The Best Hotels in Hongdae, Seoul: Where to Stay & Accommodations Guide

For a unique trip to Seoul, there’s hardly a better place to stay than at one of the best hotels in Hongdae. This hip & buzzing area in Mapo-gu is one of the most vibrant areas to stay in Seoul. It’s one of the most interesting corners of Korea’s capital.

Between hotels and hostels, there’s lodgings in Hongdae to fit every traveller. From budget to mid-range accommodations—and even a dash of luxury—you’ll find it all in Hongdae.

Not sure where to stay in Hongdae? Sort out your Hongdae accommodations with this guide to the best places to stay in Hongdae…

Why stay in Hongdae?

Seoul is full of fantastic neighbourhoods to stay. But if there’s one area that’s got a slice of everything, it’s Hongdae.

The bustling neighbourhood of Hongdae sits in the Mapo-gu district. Famous for its youthful vibrance. Hongdae is home to Hongik University. There’s a handful of other colleges, too. It’s created a lively atmosphere & exuberance unrivalled elsewhere in Seoul.

Hongdae Area

Cafés, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and bars all grace the streets of Hongdae. The area is one of the best places in Seoul to get to experience the Korean culinary & drinking scenes. You can also get your shopping done without breaking the bank here.

The Hongdae neighbourhood also has its edge. Hongdae’s reputation as an alternative district runs deep. Walking around Hongdae, don’t be surprised to run across quirky art galleries and street art. The neighbourhood even edges towards quirkier things like animal-themed cafés.

Where to stay in Hongdae

9 Brick Hotel

Hotel Address: 32, Hongik-ro 5-gil, Mapo-gu, 04038 Seoul, South Korea

It’s hard to put a finger on the 9 Brick Hotel, one of best hotels in Hongdae.

At one moment, this wonderful hotel shows off a modern face. Guests are wowed with its contemporary furnishings and artwork. In another, it hearkens back to fin-de-siecle Europe. As you wander its arched brick hallways, elegant chandeliers dimly light the way.

In either case when you’re hunting for where to stay in Hongdae, 9 Brick Hotel is a gem. Each room is crafted to its own style. Some are bright and airy; others inch closer to rich and warm.

All the hotel’s spacious rooms feature city views through European-style tilt-and-turn windows.

Room @ 9 Brick Hotel in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

You’ll love spending time at 9 Brick Hotel reminiscing about your travels in the classy restaurant & bar. On balmy and pleasant evenings, the restaurant’s folding wall opens up to an outdoor terrace. Enjoy a beverage under the city lights here.

To travel around Seoul, 9 Brick Hotel is a quick 6-minute walk from Hongik University Station. You’re equally close to the centre of Hongdae. Wander around to dig into the area’s quirky artistic indie culture.

Amanti Hotel Seoul

Hotel Address: 31, World Cup buk-ro, Mapo-gu, 03992 Seoul, South Korea

To be sure, this hotel lacks the edge that this alternative Seoul neighbourhood is famous for. Even so, the classy Amanti Hotel Seoul is one of the best places to stay in Hongdae. An elegant experience awaits from the moment you enter its doors to check out.

Room @ Amanti Hotel Seoul in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

The rooms at Amanti Hotel Seoul are decidedly modern. They’re finished with rich hardwood floors and brightened up with large panoramic windows. Looking to the outside reveals epic city views.

The vistas over Seoul from the hotel’s outdoor rooftop garden are similarly awe-inspiring. At the garden, burn off some kimchi calories with a few laps.

The on-site Italian restaurant, Kitchen AMANTI, is only open for breakfast. The centre of Hongdae is minutes away by foot though. In this hip area, you’ll find a multitude of bars & restaurants. You’ll be able to tackle any food & drink cravings that float your way.

Hotel The-Ore

Hotel Address: 351-29, Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, 121-868 Seoul, South Korea

Looking for a simple yet comfortable setting for your stay in Hongdae? You’ll find it at Hotel The-Ore.

While the rooms at this top Hongdae hotel aren’t the biggest in Seoul, they’re bright and well-appointed. They offer high ceilings that give it an airier feel than most typical smaller Asian hotel rooms.

Room @ Hotel The-Ore in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

Even with its clean and cozy rooms, the real drawcard for staying at Hotel The-Ore is the location.

Hongik University Station is three minutes away by foot. The bustling Hongdae area, where the Seoul youth subculture surges to life, is also close by.

L7 Hongdae

Hotel Address: 141, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, 03995 Seoul, South Korea

Don’t let the name fool you: there’s nothing square about L7 Hongdae. The property is the new front-runner for the title of best hotel in Hongdae.

Like its sister hotel in Myeongdong, this newly-minted 3-star hotel from Lotte is a charmer. Its rooms teem with elegant contemporary stylings. You’ll marvel at remarkable Seoul city views through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Room @ L7 Hongdae in Seoul, Korea

Aside from its delightful modern rooms, L7 Hongdae keeps guests busy with its amenities. The hotel is home to a fitness centre. You’ll also find a restaurant & bar where you can retire for a nightcap after a day of sightseeing.

The on-site restaurant only serves breakfast. But the location of L7 Hongdae puts Seoul’s best soul food at your fingertips. Scattered around the hotel’s vicinity are some of the best restaurants in Seoul. Delight your tastebuds with Korean food favourites like dakgalbi, bulgogi, tteokbokki, and dongaseu.

Urbanwood Guesthouse

Hotel Address: 333-30 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-Gu, 121-836 Seoul, South Korea

For travellers on a budget, Urbanwood Guesthouse is one of the best hotels in Hongdae.

Throughout this cozy little guesthouse, colourful furnishings and nature-inspired wall art charm. The hotel imparts a warm and inviting atmosphere for your stay in Hongdae.

Room @ Urbanwood Guesthouse in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

Even with its delightful & comfortable rooms, the best feature of Urbanwood Guesthouse is its prime location.

Staying here, you’re minutes from the outlandish action of Hongdae. Hongik University Station, where you can reach other parts of Seoul in a flash, is also close by.

RYSE, Autograph Collection

Hotel Address: 130, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, 04038 Seoul, South Korea

The ultimate in Hongdae luxury hotels comes to the fore at the brand-spankin’-new RYSE, Autograph Collection.

This cool and contemporary 5-star luxury hotel is one-of-a-kind. (Even in the Hongdae neighbourhood, where weirdness & quirkiness reign supreme.)

Rooms at RYSE, Autograph Collection enliven guests with colourful pastel tones. They also feature tasteful modern furnishings and wide panoramic views over Seoul. Extras like Bluetooth speakers, walk-in rain showers, and bathrobes speak to the exclusivity of this hotel.

Room @ RYSE, Autograph Collection in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

For gourmands, there’s a choice of four on-site restaurants & bars at the RYSE, Autograph Collection. Gobble up exotic Thai flavours of Long Chim. Or sip a evening cocktail at the classy Side Note Club. Whatever your mood, there’s a food & drink option at this hotel to align with it.

Ready to escape the hotel for the big city buzz? RYSE Autograph Collection is steps from some of the best things to do in Hongdae. From art galleries to flavour-blasted traditional Korean restaurants, it’s all there.

Hao Guesthouse

Hotel Address: 7-6, Wausan-ro 29ma-gil, Mapo-gu, 121-836 Seoul, South Korea

Staying in an exciting neighbourhood and getting a good deal on a well-appointed room aren’t mutually exclusive. And the wonderful Hao Guesthouse, one of the top Hongdae hotels, proves it.

The comfortable rooms at Hao Guesthouse come in all shapes and sizes. From dorms to simple twins and doubles to larger family rooms, you’ll find it all.

The shared kitchen and guest lounge create an inviting atmosphere. They help the hotel feels like your home away from home in Seoul.

Room @ Hao Guesthouse in Hongdae, Seoul, Korea

As with most smaller hotels & guesthouses, there’s no restaurant on site at Hao Guesthouse. Guests are welcome, however, to hone their Korean BBQ skills in outdoor garden. You can also cook to your heart’s content in the communal kitchen.

Self-catering not your cup of insam-cha? No worries: Scattered around the Hongdae area, a barrage of amazing restaurants and quirky cafés await. You’ll be able to indulge your every Korean food whim within minutes.

Best places to stay in Hongdae: A summary

Still can’t decide which of these top-rated hotels in Hongdae is best for you? Here are a couple last-minute picks for the best places to stay in Hongdae…

  • Need a budget hotel room in Hongdae? Book yourself a comfy bed at the homey Hao Guesthouse.
  • Want a nice mid-range hotel in Hongdae that won’t break the bank? You’ll love the swingin’ stylings of the elegant and sleek 9 Brick Hotel.
  • Craving the ultimate Hongdae luxury hotel? There’s nowhere sleeker & sexier than the cutting-edge and imaginative RYSE, Autograph Collection.

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