10 Days in Bali: Itinerary, Where to Go, What to Do & Where to Stay

10 Days in Bali Itinerary

There’s hardly a Southeast Asia travel plan that’ll polarize travellers more than spending 10 days in Bali. Those who loved their Bali itinerary dream of its misty Hindu temples, rice terraces, and sandy beaches with an almost unhealthy obsessiveness; those who didn’t fight tooth and nail to convince others there are “better,” more off-the-beaten-path places … Read more

Where to Go in Bali: 7 Destinations For Your Next Getaway

Where to Go in Bali, Indonesia

I can hardly think of a place in Southeast Asia with a more mystical underpinnings than Bali. The name alone conjures exotic images of beaches and jungles shrouded in Southeast Asian myth & legend. The reality is far different. You’ll find two distinct camps, equally furious in their resolve to prove that Bali is either the … Read more