Where to Stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand: The Best Hotels & Areas

As one of the most interesting travel destinations in Thailand, choosing where to stay in Chiang Mai is one of the most exciting parts of planning a trip here—and one of the most difficult!

The best hotels in Chiang Mai are spread all throughout this sprawling Thai city. Although many first-time travellers choose Old Town as their accommodations base, there’s a whole slew of interesting neighbourhoods & areas in Chiang Mai where you can experience world-class shopping, vibrant nightlife, and superb eating & drinking venues.

Keen to discover the best places to stay in Chiang Mai? Find the perfect hotel, guesthouse, or hostel with this complete accommodations guide, including the best areas to stay and the top Chiang Mai hotels for travellers…

Best places to stay in Chiang Mai

As the largest city in northern Thailand and with a metro area that covers close to 3,000 square kilometres & includes over a million residents, nailing down where to stay in Chiang Mai isn’t always easy for travellers.

The best things to do in Chiang Mai are spread far and wide between a diverse array of areas & neighbourhoods.

For most first-time travellers, especially if you only have one day in Chiang Mai, staying in Old Town is the logical choice. Old Town is chock-loaded with numerous old Buddhist temples and wats, along with hosting some of the best hotels in Chiang Mai.

If you’ve got more time in Chiang Mai, however, there are plenty of other areas to consider. Choosing to stay outside of Old Town will put the city’s zoos and national parks, including Doi Suthep National Park, within closer reach.

The best areas to stay in Chiang Mai include:

  • Old Town: The best area to stay for first-time travellers wanting to max out on historical sightseeing.
  • Haiya: The top neighbourhood to stay in Chiang Mai for experiencing some of the city’s best shopping & street food.
  • Nimmanhaemin: Home to many of the top luxury hotels in Chiang Mai, this is the recommended area for luxury travellers and families. The neighbourhood is also popular with expats.
  • Chang Moi: A vibrant district that’s the top-rated area in Chiang Mai for experiencing the city’s best nightlife and fine dining.

Old Town

✔ Best area to stay in Chiang Mai for sightseeing and history buffs

If you’re trying to visit all the top attractions in Chiang Mai, Old Town has you covered. Also called the Old City, it’s the central part of Chiang Mai and home to many of the city’s landmarks.

Shortly after the city’s founding, the rulers built a moat and a defensive wall. Over 700 years later, the moat and parts of the wall remain. The Old City includes the area inside the boundaries of the moat.

Wat Phra Singh Old Town

While the Old City includes many of the historic sites, it also has a modern skyline. The district includes recently built hotels, resorts, and commercial strips. The blend of old and new has helped Chiang Mai become a thriving city, attracting millions of tourists each year.

You can spend most of your trip on foot exploring the nearby attractions. Start with the famous wats, including Wat Phra Singh. You can also visit pedestrian shopping streets, tour museums, and travel under the old city gates.

On Sundays, check out the walking street market that features hundreds of stalls and street performers. The rest of the week, you’ll have access to a diverse selection of Thai and Western-style restaurants.

Recommended hotels in Old Town

The Old Town area includes dozens of great hotels to choose from. It’s got something for everyone. You can find affordable hotels with simple amenities or splash out on luxury accommodations with 24-hour concierges.

No matter where you stay, you’re never more than a few blocks from a temple.

  • Cozytel Chiangmai: Located just a short walk from Three Kings Monument, this low-cost hotel mostly offers a convenient location. You can easily walk to the most famous temples in Chiang Mai but the hotel doesn’t have a lot of extra amenities.
  • Pingviman Hotel: This luxurious hotel is a great choice for those who enjoy travelling in style and sits among the finest hotels in Chiang Mai. The elegant furnishings and on-site restaurant make you feel like royalty, allowing you to relax and test authentic Thai cuisine without leaving your hotel.
  • Anumat Premium Budget Hotel: As a three-star hotel, this accommodations option has simple features. Each room has a bed, a snack bar, and a TV. If you want a massage or Thai food, you’ll need to explore elsewhere. Luckily, the hotel is a short walk from the Sunday night market.


✔ Top place to stay in Chiang Mai for foodies who love shopping

The sub-district of Haiya is mostly known for Wualai Road. On Saturdays, the road becomes a walking market street. The market opens in the afternoon, always packed with vendors selling everything from locally made goods to clothing and street food.

Saturday Night Market Haiya

If you enjoy food and shopping, the market should keep you happy. Taste authentic Thai food, including fried rice and pad Thai or barbecued fish. Some of the street food items include sweets and smoothies that you can finish as you browse the hundreds of stalls.

As with the other top districts to stay in Chiang Mai, Haiya also has a selection of wats to visit. A block from the night market, you’ll find Wat Sri Suphan. This temple stands out from the others in Chiang Mai for its interesting exterior and interior.

While most of the temples feature gold leaf décor, Wat Sri Suphan is entirely adorned in silver. The walls, roof, statues, and décor all feature silver.

Depending on where you stay, you may find yourself just a short walk from the attractions beyond the moat. If checking out the temple or the market, you can ride a tuk-tuk to the old city for more shopping and sightseeing.

Recommended hotels in Haiya

The hotels in the Haiya district tend to be smaller, but they still provide luxury options. The top choices include hotels near the border with the Old City, making it easier to reach the nearby attractions.

The hotels to the south often cost less and provide closer access to the airport.

  • iWualai Hotel: This recently built three-star hotel has clean sheets, comfortable beds, and a great location. It’s near a couple of the most famous temples. It also has an outdoor pool and garden views from your room’s terrace.
  • Rinn Boutique House: The modern décor of this hotel may not appeal to everyone. The rooms are bright and have an industrial-style atmosphere. Each room also has a patio, some with views of the city skyline.
  • iSilver Hotel: This hotel is a little closer to the airport and one of the more affordable choices in this area of Chiang Mai. It also has its own swimming pool, garden, and terrace, providing luxury features to help you relax after a long day of sightseeing.


✔ Recommended neighbourhood to stay in Chiang Mai for luxury travellers & families

If your Chiang Mai trip includes stops at Doi Suthep National Park and the surrounding area, consider staying in Nimmanhaemin. This sub-district is halfway between the national park and the Old City. It’s also considered the trendiest part of Chiang Mai.

Nimmanhaemin “Nimman” Road runs through the centre of the district. It contains a large collection of high-end restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutique shops. The northern part of the district also contains a massive shopping mall, while the central area includes Chiang Mai’s university neighbourhoods.

Wat Suan Dok Nimman

While parts of the district cater to university students and those seeking nightlife, it’s also the best area in Chiang Mai for families.

The luxury shops and hotels provide a safe, comfortable retreat for you and the kids. Nimman really offers something for everyone, from peaceful relaxation to the area’s best bars and shops.

As with other sub-districts in Chiang Mai, Nimman is just a short trip from some of the top things to see in the city. You can shop, eat, and sleep in Nimman while venturing to the neighbouring districts for sightseeing excursions.

Recommended hotels in Nimmanhaemin

The Nimman area includes all types of accommodations, from hostels to apartments. Of course, it also has hotels, mostly found in the central neighbourhoods near the local technical college.

These lodging options are also near the main bar streets and galleries in the district.

  • U Nimman Chiang Mai: Located on the main road between the Old City and the mountains, this five-star hotel provides the most convenient base for exploring other parts of Chiang Mai. The rooms also offer sweeping views of the mountain, depending on which side of the hotel you stay in.
  • Kokotel Chiang Mai Nimman: This mid-range Chiang Mai hotel isn’t on the main road, but it’s affordable and even offers family rooms. The rooms also come loaded with amenities such as a fridge, desk, bidet, and electric teapot. You’ll feel at home here.
  • Stay with Nimman Chiang Mai: If you want spa treatments, Thai massages, and local cuisine, stay at this five-star hotel. You can find everything that you need without setting foot outdoors. Some rooms offer city views, but only on one side of the building.

Chang Moi

✔ Top neighbourhood to stay for nightlife and fine dining

Bordering the Old City to the west, Chang Moi features more modern developments and riverside entertainment. The Ping River cuts through the sub-district. It’s lined with bars, clubs, resorts, and more historic attractions and temples.

Chang Moi is still a laid-back sub-district, but it’s also one of the best areas to stay in Chiang Mai for entertainment. The riverside area includes a combination of luxury and old-world charm. You’ll find live music spilling out of the bars and various boutiques selling a wide range of handicrafts.

The area across the river is a bit trendy and quirky. It’s where you’ll find some of the more interesting museums and attractions, including various art galleries.

Night Bazaar Chang Moi

The Chang Moi district also contains the popular night bazaar. The Chiang Mai Night Bazaar area is its own neighbourhood, covering four blocks of the district. The bazaar is a sprawling market with hundreds of vendors and typically opens around sunset and stays open for four or five hours.

On Sundays, visit the walking street market. It’s a little more crowded compared to the walking street market held on Saturdays in the Haiya district.

Besides shopping, the walking street offers entertainment with various local events such as beauty pageants or dance recitals.

Recommended hotels in Chang Moi

Chang Moi has some of the top-rated hotels in Chiang Mai. These accommodations provide easy access to the old city and the area along the river. You’ll also find plenty of high-end resorts and business hotels.

  • Night Bazaar Inn: This is an affordable option for those wanting to save money for entertainment. It’s near the river and the night bazaar, providing plenty of opportunities to spend money on drinks, dining, and fun. The rooms are surprisingly spacious and come with their own seating area and fridge.
  • dusitD2 Chiang Mai: This five-star hotel stands out for its interesting designer décor, large rooms, and an on-site spa. The hotel’s restaurant was even ranked as the best restaurant in Thailand. It’s one of the most luxurious choices and a block from the bazaar and night market.
  • Le Meridien Chiang Mai: Featuring a blend of European and Thai décor, this five-star hotel boasts four different dining options and its own outdoor pool. You’ll feel pampered from the moment you arrive, thanks to the variety of amenities and hotel services, including traditional Thai massages.

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