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As much as I’ve applied the principles of minimalist travel to lighten my load, there are just some things I just can’t leave home without. Backpacks, cameras, rain gear, solid footwear, and miscellaneous travel accessories; all are important additions to the discerning traveller’s arsenal.

What you’ll find in here are travel gear reviews covering a variety of these must-haves. I plan on expanding this section to create a massive resource that will help you to venture out into the world well prepared. Stay tuned!


Let’s start with perhaps the most important piece of travel gear: your luggage. (I mean, without it, how on would you carry all of your other awesome travel gear?)

Luggage comes in a variety of sizes and style. What you’ll need depends as much on personal preference as the types of trips you’re planning to rock out.

Of course, as an independent traveller, I’m a little biased. My favourite piece of luggage is undoubtedly a travel backpack!

In my travels I’ve used just about everything from massive wheeled suitcases to carry-on luggage—and about every size in between. To me, though, nothing is more convenient and comfortable to travel with than a proper-fitting backpack.

Whatever your own preference, here are few luggage reviews to get you started…

(More backpacks and luggage on the way. Much more. I promise!)


Even in world’s best places to visit, weather won’t always co-operate. Good outerwear can be one of the most important things you’ll add to your backpack!

Best Rain Jackets for Men

What you’ll need for outerwear will depend on the destination and the season you’re travelling in. Anything from the most ultra-lightweight rain jacket to the warmest winter coats could end up in your luggage.

To help you choose the perfect outerwear for your trip, here are some useful outerwear reviews to start…

Rain Jackets

Softshell Jackets

Fleece Jackets

Down Jackets

Travel Pants

(More coming. Soon!)


Along with outerwear, proper footwear is essential for any trip. While I love to travel light, footwear is one of those places that unavoidably tends to add up the weight while travelling.

Unless you’re travelling to a destination with a fairly steady climate where you’re planning to undertake little variety in activities, it could be hard to get away with one piece of footwear. (Although I often manage!)

The need for different footwear grows as you visit destinations with a wider variety of things to do. In more tropical destinations like Panama or Costa Rica, for example, you may find yourself needing a good pair of hiking shoes one day and sandals the next.

Not sure where to start choosing the best footwear for your next trip? Here are a few footwear reviews to get you started…

Hiking Shoes

Hiking Boots

(More to come. It’s in draft, I swear!)

Photography Equipment

As important as all the other items are, the only two things I’ve ever had nightmares about forgetting on a trip are my passport and my camera. I seriously can’t imagine travelling without it.

Travel photography is one of the reasons I love travelling as much as I do. Even photos from my first trips abroad—truly among the most horrendous the world has ever laid eyes upon—bring me joy in recollection.

Over the years I’ve upgraded my photography equipment, learning new tricks along the way. With the buyers guides below, I aim to help you pick out the best cameras and photography accessories to take your travel photography to the next level, whatever your budget or skill level:

(Sorry, nothing here yet! Stay tuned, wayfarer…)

Travel Accessories

While they might not be as glamorous as a shiny-new mirrorless camera or as necessary as a sturdy pair of hiking boots, cool travel accessories help make your journey smoother whether by adding entertainment value, comfort or practicality.

Some travel accessories are entirely necessary like travel adapters and toiletry bags while others like travel neck pillows or portable chargers are just simply convenient to have lying around.

Whatever your needs (and wants), here are some guides to some of the best travel accessories to add to your arsenal:

(And that’s all for now. Soon enough, my friend!)

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