Where to Stay in Osaka, Japan: The Best Hotels & Areas

There’s no getting around it: choosing where to stay in Osaka isn’t always easy. As the second-biggest metro area in Japan, Osaka spreads far and wide. It leaves many first-time travellers guessing where all the best places to stay in Osaka might be hiding.

In this guide, we break down the best areas to stay in Osaka. From the exciting streets of Namba to Umeda, we’ll look at each of the most popular neighbourhoods, districts, and wards in Osaka. We’ve also put together a list of the best hotels in Osaka at every budget. Let’s get your Osaka accommodation search started.

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Best areas to stay in Osaka: Top neighbourhoods, districts & wards

Whether you’ve carved out one day in Osaka or got time to spare, the city centre is the best place to stay in Osaka. The city centre is packed with exciting neighbourhoods, districts, and wards.

Wherever you find yourself in central Osaka, you’ll be close to Osaka’s top attractions. You’ll never witness a dull moment during your stay. (Unless you want to, of course!)

The best areas to stay in Osaka include:

  • Dotonbori is the top choice for where to stay in Osaka. It’s perfect for first-time travellers seeking out a lively area in the city centre. In Dotonbori, street food, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping will be at your fingertips.
  • Shinsaibashi is the best area for shopping and experiencing Osaka’s edgy youth subculture. Besides shopping, there’s a superb selection of restaurants and great street food nearby.
  • Namba (Minami) is one of Osaka’s two “downtowns.” This district offers some of the city’s best selection of quality accommodations. Namba is also home to some of the city’s most popular restaurants and shopping centres.
  • Umeda (Kita) is the northern half of the city centre. Umeda is the best place to stay in Osaka for luxury travellers. It’s home to a wide selection of top-notch 5-star hotels. The area comprises two of Osaka’s main transport hubs, Osaka Station and Umeda Station. There’s a barrage of shopping & entertainment here, along with some of the best restaurants in Osaka.
  • Honmachi is a small quiet district between Shinsaibashi and Kita. This area is a great alternative for a more tranquil urban experience. Honmachi offers good value accommodation. You’ll also enjoy quick access to the city’s top tourist sites.
  • Tennoji is one of the top neighbourhoods to stay in Osaka for budget travellers. The district is located on the southern fringes of Namba. You’ll be further from sightseeing opportunities in Tennoji. If you don’t mind the longer commute, though, you’ll enjoy great value accommodations. The ultra-cool retro area of Shinsekai is also nearby. It’s home to some amazing restaurants & entertainment.
  • Osaka Bay is the most popular area to stay in Osaka for families and couples. The area is home to Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium. It’s also a great choice for anyone wanting to score excellent 4-star accommodations at cheaper prices.
  • Shin-Osaka centres around the main shinkansen (bullet train) station. This neighbourhood is the top choice for day-trippers. It’s also a good choice for travellers arriving later in the evening or departing early in the morning.


✓ Best area to stay in Osaka for foodies & travellers who want in on the action

When dreaming of spending time in Osaka, Dotonbori should shoot to the forefront. This buzzing area lines the banks of the Dotonbori-gawa Canal. It’s everything you’d expect out of a modern Japanese city. The colourful neon lights and infectious energy is enough to wake even the sleepiest of wanderers out of their travel coma.

Dotonbori at Night

Most of all, Dotonbori will win your heart through your stomach. Countless restaurants dot the banks of the canal. Amid the bright lights, you’ll fulfill all your Japanese food fantasies.

Elsewhere in Dotonbori, more traditional cultural activities take centre stage. You’ll enjoy performances at the National Bunraku Theatre and see flashes of old Japan at Hozen-ji Yokocho & Hozen-ji Temple.

Dotonbori is the perfect area to stay for foodies and travellers who can’t sit still. With all the entertainment and eating options at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong staying here.

Recommended hotels in Dotonbori

Dotonbori is a relatively small area wedged between Namba and Shinsaibashi. The selection of accommodations isn’t so extensive. You’ll find that most of the top choices for where to stay in Dotonbori lie within the budget and mid-range categories. For 5-star luxury, you’ll need to look to other areas such as Namba or Kita.

  • Hotel Sunroute Osaka Namba is a newer budget pick that’s a 6- to 7-minute stroll to the heart of Dotonbori. Rooms are clean & “cozy” as the usual Japanese standard would predict. It’s a great option for a budget stay in a central area.
  • APA Hotel Namba-Shinsaibashi is a delightfully modern 3-star hotel. It boasts a near-perfect location for your stay. Dotonbori lies within a mere two-minute walk.
  • Holiday Inn Osaka Namba is a fantastic 4-star hotel. It features colourful contemporary styles that are a touch above your usual chain hotel. Thanks to its location, brilliant Kansai cuisine will tease your tastebuds. Some of the area’s best restaurants are just one minute away by foot. Shinsaibashi-suji also awaits. It’s just three minutes away. Visit to relieve yourself of all your yen on an epic shopping spree.


✓ Best area to stay in Osaka for shoppers & trend-spotters

Osaka’s answer to Tokyo’s Ginza, Shinsaibashi is one of Osaka’s trendiest neighbourhoods. It’s sprinkled with high-fashion boutiques and more excuses to dispense with your yen than anywhere else in Osaka.

Like Dotonbori to the south, Shinsaibashi has drawn Osakans in since time immemorial. The district first grew in importance almost 400 years ago during the Edo Period. At the time, it was the most popular merchant trading area in Osaka.


Between Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street and Mido-suji, Shinsaibashi still brings in the dough. It offers everything from the world’s top fashion brands to specialty items.

You can also choose to stay in the western part of the neighbourhood. The edgy America-mura (American Village) counterpunches the brand-focused streets of the east. America-mura is sprinkled with second-hand stores & vintage record shops. The quirky spot sets the pace for Osaka’s fringe youth culture.

Shinsaibashi is the most popular area for travellers who love shopping and trend-spotting. It’s also a fantastic neighbourhood for eating, offering a ton of local Kansai favourites among its vendors.

Recommended hotels in Shinsaibashi

Like Dotonbori, much of the focus in Shinsaibashi is on mid-range accommodation. There’s very little availability in the budget and luxury categories.

  • Sarasa Hotel Shinsaibashi is a squeaky-clean and modern option. It offers excellent value in a super central location. Shinsaibashi’s major shopping streets are about a 10-minute walk away.
  • The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi is a stylish new 3-star hotel. And it’s dead set on making your stay in Osaka as awesome as possible. Extras like free bike rentals & free pocket WiFi & smartphone rentals add mega value to their already snazzy rooms.
  • Karaksa Hotel Osaka Namba is a brand-new 4-star Osaka hotel. It’s decked out with bright, comfortable rooms for a relaxing stay. Both the Dotonbori area and Shinsaibashi-suji are equally close by foot.

Namba (Minami)

✓ Best district to stay in Osaka for food & shopping and a wide selection of accommodations

Namba is the epicentre of Osaka’s south (Minami). Along with Umeda/Kita in the north, it’s one of the city’s two major centres. Namba rings around the major train station of the same name. It dwells just south of the Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi areas


In Namba proper and the rest of Minami, you’ll be able to let loose. The district is home to some of Osaka’s best food and the city’s wildest nightlife. Even outside of Shinsaibashi in the north, Namba is one of the best shopping destinations in Osaka. The area teems with shopping malls, boutiques, and famous department stores.

Namba is the best choice for travellers who love food & shopping. It’s a great alternative to Dotonbori and Shinsaibashi. It’s close by but offers a wider selection of places to stay.

Recommended hotels in Namba

Compared to smaller districts in Minami, accommodations in Namba are more varied. Here, you’ll find an extensive selection of budget and mid-range hotels. While sorting out where to stay in Namba, you might find the area short on high-end luxury. Head up to Kita for most of the top 5-star options in Osaka.

  • Kamon Hotel Namba is a sleek mid-range budget design hotel. It’s packed with a unique artistic flair and traditional Japanese twists that’ll add a little pizazz to your stay. Kuromon Market is a mere block away. And if that doesn’t get your mouth-watering, the brilliant on-site udon restaurant might.
  • Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba Nipponbashi is a new 3-star hotel that checks all the boxes. It offers clean, modern rooms and a fantastic location. The buzzing area of Dotonbori is a mere 10 minutes away by foot via Namba City. Or shock your senses with the wackiness of Shinsekai. The area is a short 15-minute walk south.
  • Swissôtel Nankai Osaka is a luxurious 5-star hotel set apart from the Minami crowd. Its rooms are unique, decked out in colourful post-modern decor. They offer spectacular views of the cityscape. You’ll also love its amenities, from the heated indoor pool & spa to the over half-a-dozen restaurants & bars on-site. The location above Namba Station is perfect for your stay.

Umeda (Kita)

✓ Best district to stay in Osaka for great shopping, eating & entertainment with a dash of luxury

Did the southern comforts of Minami fail to impress? Head due north to Umeda, Osaka’s second city centre. Also referred to as Kita District (meaning “North”), the area sprawls around the transport hubs of Osaka Station and Umeda Station.

Umeda Sky Building

Much of what you’ll find further south repeats itself in Umeda. From filling your shopping bags to stuffing your face kuidaore-style, you can do it all here. Umeda is also a top-notch entertainment area. Whether you want to grab a fine whiskey at a hostess bar or embarrass yourself among new Osaka tomodachi (friends) at a karaoke bar, Umeda fits the bill.

If you’re visiting Osaka during cherry blossom season, there are a few lovely spots in the area, too. Kema Sakuranomiya Park and the Mint Museum in the eastern part of Kita are among the loveliest places to hanami in the city.

Umeda is the perfect choice travellers looking for good shopping, eating, and entertainment with a dash of luxury.

Kita is home to the city’s two major transport hubs. It’s also close to Yodoyabashi Station on the Keihan Main Line, running to Sanjo Station in Kyoto. Kita is a great district for tackling some of the best day trips from Osaka.

Recommended hotels in Umeda

There isn’t quite as large a selection of accommodations in Umeda (Kita) as in Namba to the south. What you’ll find here, though, trumps all other areas in luxury. The district is home to a good chunk of the best 5-star hotels in Osaka. If you’re looking to splurge & indulge during your stay, this is the place to do it.

  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier Osaka is a fantastic mid-range hotel offering some of the best value in Kita. Although it’s a 15-minute walk from the centre of Umeda, the views overlooking the river and skyline are sure to win you over. Free shuttles to Osaka Station are offered.
  • Hotel Granvia Osaka is a simple & elegant 4-star perched above Osaka Station. Rooms are comfortable, even if a little snugger than the norm for the area. Several on-site restaurants set up a myriad of food choices. You can enjoy everything from Japanese or Chinese to French or Italian.
  • Hilton Osaka Hotel is a superb pick located two minutes from Osaka Station. It features top-end amenities, including five on-site dining options. You’ll also enjoy the well-equipped fitness centre and swimming pool.
  • InterContinental Hotel Osaka is one of the absolute best hotels in Osaka. This luxurious 5-star features spacious modern rooms. They’re spotlighted by large picture windows peering onto the skyline. The hotel delights guests’ tastebuds with 5 on-site restaurants. Most popular is Pierre, serving up splendid French cuisine to 20th-floor city views. The InterContinental also offers a convenient location close to JR Osaka Station.
  • The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is another top luxury pick in Umeda. This 5-star stunner blends classic European elegance with Japanese splendor. And the charming rooms are only half the story. At the Ritz, the relaxing spa, indoor pool, and six on-site dining options take centre stage. Nearby Osaka Station puts the entire city and region at your fingertips.


✓ Best area to stay in Osaka for a quiet & budget-friendly central accommodations

The Honmachi neighbourhood is wedged between Shinsaibashi and Kita. With Hommachi-dori as its spine, Honmachi is a surprisingly chill place to stay. It’s much quieter than the areas to both its north and south.

Although it’s firmly in central Osaka, Honmachi feels worlds away from the never-ending buzz. In fact, other than sleep and eat, there isn’t much to do here!


For some travellers, this is, of course, a good thing. In choosing to stay in Honmachi, you’re still central. It’s close to major subway lines and has a fraction of the crowds. To be sure, the accommodation selection is tighter than in nearby Namba. But what you’ll snag in Honmachi often provides excellent value.

Honmachi is an excellent area for travellers looking for a quieter alternative to Namba or Umeda. You’ll also get a better bang for your buck here. With Osaka Castle Park only about 20 minutes away by foot, Honmachi is also a fantastic option in cherry blossom season.

Recommended hotels in Honmachi

The search for where to stay in Honmachi isn’t always easy. Since it’s a smaller neighbourhood, there’s little inventory in Honmachi compared to other sections of Osaka.

Most top places to stay here fall within the budget to mid-range. For more selection, you’ll need to move further south towards Namba or north towards Umeda. Just expect to pay a little more.

  • HOTEL MYSTAYS Midosuji Honmachi is a brand-new 3-star on the scene. It offers crisp, bright, and clean rooms. America-mura and Dotonbori are within walking distance. The nearby Hommachi and Sakaisuji Hommachi Station connect you to destinations further afoot.
  • MOXY Osaka Honmachi by Marriott features remarkable interior design. It separates this brilliant pick from the budget/mid-range pack. Like all the brethren in its chain, the MOXY invites trendsetters with its hip outlook. Extras like a walk-in rain shower help this 3-star punch above its weight.
  • St. Regis Osaka cultivates the perfect Japanese 5-star experience. This top-notch luxury Osaka hotel hits it out of the park with its spacious, elegant rooms. The hotel brims with world-class amenities, including St. Regis’s signature personal butler service. You’ll enjoy the 12th-floor skyline views at La Veduta and the rooftop Japanese garden oasis. Every inch of this property is exquisite and splurge-worthy.


✓ Best district to stay in Osaka for quieter & more budget-friendly options outside central Osaka

Chillin’ out east of Namba, the sprawling ward of Tennoji is a quiet alternative to the ruckus elsewhere in the centre of Osaka. Until recent years, it would hardly have been an option worth mentioning. In many ways, Tennoji was an unwelcome throwback to a less prosperous era of Osaka’s history.

Shitennoji Temple

These days, however, Tennoji’s on the up and up. Much of its resurgence was driven by the 2014 opening of Abeno Harukas. This 62-floor tower, rising up to 300 metres, is Japan’s tallest building. The area around it has sprouted up a barrage of shops & restaurants. It’s drawn Osakans away from the dual downtown bubbles.

Lest we forget that one of the coolest attractions in Osaka, Shinsekai, lies on the fringes of the district. This retro entertainment area thrives on the weird. It’s got a colourful carnival-like atmosphere that speaks to a bygone era. Simply walking around Shinsekai is a worthy experience. And that’s before its gastronomical delights hit the tip of your tongue.

Tennoji is a great choice for travellers undaunted by commuting for sightseeing. It’s also a good choice if you’re looking for quieter & more budget-friendly accommodations.

Recommended hotels in Tennoji

As a “fringe” district, Tennoji doesn’t have the same concentration of places to stay as areas further north. What you’ll uncover in Tennoji is often better value. That comes at the cost of sacrificing a more central location. Everything from cheap hostels to luxury hotels can be found here. The district’s sweet spot swells in the mid-range.

  • Daiwa Roynet Hotel Osaka-Uehonmachi is a top-notch budget pick from a trusted national chain. Rooms are cozy & clean and bigger than you’d expect for the price. You’ll also enjoy small extras like electronic bidet toilets. The location, just minutes from Osaka-Uehonmachi Station, adds value to your stay.
  • Hotel Trusty Osaka Abeno is a solid mid-range choice. You’ll find warmly-decorated rooms with a modern Asian attitude. The on-site teppanyaki restaurant invites guests to spend a quiet night with its yummy Japanese delights. The hotel occupies a great location across the street from Tennoji Station.
  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Osaka is a classy 4-star located next to Osaka-Uehonmachi Station. The bright & comfortable rooms are bigger than the Osakan mid-range would predict. They load up beautiful skyline views through its windows. Relaxing to a dip in the pool or a massage is the perfect way to unwind after a day of sightseeing.
  • Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel is the only 5-star option in Tennoji. Located on the upper floors of Abeno Harukas, this luxury property serves up incredible city views at every turn. The palette includes a 360-degree panorama on the 58th-floor observation deck. This property offers perhaps the best value among Osaka’s luxury hotels.

Osaka Bay

✓ Top area to stay in Osaka for couples & families looking for a quieter alternative to central Osaka

Fed up with the trappings of central Osaka? Find your inner peace (kinda) at Osaka Bay. Although you’re still firmly within the city, the vibe around here is noticeably calmer. It’s especially quiet at night when the area’s several amusement parks shutter down.

Bay Panorama

Osaka Bay is one of the best places to stay in Osaka for couples and families. If you’re keen on trading centrality for less noise and better value accommodations, it’s a fantastic option.

The 20- to 30-minute subway ride into central Osaka precludes enough visitors from staying here to drop prices in your favour. The quality you’ll get here for the price is unbeatable!

Recommended hotels in Osaka Bay

As expected with its attractions, accommodations in Osaka Bay are among the most family-friendly places to stay in Osaka. There’s not a whole lot of selection in the area. Much of the focus is on the mid-range.

What you’ll find, however, is that your yen will stretch further here. In choosing to stay here, you can fetch 4-star rooms for 2-star prices. Not a bad deal at all.

  • Quintessa Hotel Osaka Bay is an absolute top-notch 4-star hotel. It pushes forth crazy value in a country known for insane accommodation prices. Rooms are spacious and draw you in with their warm & colourful decor. Ready for some fun? The Quintessa operates a free shuttle to scoot you to & from Universal Studios Japan during your visit.
  • Hotel Keihan Universal City is a family-friendly mid-range option. Its colourful carnivalesque motifs blend seamlessly with its ultra-fun neighbour. Universal Studios Japan is next door, a short 2-minute walk away. You can also avoid the dreaded ticket line-up by buying your tickets at the hotel reception.
  • Hyatt Regency Osaka is the lone 5-star hotel in Osaka Bay. It’s quite possibly the city’s most value-laden luxury choice. Japan’s standard for tiny space gets shredded with the warmly-coloured spacious rooms here. To make up for its “out-there” location, the Hyatt Regency offers a twice-hourly complimentary shuttle to Osaka Station.


✓ Recommended area to stay in Osaka for day-trippers & bullet train passengers arriving later in the evening

Looking to explore Japan beyond Osaka? Staying in Shin-Osaka in the Yodogawa Ward might just be the answer. The area is home to the city’s main shinkansen (bullet train) terminal. It’s the perfect location for travellers looking to take on some of the best day trips from Osaka to escape the urban buzz.


There isn’t much to do in the area itself, but Shin-Osaka is located on the Midosuji subway line. It’s just three stops from Kita and six stops from Minami, making it a convenient alternative.

Recommended hotels in Shin-Osaka

Sure, it’s a rather dull neighbourhood for sightseeing. But Shin-Osaka has a great accommodations selection thanks to its shinkansen connections. You should have no problems finding decent accommodations in the budget and mid-range. For high-end luxury, you’ll need to look elsewhere (like Kita & Umeda).

  • hotel androoms Shin-Osaka is a brand-new hotel. It’s as value-laden as they come in Yodogawa Ward. Rooms here are modern and cozy, but the real treat is the property’s on-site onsen.
  • Residential Hotel Hare Shin-Osaka is one of the top choices in the area. This property features clean, comfortable & larger-than-normal rooms for Japanese standards. The bullet train station is just 5 to 10 minutes away by foot.
  • Courtyard by Marriott Shin-Osaka Station sits next to the shinkansen terminal. This excellent mid-range hotel is a top choice for day-trippers and anyone arriving late into the evening from elsewhere in Japan. The hotel features lovely contemporary rooms. Guests will also love the food & the views from the 19th-floor teppanyaki restaurant.

Best hotels in Osaka


Kamon Hotel Namba

Address: Chuo-ku Sennichimae 2-3-33

A small courtyard, warmed up with traditional Japanese twists, sets a soothing tone for your stay at the Kamon Hotel Namba. Nippombashi Station is a mere minute away by foot. Still, this 2-star design hotel feels like a calm oasis amid the bustling Namba neighbourhood.

Kamon Hotel Namba

The twin rooms at Kamon Hotel Namba are budget-friendly, clean & comfortable, if a little snug. The artistic flair, however, is what gives this property an edge. From the guest rooms to reception, the design aesthetic is cheery and unique.

While staying here, don’t miss out on the on-site restaurant, serving slurpy-worthy udon noodles. And, if that doesn’t float your boat, the street food delights of Kuromon Ichiba Market are only a block away.

HOTEL MYSTAYS Midosuji Honmachi

Address: Chuo-ku Honmachi 3-2-10

A young pup in the Osaka accommodations scene, HOTEL MYSTAYS Midosuji Honmachi parades its youth with a sparkly modern design. It impresses from the outside to the inside. Rooms here betray the usual tight Osakan standard. They’ve even thrown a rare soaker tub into all the rooms, including the most budget-friendly ones.

HOTEL MYSTAYS Midosuji Honmachi

HOTEL MYSTAYS Midosuji Honmachi really gets its wings, though, with its superb location in Honmachi. Within a 30-minute walk of this quiet neighbourhood you’ll be able to reach much of the city’s best. From Dotonbori & Shinsaibashi to Namba & Umeda, it’s all accessible. For destinations further afoot, two subway stations—Hommachi and Sakaisuji Hommachi—jump in for the win a short walk away.

Hotel Vertex Osaka

Address: Naniwa-ku Ebisuhigashi 3-6-16

For travellers who can’t sit still, the buzzin’ location of Hotel Vertex Osaka is bound to kick your wayfaring adrenaline up a notch. It’s one of the few worthy hotels amidst the carnivalesque nostalgia of Shinsekai. This newer 3-star rewards you with bigger-than-average rooms. It’s got a simple modern elegance unexpected in the city’s budget market.

Hotel Vertex

Although you’re a little removed from the action of Namba or Umeda, Hotel Vertex Osaka proves that more central isn’t always better. Foodies will love walking out the door into the electric streets of Shinsekai. Here, your tastebuds will hum to the flavour of some of the best street food in Osaka.

To tackle Osaka attractions a little further afoot, several subway stations lie nearby. Tennoji Station is a pleasant 15-minute walk through Tennoji Park away.

Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama

Address: Chuo-ku Fushimi-machi 1-1

First appearances can be deceiving. And it holds especially true when you step into Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama. This delightful 3-star struts with a luxurious & elegant gait that’s out of line with its budget-friendly price point. The prices of their sparkling clean & spacious rooms are a tad shocking. They run in line with more cramped accommodations in less desirable quarters elsewhere in the city.

Hotel Brighton City Kitahama

To up the value, Hotel Brighton City Osaka Kitahama throws in classy extras like air purifiers, soaker tubs, and rain shower heads. They even offer a massage service to help you unwind after a long day out on the town. The hotel occupies a central yet peaceful location in the Kitahama area. You’d be hard-pressed to find anything in the price range more worthy of your yen than Hotel Brighton.

Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba Nipponbashi

Address: Chuo-ku Nipponbashi 2-7-9

When you’re hammering out where to spend your nights in Osaka, Namba locks down the front of the queue. And among its best budget hotels is Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba Nipponbashi. This delightful 3-star hotel opened to much fanfare in 2017.

Red Roof Inn & Suites Namba Nipponbashi

The Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba Nipponbashi dispenses with the frills. Instead, it exudes an understated, functional modern elegance. The rooms are clean & bright and feature clean design lines and minimal decor for a relaxing feel.

What’s best about Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba Nipponbashi, though, is the location. Less than 10 minutes separate you from the culinary delights of Dotonbori. The shop-til-you-drop attitude of Namba is 4 minutes away by foot. There’s no chance you’ll tire of the ever-humming world around you.


Premier Hotel CABIN Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Minamimorimachi 1-3-19

Suffering from a slight misnomer, Premier Hotel CABIN Osaka is neither as rustic nor as cramped as its name suggests. The “premier” label, however, is dead on. And a simple waltz into the lobby of this winsome 4-star hotel will quickly confirm it.

Premier Hotel Cabin

Only a few years old, the Premier Hotel CABIN Osaka lets its youthfulness shine in its clean & quiet rooms. The lodgings feature luxurious extras like soundproofing and electronic washlet toilets. Amenities are top-notch, too. Grab a quick morning bite at the on-site restaurant, serving up both Japanese- and Western-style items. It’s a fantastic way to get geared up for the day ahead.

The property also occupies a strategic location. It’s just steps away from Minami-Morimachi Station. Even if you’re not keen on the 20-minute walk into central Namba, getting around Osaka is a cinch from here.

Cross Hotel Osaka

Address: Chuo-ku Shinsaibashisuji 2-5-15

Even without its amazing location close to the Dotonbori area, Cross Hotel Osaka would find itself among the city’s top hotels. A colourful post-modern façade invites you into a delightfully contemporary space. In this chill hotel, hip style lurks around every corner.

Cross Hotel

The spacious and well-appointed rooms are only part of what gives Cross Hotel Osaka its strong appeal. The on-site hangouts ooze with cool and keep guests entertained into the night. Settle in at the trendy 3rd-floor Bar Seagull or Shinsaibashi Lime, one of Japan’s largest “aquarium” restaurants.

For off-site fun, you’re also spoiled for choice. The central Minami location is fantastic. Both neon-splattered, food-crazy Dotonbori and the youthful America-mura are accessible within minutes. Unstoppable shoppers will likewise relish the shopping opportunities. When your yen is burning a hole in your pocket, go for broke along Mido-suji or Shinsaibashi-suji Shopping Street. They’re almost right outside the door.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier

Address: Kita-ku Nakanoshima Kita 3-4-15

Among mid-range hotels in Osaka, Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier charges in as one of the best. The hotel caught the eye of Michelin’s persnickety critics for three years running. This top 4-star hotel doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Premier

The elegant rooms at Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier are more spacious than usual Japanese standards. They delight guests with floaty beds and deep onsen-style soaker tubs. Staying here will melt the stress away. To squeeze away any extra tension, in-room massages are also available.

Depending on your outlook, the location of the Mitsui Garden Osaka Premier will be either a boon or a scratch against it. It dwells on Nakanoshima, a small quiet island at the confluence of the Dojima and Tosabori Rivers. The hotel is about 15 minutes removed from the buzz of Umeda. To combat the inconvenience, the hotel offers a free shuttle to & from Osaka Station.

The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi

Address: Chuo-ku Nishi Shinsaibashi 1-10-24

The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi straddles the grey area between budget and mid-range. It snags travellers’ attention with its super central location and contemporary outlook. Rooms are cozier than might be expected for such a new hotel. Still, a handful of unique extras keep the value in check with others in the price range in central Osaka.

The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi

Keen on exploring Osaka to its fullest? The Bridge Hotel Shinsaibashi doles out free pocket WiFi rentals and smartphones to go. Other surprises like free ramen & drinks (even some biiru!) from 10 pm to 11 pm are sure to paint a grin on your face. There’s even a free bike rental to transport you further afoot.

Hotel Nikko Osaka

Address: Chuo-ku Nishishinsaibashi 1-3-3

Named after one of the most beautiful destinations in Japan, Hotel Nikko Osaka has got a lot to live up to. One step into this palatial mid-range hotel, though, and you’ll see they’ve tackled the task admirably.

Hotel Nikko

Hotel Nikko sits firmly among the best 4-star hotels in Osaka. It enchants with airy modern guest rooms, fringed with contemporary & stylish furnishings. The room’s large picture windows shine in spectacular city views. Elsewhere, you can sip cocktails to the high-risin’ panorama at the classy Sky Cruiser Lounge. The bar hangs 100 metres above street level on the 31st floor.

Lest we forget the fantastic location. Hotel Nikko lies just 10 minutes from Dotonbori. It’s also a here block from Shinsaibashi. Here, you’ll find all the latest brands and some of the yummiest Kansai cuisine in Osaka.


St. Regis Osaka

Address: Chuo-ku Honmachi 3-6-12

Of all the city’s top-rated hotels, none beams with elegance as brightly as the St. Regis Osaka. This exquisite 5-star hotel delights from the moment you enter the door. It showcases sophisticated decor fused with modern Japanese sensibilities.

Each room at St. Regis Osaka is meticulously detailed. They tie together bright yet cultured accents to draw you in instantly. As you enter, plush carpeting pads your feet. They offer a subtle first clue to how this luxury property homes in on your comfort.

St. Regis

Luxurious sheets, woven with a 300-thread-count, invite you into a cloud-like bed. Sink in as you gaze upon Osaka’s skyline through tall picture windows. Or, for an extra dash of relaxation, drift into the large soaker tub illuminated by the city lights.

Aside from all its perks, St. Regis Osaka goes the extra mile. Staying here, you’ll have access to one of their world-famous personal butlers. They’ll be able to secure dinner reservations at the swankiest restaurants in town or score top seats at events for you.

InterContinental Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Ofuka-cho 3-60

Got your eyes set on luxury during your trip to Osaka? The InterContinental Osaka should be near the front of the line. This modern & elegant 5-star checks all the boxes. It snags your attention at every moment, from its spacious rooms to its top-notch amenities and location.


Entering your room at the InterContinental Osaka, you’re greeted by contemporary furnishings. They’re accented with soothing earthy tones and mega views through large picture windows. Each features an en-suite bathroom, replete with a deep soaker tub to submerse your cares away. (If you need something “bigger,” take a dip in the indoor pool or let a masseuse squish away your troubles.)

Besides dreaming the night away in your comfortable quarters, don’t miss out on Pierre. This contemporary on-site restaurant serves up delectable French cuisine to 20th-floor skyline views.

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Umeda 2-5-25

If a city’s lucky enough to have a Ritz-Carlton, it’ll appear in the best luxury hotels list—without fail. So, it’s no surprise that The Ritz-Carlton Osaka made the cut. This brilliant 5-star hotel offers a convenient location. It’s perfectly situated to let the pleasures of this interesting Japanese city unfold.

The Ritz-Carlton

The design aesthetic at The Ritz-Carlton Osaka is a tad different than hotels in the city. The spacious & elegant rooms push traditional European vibes rather than modern Asian sensibilities. Regal blues & purples connect everything together and create a colourful & inviting atmosphere.

Elsewhere at The Ritz-Carlton, you can melt your stresses away with a relaxing massage or a quick soak in the spa’s hot tub. Six different dining options await on-site. Find some Gallic flair at La Baie, the hotel’s Michelin-starred French restaurant. Or go local at Hanagatami, an inspired Japanese restaurant serving haute kaiseki cuisine. The restaurant even has its own on-site sake sommelier.

Imperial Hotel Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Temmabashi 1-8-50

Peering upon the Okawa River, Imperial Hotel Osaka is a delightful taste of pure grace & elegance. This renowned 5-star hotel is located in a quiet corner of Kita.

The spacious rooms at the Imperial Hotel fuse together classic and modern tangs. It delivers a refined look geared toward relaxation. Fine views over the Okawa surge to their height during cherry blossom season to captivate even further.

Imperial Hotel

Outside of the chic guest rooms, Imperial Hotel Osaka pleases the tastebuds with six on-site restaurants. To get your French fix, pop into Les Saisons, famed for its romantic city views. Or let divine Japanese beef overtake your palate at Kamon, the hotel’s classy teppanyaki grill.

Conrad Osaka

Address: Kita-ku Nakanoshima 3-2-4

There’s hardly a classier place to stay in Osaka than the Conrad Osaka. This luxurious 5-star hotel flabbergasts guests with its swoon-worthy skyline views and modern elegance.

At the heart of the Conrad experience are its spacious modern rooms. The suites are set with ultra-stylish avant-garde decor that makes an immediate impact. Couples will love getting drenched in the deep soaker tubs. They’re set to romantic city views shining in through floor-to-ceiling windows.

Conrad Osaka

The heated indoor pool of Conrad Osaka is a step above the norm. It’s flanked by panoramic skyline views and possesses a warm ambiance. For even deeper relaxation, don’t miss a visit to the on-site Conrad Spa. At the spa, unique treatments like aromatherapy and a sake bath—yep, you heard right!—await.

Conrad Osaka is two subway stops from Umeda, where the city’s gastronomical brilliance shines. The hotel also has several on-site restaurants and lounges. You’ll have ample excuses to stick close by. Set to a 40th-floor panorama, the European and Asian fusion of Atmos Dining is perfect for a small taste of home. The teppanyaki and sushi of KURA deliver a full Osakan food experience.

Final recommendations

Still not sure of where to stay in Osaka? Here are a couple last minute suggestions:

  • Want to stay in an exciting neighbourhood without breaking the bank? The modern rooms of the new Red Roof Inn & Suites Osaka Namba Nipponbashi offer excellent value. The hotel sits in a prime Namba location.
  • Got a little more to spend on a mid-range hotel? The spacious modern rooms at the 4-star Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier are among the best in the price range. The hotel is set on the quieter island of Nakanoshima. For a mid-range hotel in a more energetic area, the glamorous Hotel Nikko Osaka is always bound to impress.
  • Craving the ultimate in Osakan luxury? Battening down at the St. Regis Osaka. With its signature butler service and sophisticated guest rooms, it’s as fantastic a luxury hotel experience as any in the world.
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