Slovenia Travel Guide

On the hunt for one of Central Europe’s biggest surprises? Look no further than Slovenia. Often overshadowed by its neighbours, pint-size Slovenia doesn’t receive much hype. That’s changing.

In recent years, travellers have caught onto Slovenia’s charms. Spend time wandering the timeless streets of the compact capital of Ljubljana. Or rest among perfect hues of blue at Lake Bled with the Julien Alps as your backdrop. Either way, you’ll see that Slovenia is special. It’s become the perfect detour from the typical European tourist track.

Ready to experience one of Europe’s loveliest lesser-known corners? Get prepped with help from this quick & easy Slovenia travel guide.

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When to visit Slovenia

For a small country, the weather in Slovenia is surprisingly diverse. Three main climatic zones dominate Slovenia. They’ll either make your trip planning an amazing experience or one fraught with difficulty.

Spring Crni Vrh Slovenia

Along Along Slovenia’s southern coast, you’ll experience a sub-Mediterranean climate. It offers pleasant temperatures year-round. In the mountainous interior, expect cold winters and unpredictable weather. Outside of the coastal and alpine areas, a typical continental climate takes hold. It’s similar to other inland Central European countries like Germany or Czech Republic.

Tthe best time to visit Slovenia is in either May or September. Both months fall within Slovenia’s shoulder season. They both see mild to warm temperatures and relatively dry conditions. Crowds in early spring and early fall are also smaller than in the summer high season.

Where to go in Slovenia

Despite it’s small stature, Slovenia is chock-loaded with diverse destinations that’ll tackle just about any craving you could muster up while journeying through Europe.

You’ll be able to wander through picturesque old towns. You’ll hike through picture-perfect alpine trails. You can even dip your toes in the Adriatic Sea for a little fun in the sun. All these top travel destinations in Slovenia will get your traveller blood flowin’.

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Almost every trip to Slovenia begins in Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital. Even with all its beauty, Ljubljana rarely comes up in conversation. (Likely because of its tongue-twisting name!) But don’t let Ljubljana pass you by. Ljubljana is one of those cities with the rare ability to move you from the moment you start explore.

Quiet Street in Old Town Ljubljana, Slovenia

Much of the touristic action in this adorable city takes place in and around the lively Old Town. Perched on the banks of the Ljubljanica River, the area is the perfect place for a stroll. Soaking in the traditional Central European charms of Ljubljana is a must.

Elsewhere in the city, you’ll get to dive into Ljubljana’s “green” side. The city teems with relaxing parks. Places like Tivoli Park highlight its residents’ lust for the outdoors. And they’re a mere hint at the natural treasures that lie elsewhere in Slovenia!

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If you thought Ljubljana was incredible, wait until you dig your claws into Bled. It’s hardly a surprise that Bled is Slovenia’s most popular destination. Bled features some of the most moving views you’ll experience anywhere on the continent. It’ll captivate you the second you set your eyes upon it.

Bled Island on Lake Bled, Slovenia

The region’s namesake Lake Bled sits among Europe’s most stunning natural wonders. Its crystalline waters are something to behold. Even without the snow-capped Julien Alps forming its backdrop, Lake Bled would be nothing short of breathtaking.

Even if you become dulled to the views (and, if you do, I’d recommend taking a break from travelling), there’s a barrage of incredible things to do around Bled. Hit up some of the hiking trails in the area, including Vintgar Gorge, to dig in fully.

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Need some sun during your Slovenia adventure? Look no further than the lovely resort town of Piran. Like so many of the best places to visit in Slovenia, Piran’s got the flash & pomp to keep even the most jaded of European-town connoisseurs at bay.

Seafront buildings in Piran, Slovenia

Piran juts out into the Adriatic Sea upon a peninsula. Piran shows off several architectural styles, leaning mostly towards Venetian and Austro-Hungarian influences. What results is an ancient seaside town that’s as impressive & unique as any on the Mediterranean. Piran begs for your attention when planning out your Slovenia trip.

Transportation in Slovenia

Getting there

By air

The main airport in Slovenia is Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU), located about 24 kilometres northwest of the city. Several major airlines fly into Ljubljana, including Adria Airways, easyJet, and Wizz Air. Most flights into Ljubljana are from other European destinations.

By land

The quickest way to get into Slovenia is often by train via its land borders. There are direct trains to Ljubljana from Germany (Frankfurt, Munich), Switzerland (Zurich), Italy (Venice) and Austria (Vienna, Graz). From Croatia, buses are often quicker & more convenient than trains.

Getting around

By bus

Travelling between destinations in Slovenia? Buses are often more convenient and faster than trains. Sample journey times from Ljubljana include Bled (1h), Piran (2h), Maribor (2h), and Koper (1h15m).

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