Best Things to Do in Bled, Slovenia

From touring the castle atop a cliff to climbing the steep steps of a church nestled in the middle of Lake Bled, you shouldn’t have trouble searching out all best things to do in Bled. Thanks to all the top tourist attractions in Bled, this charming town is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in Slovenia.

The picturesque resort town of Bled is nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps. As you dig into the top points of interest in Bled, you’ll quickly discover the perfect Slovenia getaway for hiking, mountain climbing, and sightseeing. The only problem is deciding what you can fit into your schedule.

Don’t know what to do in Bled? Plan your trip with this guide to the top Bled attractions & best places to visit in Bled…

What do in Bled

Enjoy a sweeping view of the lake from Bled Castle

There are many things to see in Bled, and you can see most of them from the famous Bled Castle. Built on a cliff looking out over the lake and town, it’s the oldest castle in Slovenia and the biggest attraction in the country.

When you get to the top, there are a few different things to check out, including a wine cellar, a history museum, and courtyards.

Bled Castle

No one knows exactly when the castle was built, but it was mentioned in a 1011 deed.

To get to the castle grounds, you need to climb steep steps, but the view is worth the hassle. Just like the castle inhabitants of a thousand years ago, you get to look out over the lake and the town of Bled.

Make a wish at the Church of the Assumption

Besides Bled Castle, the Church of the Assumption is one of the most-recognizable Bled points of interest.

Built on a small island in the middle of Lake Bled, the church features a towering steeple reaching into the sky.

The island is often considered an attraction itself, but the church is the real reason that people take the trip to the island.

Assumption of Mary Church

You can give your arms a workout as you row across the lake on a rented rowboat or take a leisurely ride on a pletna.

After you arrive at the island, it’s a long walk up 99 steep steps. You can then explore the ancient structure and ring the church bell as you make a wish.

It’s believed that whoever rings this bell is giving honour to Virgin Mary who will grant the wish.

Take a long stroll through Vintgar Gorge

Vintgar Gorge is one of the best places to visit in Bled (and a must for any Slovenia itinerary), even if it’s actually a bit outside the town.

It’s just a short drive or hike from Bled. You get to walk along the sides of the gorgeous Radovna River, featuring blueish-green waters and interesting rock formations.

For most of the hike, you’ll get to walk on an elevated boardwalk.

Vintgar Gorge

It’s a fun side trip for the whole family, and the wooden boardwalk makes it suitable for people of all ages, including small children.

The real highlight is the end of the 1.6-kilometre walk when the boardwalk takes you through the gorge.

When you get to the other side, if you’re too tired to walk back, there are numerous shuttles that will drive you back.

Ski or hike your way through Triglav National Park

Triglav National Park is also just outside the town and provides more opportunities to get out into nature.

You can ski, hike, or simply enjoy the fresh air in this beautiful nationally protected park.

The park covers an amazing 84,000 hectares and is one of the oldest protected parks in Europe. The area includes numerous nature trails, ski slopes, and stores selling fresh produce.

Bridge over Soca River in Triglav National Park

The mountains and forests are stunning, the waters are crystal clear, and the area is surrounded by quaint little villages. You can even rent a hut if you enjoy rustic accommodations. Just keep in mind that the area can get quite crowded during the peak travel times in the winter and summer. If you want to beat the crowd, strap on your hiking boots and head out early in the day.

Go for a long walk around the shores of Lake Bled

If you don’t know where to go in Bled, walk around the lake. Circumnavigating Lake Bled offers another way to check out the splendor of the region. It’s a six-kilometre hike on comfortable terrain, with several spots to enjoy a view of the lake and Bled Island.

Bled Island

When travelling during the warmer months (quite possibly the best time to go to Slovenia), you may want to test the waters.

The trip around the lake provides a few areas where you can stop and take a swim. It’s not very often that you get to go swimming with a thousand-year-old fairytale castle behind you.

Ride the summer toboggan down Straza Bled Hill

At Straza Bled, you get to ride a chairlift to the top one of the smaller hills in the area and then ride a fast toboggan down to the bottom. Before you take that ride, ensure that you get a good view of the town on the other side of the lake.

Straza Bled

The toboggan run is a popular activity for those wondering what to do in Bled. Just prepare yourself for the fast-paced ride.

For something a little more relaxing, the hill also features an adventure park, free fall simulator, and more.

If you travel in the winter, you may also get to enjoy night-time skiing down the slope, with the lights of Bled twinkling behind you.

Get another view of the town from Mala Osojnica

Bled is surrounded by hills and mountains, which gives you a wide selection of viewpoints for gazing out over the city.

If you want to enjoy the best Bled sightseeing, hike the Mala Osojnica. The hike is a little more strenuous compared to the other walking tours, but it typically only takes about an hour of your time.

View from Mala Osojnica

Some of the paths are narrow, and you spend most of your time under the cover of massive trees.

When you get to the end of the hike, you’re greeted with a panoramic, aerial view of Bled and the lake. The viewpoint is even higher compared to the view from the castle and offers a spectacular look at the mountain range behind the town.

Where to stay in Bled for sightseeing

Even with its popularity, choosing where to stay in Bled is quite easy thanks to its compact nature. Most of the bet hotels & places to stay are located close to the lakeside, around the town’s tourist centre.

Here are a few ideas for your accommodations search:

  • Guest House Mlino: Located on the lakeshore, this small family-run property offers clean & comfortable rooms with other on-site amenities including a restaurant and a terrace bar.
  • Čarman Guest House: A boutique-style guesthouse located on the edge of the lake offering bright & tidy rooms with lake views that are sure to uplift your spirits.
  • Adora Luxury Hotel: A traditional lakeside villa perched upon the shore of Lake Bled under the shadow of the Julien Alps. Upgrade to one of the lakeview rooms for incredible vistas over the lake and castle.
  • Vila Bled: A elegant luxury villa that once acted as former Yugoslav president Marshal Tito’s summer residence. Join the line of dignitaries—from Nikita Khrushchev to King Hussein of Jordan to Jawaharlal Nehru to Gamal Abdel Nasser—who were once guests here and soak in incredible vistas while enjoying the hotel’s world-class hospitality.

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