we write all of our content in the second person (with first-person experiences sprinkled in) to put you, the prospective traveler, in the driver’s seat of your next journey.

We value feedback from our readers. If you have any suggestions or questions or spot an error, we encourage you to reach out here. This helps us continuously improve our content and user experience to serve you better.

Ryan O'Rourke

Ryan O'Rourke is a Canadian traveller, food & drink aficionado, and the founder & editor of Treksplorer. With over 20 years of extensive travel experience, Ryan has journeyed through over 50 countries, uncovering hidden gems and sharing firsthand, unsponsored insights on what to see & do and where to eat, drink & stay. Backed by his travel experience and in-depth research, Ryan’s travel advice and writing has been featured in publications like the Huffington Post and Matador Network. You can connect with Ryan on Twitter/X at @rtorourke.