Must-Try Craft Breweries in Breckenridge, CO, for Beer Lovers

Colorado takes center stage in the national craft beer movement, and the Breckenridge craft beer scene showcases some of the finest regionally brewed suds. Get your hands on the latest barrel-aged, infused, imperial, and sour creations at these top-notch craft breweries in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Whether you’re a beer lover or a newbie on the craft brew scene, Breckenridge’s breweries have something for everyone. Enjoy a pint on the patio after a day of outdoor adventures at Breckenridge Brewery, one of the most well-known breweries in town. Broken Compass Brewing hits the mark if you prefer a cozy taproom and innovative and experimental brews.

Venture slightly further afield on your quest for the perfect brew. Head to the nearby town of Silverthorne to visit Angry James Brewery and Syndicate Brewing Co. for locally crafted brews and spectacular mountain views. A bit further down the road in Dillon, Dillon Dam Brewery boasts a lively atmosphere and a menu full of delicious pub grub. Their beer selection covers assorted styles to satisfy different tastes.

Are those tastebuds yearning for wild yeast strains, roasted malt flavors, and floral hop flavors? Dive into the world of craft beer at these popular Breckenridge craft breweries!

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Breckenridge Brewery & Pub

Breckenridge Brewery & Pub holds a special place in Colorado’s craft brewing history, with its roots firmly planted in the rich soil of Colorado craft beer culture. Located on South Main Street in the heart of Breckenridge, this gem is a must-visit for beer enthusiasts looking to taste Colorado’s local craft brewing scene.

The brewery prides itself on using traditional brewing methods, ensuring each beer is crafted precisely and passionately. They use high-quality ingredients, and their dedication to the craft is evident in every sip you take.

The Breckenridge Brewery offers diverse brews, from golden ales to malty stouts. Try their signature brews like the smooth Avalanche Ale, roasty Vanilla Porter, and refreshing Agave Wheat. They regularly rotate their beer offerings, so each visit offers the opportunity to discover something new.

Enjoy your beer on the outdoor patio with breathtaking mountain views. The menu offers mouthwatering dishes that pair perfectly with their beer-like hearty burgers. On selected evenings, you can groove to live music performances by local artists.

Don’t forget to swing by the souvenir shop to pick up some brewery swag, like t-shirts, glassware, and more, to remember your visit.

Broken Compass Brewing Main Street

Looking for a spot to unwind, taste innovative craft beers, and soak in the laid-back Breckenridge vibe? Broken Compass Brewing Main Street fits the bill! What began as a labor of love by two homebrewing enthusiasts has become a community hotspot for craft beer aficionados and travelers alike.

Broken Compass Brewing Main Street boasts an ever-changing lineup of craft beers, from a rich and velvety Coconut Porter to a zesty Ginger Pale Ale and citrusy Mountain Saison. The brewery has a penchant for seasonal and experimental brews and often releases limited batches of unique and innovative beers that can’t be found anywhere else. Think spiced winter ales and refreshing summer sours!

If you’re a true beer connoisseur, keep an eye out for Broken Compass Brewing’s Brewer’s Reserve Series. These are their most exclusive and sought-after creations. From barrel-aged beers to complex and layered brews, this series is a treat if you want to explore craft beer’s outer limits.

Broken Compass often hosts outdoor events during the warmer months in their spacious patio area. Whether it’s a beer and BBQ festival or a lively summer concert, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy the Colorado sunshine and the company of fellow beer enthusiasts.

Highside Brewing

Enjoy a fantastic craft beer experience steeped in history and rich in flavor at Highside Brewing. Tucked away in the heart of the Breckenridge Historic District, this beloved brewery is where craft beer, culture, and community come together.

Adorned with vintage ski gear, snowboards, and mountain memorabilia, Highside Brewing pays homage to Breckenridge’s rich skiing heritage. It takes its name from the term ‘highside,’ which is snow sports slang for a thrilling maneuver, reflecting the adventurous spirit that Colorado is known for.

Highside Brewing is all about innovation and creativity. Using traditional and modern brewing methods, they produce a diverse and exciting range of craft beers that take your taste buds on a flavor-packed journey. The crisp and hoppy Powderhound Pale Ale, a rich and malty Railslide Red Ale, and a refreshing Highside Hefeweizen are must-try options.

Highside Brewing hosts themed events that celebrate Colorado’s adventurous spirit. From ‘Powder Days’ to ‘Mountain Film Nights,’ these are fantastic opportunities to connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts while enjoying specially curated beer selections.

Breckenridge Tap House

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of craft beer at the Breckenridge Tap House. This inviting bar is your gateway to a world of craft beer and local culture in this mountain paradise. Enjoy over 37 rotating beers on tap, exotic spirits, and gourmet Mexican food in a warm and inviting ambiance.

Founded in 2011, the Breckenridge Tap House has become a beloved part of the local craft beer scene. It was born out of a passion for craft brewing and a commitment to offering a diverse range of high-quality beers to locals and visitors alike.

From Dry Dock Brewing Company’s Apricot Blonde to the Gore Creek IPA from Vail Brewing Company, you’ll find a fantastic range of craft brews from some of Colorado’s top breweries. The Breckenridge Tap House offers a delectable menu of pub fare, including mouthwatering Mexican food, hearty burgers, and other delicious dishes that pair perfectly with your beer.

In the warmer months, their outdoor seating area provides a fantastic spot to soak up the sunshine and take in the views of Breckenridge’s bustling Main Street. If you’re traveling with your four-legged friend, the Tap House has a dog-friendly patio area, so feel free to bring your furry companion along.

Outer Range Brewing Company

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of town and head to the Outer Range Brewing Company in Frisco. One of two taprooms, the other of which is nestled in the picturesque French Alps, Outer Range produces a range of craft beers inspired by majestic mountain peaks.

The Colorado taproom offers a mixed-market experience and shares its space with Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters and a counter-service café serving delicious grub. Sip a range of brews from Belgians and lagers, stouts and dark Belgians, hoppy IPAs, and zingy sours.

Tuck into mouthwatering Thai fried chicken dishes created by renowned local chef Chris Schmidt that pair perfectly with Outer Range Brewing Company’s ester-forward beers.

If you prefer beans to brews, grab a coffee from the family-owned Mountain Dweller Coffee Roasters café, which roasts their carefully curated beans on-site.

Dillon Dam Brewery

Another sweet spot for handcrafted brews and spectacular Rocky Mountain scenery is Dillon Dam Brewery. This craft beer haven is nestled in the charming town of Dillon, about 10 miles from Breckenridge, and captures the essence of Colorado’s craft beer culture and its natural beauty.

Dillon Dam Brewery is more than just a place to enjoy craft beer; it’s a part of the Colorado brewing heritage and a popular community hub. Established in 1997, the brewery has a rich history of brewing excellence.

Prepare to embark on a flavor-filled journey with diverse craft beers catering to all tastes. Sip Sweet George’s Brown, a rich, malty brown ale with hints of caramel and chocolate, or go for a hoppy and aromatic pale ale. Don’t miss the Dillon Lager, a crisp, refreshing lager perfect for sipping by the reservoir.

Explore their rotating seasonal and specialty brews; they often have something exciting and unique on tap. Head to the spacious outdoor patio to enjoy your brew surrounded by breathtaking Rocky Mountain views.

If you’re exploring the area, consider combining your visit with a scenic walk along the Dillon Reservoir shoreline, which is just a stone’s throw away.

Angry James Brewery

Venture further afield and make your way to Angry James Brewery in the scenic town of Silverthorne. Just a short drive from Breckenridge, you’ll find Angry James Brewery on Adams Avenue in the picturesque village.

Angry James Brewery has a history rooted in the love of craft beer and community. Established by a passionate group of beer enthusiasts, this microbrewery has quickly become a beloved go-to known for its dedication to quality and creativity.

The brewery uses traditional brewing methods and time-honored techniques infused with creative approaches and a dash of innovation. Expect a diverse range of unique and flavorful craft beers, from pale ales and IPAs to stouts and wheat beers.

Angry James Brewery offers more than just exceptional beer; it’s a place to relax, connect, and soak in the local culture. The cozy and inviting tasting room is ideal for sampling their latest brews and engaging in friendly conversations with fellow beer enthusiasts.

On sunny Colorado days, the outdoor seating area lets you bask in the mountain views while enjoying your favorite beer.

Syndicate Brewing Co.

Another craft beer haven to try while you’re in Silverthorne is Syndicate Brewing Co. Located on Buffalo Mountain Drive, the nano-brewery has grown from its humble beginnings in a home kitchen to an award-winning local favorite for true-to-style craft beers.

Founded by two friends who wanted ‘beer on tap all the time,’ Syndicate Brewing Co. produces a range of easy-drinking brews from light, drinkable lagers and hoppy West Coast IPAs to dark, robust porters.

You’ll also find a selection of rotating beers – try the Beatrice Honey Belgian Blonde and Bomb Dust Black IPA. Take a slice of Syndicate Brewing Co. home with the brewery’s growlers.

RMU Breckenridge

For a one-of-a-kind combination of craft beer and mountain adventure, RMU Breckenridge scores a perfect 10! Founded by a group of outdoor enthusiasts, RMU (Rocky Mountain Underground) Breckenridge is a lively bar-cum-brewery and après-ski hangout serving cool craft beers and cocktails.

You’ll find this one-of-a-kind spot on the Main Road in the heart of downtown Breckenridge and is a beloved spot for locals and visitors alike. At RMU Breckenridge, you can expect a rotating selection of craft beers, from pale ales to seasonal and limited-edition releases.

If you’re a fan of hop-forward brews, you’ll find a variety of IPAs that showcase different hop profiles, from citrusy and floral to piney and tropical. For those seeking rich, dark beers with roasted malt flavors, RMU offers stouts and porters featuring notes of chocolate, coffee, and more.

RMU Breckenridge offers more than just great beer; it’s a gathering place for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Enjoy your beer on their outdoor patio, soaking in the mountain views and fresh alpine air. RMU occasionally hosts live music events, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.


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